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Awards, resources deployed and results of the 2019 international media coverage of the certified by FIA championship are presented online on website

2019, the first year of the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA has been a year of confirmation for the newly formed series, which has achieved positive results, starting from the participation in the 2020 season of all the teams that competed in 2019, while other drivers and teams are joining the line-up this season, rather than confirming the 25 points valid for the FIA super license, 10 more than any other championship of the same type.

The success of the 2019 championship was also achieved thanks to the media coverage, on print media, such as articles on La Gazzetta dello Sport, and, particularly relevant, through international television channels. In the latter case, the live coverage of all the races was aired on, both in English and Italian. The television coverage then saw the involvement of countless international televisions, which generated media coverage on practically all European countries, but also the United States, Latin America, China, India, Australia and Asia in general.

On line, on website, in the "Promozione", "Campionati" and "Formula Regional European Championship" section, at the bottom right of the page, in the "Ultimi documenti" section, or at THIS DIRECT LINK, the complete presentation can be downloaded.


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