The first win in the CIR to Giandomenico Basso

The driver from Veneto dominated the Tuscan race on Peugeot 207 Super 2000 with Michelin tyres.

Il Ciocco (Lucca) 24 March 2013 - Giandomenico Basso and Mitia Dotta, Peugeot 207 Super 2000, won the 36th Rally il Ciocco and Valle del Serchio, season opener of the Italian Rally Championship organized by Ose (Organization Sport Events). The Italian driver had a perfect car on his side, the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 belonging to Power Car Team, equipped with Michelin tyres that turned out to be especially suiting the insidious roads of the Garfagnana made even trickier by the changing weather conditions.
Among his rivals, Alessandro Perico, and his co-equiper Fabrizio Carrara emerged as the only ones able to keep the pace of the leader on the Peugeot 207 with Pirelli tyres. The driver from Bergamo set very good times and managed to keep his gap to the top close to one minute. Disappointment instead for Skoda with Umberto Scandola, despite a good third place that can be considered positive at the beginning of the season, could not find a good setup to show the enormous potential of his Fabia.
The problems experienced during this weekend will certainly be carefully analyzed by the Veronese and his co-equiper Guido d'Amore that are still the favourite for the final victory in the tricolored championship and that are awaited to a prompt counter-charge in the next 1000 Miglia.

In a very lively Italian Rally Championship, another interesting driver shone on the roads of the province of Lucca. Luca Rossetti, paired with Matteo Chiarcossi, on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4, at the comeback to CIR after a couple of seasons abroad, showed to be one of the strongest Italian drivers around. Despite being limited by a car slightly inferior to that of his direct rivals, the Italian set interesting times and obtained at the end the fourth place. Very good performance also from the young Lorenzo Bertelli and co-equiper Lorenzo Granai on a Ford Fiesta RRC belonging to MSport, the team preparing Ford in the WRC. The Milanese driver racing in the WRC2 championship, after a timid start (he was at his first race on the Fiesta) managed to get a good rhythm setting interesting times.
The 36th Rally of Ciocco and Valle del Serchio witnessed Paolo Andreucci's debut on the Peugeot 208. The Tuscan driver put on track his usual class and determination despite not being at the wheel of a car with absolute ambitions for the first time after several years. He managed to get a very good eighth result, which corresponded to the second place on the two wheeled cars, while managing to bring home some important data for Peugeot to develop the newborn car.

In the Italian Production Championship the victory went to Alessandro Bosca, Renault Clio R3, who was also first in the single branded Trophy; the Sicilian Andrea Nucita followed on Citroen Ds3R3, winning the Citroen Racing Trophy Italy.

In the Italian Junior Championship, the first important victory of a Peugeot 208 R2. Andrea Carella, was in fact very good in keeping behind the two Renault Twingo Gordini of Gabrizio Junior Andolfi (first in the Twingo Top R2 Trophy) and of Andrea Crugnola.

The final classifications follow:

Assolute Classification: 1.G.Basso-M.Dotta(Peugeot 207 S000)1'54.16.1;2.A.Perico-F.Carrara(Peugeot 207 S2000)1'00.2; 3.U.Scandola-G.D'Amore (Skoda Fabia S2000)1'28.4;4.L.Rossetti-M.Chiarcossi(Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X) 3'00.9; 5. L.Bertelli-L.Granai (Ford Fiesta RRC) 4'14.4;6. G.Lucchesi-T.Ghilardi(Peugeot 207 S2000) 5'20.9 ";7. A.Bosca-R.Aresca(Renault Clio R3)6'37.9;8.P.Adreucci-A.Andreussi (Peugeot 208 R2)6'57.7;9. A.Nucita-G.Princiotto(Citroen DS3)7'05.5;10. R.Michelini-G.Guzzi Renault Clio)7'07.7
Classifica CIR Assoluto: 1.Basso 2.Perico-1'00.2 3.Scandola-1'28.4 4.Bosca-6'37.9 5.Andreucci-6'57.7 6.Nucita-7'05.5 7.Michelini-7'07.7 8.Tognozzi-7'28.4 9.Ferrarotti-7'32.8 10.Chentre-8'24.6
CIR Produzione: 1.Bosca;2.Nucita-35;3.Michelini-58.6;4.Tognozzi-58.7;5.Ferrarotti-1'12.6;6.Biasion-6'46.0;7.Re-6'49.5;8.Vittalini-8'31.6.
CIR Junior Championship: 1.Carella 2.Cunial-21.0;3.Andolfi-32.2;4.Crugnola-47.6;5.Tassone-1'24.5 6.Currenti-1'54.7;7.Scattolon-3'55.4;8.Panzani-7'00.3
Renault Twingo "Top" Trophy: 1.Andolfi 2:04'40.4; 2.Crugnola-0.6 3.Scattolon-4'58.8
Renault Clio R3"Production" Trophy: 1.A.Bosca 2:00'54.0;2. R.Michelini 29.8;3. G.Tognozzi 50.5 ;4. I.Ferrarotti 54.9
Citroen Racing Trophy Italy: 1.Nucita 2.Biasion-6'57.0 3.Re-7'00.2
Suzuki Rally Cup Trophy: 1.Uliana - Palitta 1'49'08"6;2. Amorisco - Rocca 1'22"1.

CIR Classification: 1.Basso 15; 2.Perico 12; 3.Scandola 10; 4.Bosca 8; 5.Andreucci 6; 6.Nucita 5; 7.Michelini 4; 8.Tognozzi 3; 9.Ferrarotti 2 ; 10.Chentre 1
CIR Production: 1.Bosca;2.Nucita-35;3.Michelini-58.6;4.Tognozzi-58.7;5.Ferrarotti-1'12.6;6.Biasion-6'46.0;7.Re-6'49.5;8.Vittalini-8'31.6.
Production: Bosca 15- Nucita 12- Michelini- 10 Tognozzi 8; Ferrarotti 6
Junior: 1.Carella-30; 2.Andolfi-24; 3.Crugnola-20; 4.Cunial-16; 5.Scattolon-12

CIR Constructors: 1.Peugeot-15 ;2.Skoda-10;3.Mitsubishi-8;Ford-6 ;Renault-4;Citroen-2