The Abarth F4 engine unveiled in Modena

ACI's President Angelo Sticchi Damiani and Marco Magnanini, Head EMEA Abarth Brand, unveiled the Abarth 414-F4 Turbocharged engine that will power the cars to compete in the Italian Formula 4 Championship at Modena's 2013 Prize Ceremony,.

The first season of the Italian Formula 4 Championship will start from Adria next 8th June and, while information are coming on a very high number of teams to take part in the championship, ACI's President engineer Angelo Sticchi Damiani and Marco Magnanini, Head EMEA Abarth Brand, unveiled in Modena -- at the Prize Ceremony of 2013 Champions -- the engine that will power the challengers of the series desired by FIA. Its name is Abarth 414-F4 Turbocharged and it is a 1400 cc unit capable of 160 bhp at 5500 rpms with a torque of 240 NM at 3500 rpms.

President Sticchi Damiani acknowledged the role of the Scorpion's brand that has been a partner of the Federation for several years now at that -- with this project -- will continue to work on the side of those young drivers that decide to start their racing career in Italy. "This is the real legacy of Formula ACI-CSAI Abarth that had huge success in Italy. This further step ahead, both in terms of performance and safety, we get closer to Formula 3 which is the following step in the drivers' career. I think that the Italian Federation did its job well, providing these young drivers with a good powered car, that is modern and safe and one that will certainly give them very good growth chances."

Marco Magnanini also expressed his satisfaction on the newly born Formula 4 that re-launches once again Abarth's Scorpion in the racing world: "Karl Abarth talked about "Democratization of Racing" , which is still a hot topic to allow youngsters to get access to the world of racing. We decided to do this very important step that to us is an initial step towards the accessibility through the provision of technical content but also because we can gain some further know-how from racing to transfer to road cars. A crucial point to us is also the fact that we partnered with the Federation not only for the technical aspects but also in terms of management. In this way we can work with our traditional passion to go on track and to support this championship that is certainly going to be very successful".