37th Rally 1000Miglia: A new format looking ahead

The details of the second round of CIR, to be run in Brescia on 12-14 April have been defined and involve a new race format keeping an eye to tradition and excellence. Entries open from 13 March to 5 April.

The 37th Rally 1000Miglia, second round of the Italian Rally Championship scheduled next 12 to 14 April, will have a new race format (complying with the new ACI-CSAI's indications for all tricolored races) that in the case of the "red arrow” race will keep tradition in mind.
This tradition is one of the excellences on the International panorama and the Organizing Committee of the Automobile Club Brescia wanted to emphasize it also this year despite the choice made by Eurosport in choosing the participants in the European Rally Championship giving precedence to other races present in the International IRC series.
Novelty and traditions will be the pillars of the 37th Rally 1000Miglia, that will certainly provide drivers, teams, staff and fans a lot of things to talk about both from the technical and sporting sides: it announces to be an event to write down in the agenda as it will certainly be really exciting.


The Italian rally this year more than ever will pay attention to promotion to deliver the spectacular sporting message to an ever wider range of fans.
This policy has always been followed by Automobile Club Brescia for its own race: the communication impact of the race this year will be increased by setting the start and finish line in Piazzale Arnaldo, in the heart of Brescia city center. The new location is unquestionably a very suitable setting for this event both in terms of technical and logistic spaces but also because it is an historic meeting place for Brescia's evenings, in a square normally full of people and busy bars. The timetable has also been devised to allow a huge crowd of fans to be there cheering the protagonists up in a race that announces to be highly spectacular.

Technical starts of both legs will take place from the Service Park (as usual placed within the 20 thousand square meters of the Area Spettacoli Viaggianti) which is just 500 meters from the motorway exit "Brescia center” and only one kilometer from the headquarters of the Automobile Club Brescia that will house Race Direction and Press Offices. The passage on starting platforms will take place in three occasions: on Friday evening at 20.00 GMT+1 (after the Spectacle Stage with the presentation of all lineups on the start/end platform), on Saturday evening at 19.15 (for the passage of CIR drivers and the arrival of TNR and Zone Challenge drivers, that will take place on Saturday only) and on Sunday at 13.00 for the final chequered flag.


This particularly difficulty economic climate for Italy also affected motorsport, this is why the Federation together with all the event organizers of CIR 2013 decided to propose races with cost reduction but also featuring high publicity to rally, despite keeping the same high standards in terms of quality and safety.

For this reason the tricolored rounds have been designed for the two days of Saturday and Sunday and the 2013 edition of the Rally 1000Miglia – despite being more condensed that the most recent editions with FIA validity – will be nonetheless very challenging. Four different stages will have to be repeated twice and the classic Spectacle Stage will sum the number of timed kms up to 150,77 , spread out on a course just above 600 km.
The rally will touch Valtrompia and Valsabbia and it will be quite challenging. The first day will start on Friday 12 April late afternoon, with the traditional "racing aperitif” of about 5km on the race track of Franciacorta in Castrezzato. On Saturday 13 April three more stages will follow (to be repeated twice). The final day on Sunday will be composed by a single stage to be repeated twice. The Organizing Committee chose some of the most famous stages for the race: Leg 1 will feature the stages "Irma" (km. 17,810), "Pertiche" (km. 26,560) and "Moerna" (km. 14.020), while the very tricky stage "Cavallino"(14,520 km.) will be the stage of Leg 2.


Registration opened last 13 March and will close next 5 April. The race will get to its heart on Thursday 11 April with track reconnaissance scheduled between 8.00 and 18.00, under the surveillance of Race Marshals of the Automobile Club Brescia and Police officers.
Technical and administrative verification will follow between 18.30 and 24.00 at Automobile Club Brescia and reconnaissance of the Spectacle stage will be between 20.00 and 22.00. The Shakedown is scheduled for Friday 12 April instead in Botticino, about ten kilometers from Service Park on the road taking to San Gallo. It is going to be an up-hill race of 2.3Km that lineups will have the chance to test in two occasions: the first between 8.30 and 11.30 (for prioritary drivers and CIR) and the second in the slot 12.30 – 15.00 for all drivers.
Leg 1 will start on Saturday at 8.30 and will end at about 20.15: after the first three Stages (58,390 km.), the cars will head back to Brescia for servicing and tyres changing. Due to the length of the track, an additional refuelling point will be set up in Lemprato di Idro.

Leg 2 will begin on Sunday at 8.00 and will end at 13.00: lineups will not have to go back to Brescia in between the two passages on the Stage "Cavallino" as it will involve only 29.040km.

As usual, the pre-rally Press Meeting will take place close to the event to reveal the last details and the entry list.