Good start to the ACI Karting 2021 Italian Championship in Jesolo 

Several good races took place at the Pista Azzurra of Jesolo in the opener of the ACI Karting Italian Championship. Before the finals, the journalist Fiammetta La Guidara that passed away last February 23rd has been remembered in an emotional moment.

Spectacle in KZ2 with Tormen and Palomba sharing the victories.
In KZ2, Race-1 victory went to Marco Tormen. The fast drivers of Modena Kart started from the front row in his BirelART-TM Racing, but got the lead when the reigning champion Giuseppe Palomba (BirelART) of team LG Motorsport had to retire due to a technical problem when he was in the lead. Tormen won, therefore, Race-1 leading the 2018 Italian Champion Giacomo Pollini, who was competing for team NGM Motorsport on CRG-TM Racing. The third place went to Matteo Mazzucchelli (Top Kart-TM Racing), who crossed the finish line ahead of Mauro Simoni (OK1 Racing Team/OK1-Iame). The top three drivers of the new Under-20 classification followed: Alex Maragliano (Renda/BirelART-TM Racing), Michele Fontana (CKR/CKR-TM Racing) and Mattia Sergio Limena (Kosmic-Vortex) crossed the finish line in the order.


Race-2 was enlivened by Giuseppe Palomba, as he already did last year in Triscina’s opener. The driver from Naples completed a spectacular comeback from the back of the grid to P1 securing the victory ahead of Marco Tormen and Michele Fontana. Palomba got on the top step of the podium also of the Under-20 classification, while Fontana was second and Moritz Ebner (Tec-Tav/BirelART-TM Racing) third.


Double win for Pavan in X30 Junior.
Good races took place also in IAME X30 Junior. The first of the two finals was won by Sebastiano Pavan (Team Driver/KR-Iame) at the end of an exciting and eventful race. Pavan claimed the win thanks to a successful overtaking move at the last lap and proceeded his teammate Francesco Marenghi and Matteo Franco Segre (OK1 Racing/OK1-Iame) at the flag. The fourth place went to the Bulgarian driver Kaloyan Verbitzaliev (Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame), who has also been fighting for the win. The fifth place was occupied by Alessandro Minetto (Gomoto/Tony Kart-Iame). Despite the top 8 grid inversion, the victory of Race-2 went again to Pavan, who proceeded Verbitzaliev and Marenghi this time around. The third place was in fact lost by Giulio Olivieri (Righetti Ridolfi-Iame) as he was handed a 10s time penalty that pushed him down to P11.

Petjoi and Malizia take the win in X30 Senior. Erika Lavazza also on the podium.
The first of the two finals of X30 Senior was dominated by the Finnish driver Teemu Petjoi (Virus Racing/Tony Kart-Iame), but behind him an exciting battle was fought fro the other two podium positions. The second place went to Cristian Comanducci (PRK/Tony Kart-Iame), who pipped 2020 Italian Champion Danny Carenini (Autoeuropeo/Tony kart-Iame). Autoeuropeo’s Filippo Croccolino secured a great fourth place and Federico Albanese (Vemme Kart/Vemme-Iame) the fifth.
Race-2 was led by the French Arnaud Malizia (Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame) throughout as he started from the pole position due to the top 8 grid inversion. Behind him, Teemu Petjoi was second, while his teammate Erika Lavazza surprisingly but deservedly claimed P3 and installed herself on the top of the classification of the new Italian Women Championship. Carenini was fourth and David Locatelli (Zanchi Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame) fifth.

Rok Junior’s victories to Atzeri and Antonelli.
Riccardo Atzeri (MAD Racing/Tony Kart-Vortex) claimed a good win in Rok Junior’s Race-1. He fended off the attacks of the Pole Piotr Czaja (KTR Exprit/Kosmic-Vortex) and Lorenzo Coronese (Tony Kart-Vortex), that crossed the finish line respectively in second and third place. Behind them, Alessandro Antonelli (Parolin-Vortex) and the other Pole Adam Piszczako (KRT Exprit/Exprit-Vortex) closed their race in the order. Alessandro Antonelli had the upper hand in Race-2 as he managed to get past Piszczako and Atzeri. The fourth place went to Thomas Baldassarri (Newman Motorsport/Tony Kart-Vortex), who led Czaja.

Double win for Donno in Rok Senior.
Senior Rok saw Eliseo Donno (KGT Motorsport/Tony Kart-Vortex) claiming two wins. In the first final he proceeded Marco Matera (MAD Racing/Tony kart-Vortex) and Marco Chiarello (KR-Vortex), while in the second he led the Pole Gabriel Lukasiewicz (Exprit Racing/Exprit-Vortex), while Matera was again on the podium in P3 leading Chiarello.

The Jesolo Trophy of X30 Mini to Van Langendonck.
The Jesolo Trophy of X30 Mini was won by the Belgian driver Dries Van Langendonck (Modena Kart/BirelART-Iame), who had the best of Gino Rocchio (Parolin-Iame) at the sprint to the line. The third step of the podium went to Gioele Carrer (IPK-Iame), while the fourth and fifth place went to Giovanni Toso (NGM/CRG-Iame) and Ruben Pistolato (Praga-Iame).

Complete results:

The next rounds of the ACI Karting 2021 Italian Championship.
- May 9th, Adria, categories KZ2, IAME X30 Junior and Senior, ROK Junior and Senior;
- May 23rd, Val Vibrata, categories KZN, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, IAME X30 Junior and Senior;
- June 6th, Siena, categories KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, ROK Junior and Senior;
- June 20th, Sarno, categories KZN, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, IAME X30 Junior and Senior, OK, OKJ;
- July 4th, La Conca, categories KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, IAME X30 Junior and Senior;
- August 29th, Battipaglia, categories KZ2, KZN, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini.

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