Changes in the standings of Race 3 at Imola. Bearman excluded.

Following the post-race technical checks, a technical non-conformity was found in the "distribution pulley” detail. The competitor declared that he will appeal and the classifications remain "sub judice”.

With the decision number 20 of the Stewards, after the post-race technical checks on the engine of the car n° 87 of Van Amersfoort Racing and after the examination of the engine tests carried out at Autotecnica Motori, it was decided: "To exclude the Competitor / Driver from the classification of race 3 of round 4 Imola IF4C according to art. 15 RdS Speed Circuit, 128 letter B, 228 and 227.10 RSN".

This is the motivation, reported on the decision of the Stewards: "The Stewards met in a telematic meeting by means of google meet application in the presence of the Competitor's representative Mr Peter Van Erp, after having fully assessed the issue, have noted that as a result of post-race technical checks carried out at Autotecnica, on engine no. 139-C (Abarth 414TF 1400 cc. Fire Turbo) that powered car no. 87, was fitted with the particular "distribution pulley", a detail not subject to sealing that differed from the reference sample provided by Autotecnica, as better specified in the report by the technical commissioner and Autotecnica, which are transcribed here in their entirety and form an integral part of the decision.


Given the good faith of the competitor, this technical irregularity, as indicated in the technical report, therefore falls within the category of non-conformity envisaged by art. 128 letter B (Non-conformity due to adjustments or assembly errors that could be unintentional and which could entail advantages or breach of safety regulations) which justifies the exclusion of the competitor from bid ranking 3 as well as the related penalties as specified above.

It should be noted that the competitor, heard by the Stewards, attended all the verification tests and received communication and information of the decision in English.

For these reasons, the behavior of the aforementioned Competitor/Conductor is a violation of the sporting regulations, mentioned above.

This decision has been made in accordance with the current Articles 210.3.III, 215, 216a. 228 and 229 RSN, 15 and 16 of the R.D.S. Speed in Circuit, as far as it is concerned."