Imola, race 2: Beganovic wins ahead of Minì and Crawford

In a very nervous race with 3 safety cars, the Prema driver wins in front of his teammate, both very careful not to make mistakes and followed under the checkered flag by Crawford, Duerksen and Fornaroli

The start is postponed by 2 minutes because the Chinese Han Cenyu of the VAR goes off the track during the warm-up lap.

Beganovic starts well from pole, with Minì behind and then Bearman. Minì immediately attempts an attack on Beganovic, but then it is Bearman who tries it on Minì. However, the first three positions do not change and behind these drivers we find Crawford, Smal and Edgar.

Smal, Gnos and Hamda Al Quabaisi off the track, requiring the safety car to enter. Edgar also suffers damage to the car and has to pass through the pits. Good performance by Montoya who in the meantime has risen to fifth position.



The restart sees Beganovic, Minì, Bearman, Crawford, Montoya, Duerksen and Fornaroli pass through the first corner.

Bearman misses the entrance to the Acque Minerali, and Crawford, Montoya, Duerksen, Fornaroli, Pizzi and Rosso pass, the latter repassed by Bearman.

At 13'30 "from the end the safety car enters after Patterson tries to overtake Ogaard and the two collide and are forced to retire.

Beganovic has a good restart while Crawford is attached to Minì. Too bad for Pizzi who goes off the track and retires, so the SC enters again.

At the restart, Beganovic, Minì, Crawford, Montoya, Duerksen, Fornaroli, Rosso and Bearman parade. Delli Guanti makes an excellent overtake on Bortoleto.



Bad exit for Sebastian Montoya who goes off the track after the touch with Duerksen. The SC returns to a very nervous race.

The safety car comes out right at the end of the last lap and the drivers make a final sprint. Beganovic wins, never really questioned, with Minì second, more and more launched towards the title, then Crawford, Duerksen, Fornaroli and Bearman.

"It was a difficult race with long straights and slipstream and restarts behind the safety car and no mistakes were allowed. I'm happy, the car was excellent and for race 3, from second position on the grid, I have a good chance of winning", Beganovic commented at the end of the race.