Mugello, Ferrari-Agostini (Audi R8 LMS) win the Italian GT Sprint Championship

The pairing clinched the title thanks to the fifth place in the closing race that was won by Baruch-Segù (Mercedes AMG GT3) from Cecotto-Perolini and S.Mann-Cressoni. The latter won GT3 PRO-AM. The other titles went to Murat Cuhadaroglu (GT3 AM) and Linossi-Vebster (GT CUP).

Lorenzo Ferrari, 18 years old, and Riccardo Agostini, 27 years old, are the Italian GT Sprint 2021 Champions in the Audi R8 LMS. The title came at the end of the last of the eight races that was run at the Mugello Circuit. The victory went to Baruch-Segù (Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport) from Cecotto-Perolini (Lamborghini Huracan- LP Racing) and S.Mann-Cressoni (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-AF Corse), while the Audi Sport Italia’s drivers ended fifth. The final classification saw Audi Sport Italia’s pairing on top at 69 points, followed by Alex Frassineti (60), Matteo Greco (59), Daniel Mancinelli and Vito Postiglione (54), Luca Ghiotto (51), Fabrizio Crestani (50), Jacopo Guidetti and Francesco De Luca (46).

The closing race of the season also awarded the other titles to S.Mann-Cressoni (GT3 PRO-AM), Murat Cuhadaroglu (GT3 AM) and Linossi-Vebster (GT CUP) that joined the winners of the other categories Mattia Di Giusto (GT4 PRO-AM) and Magnoni-Di Fabio (GT4 AM).

With the Sprint season being over, eyes are now on the Endurance series that will contest its closing race in Monza next October 29-31.


GT3: A victory and two second places and points scored in all the races: a very regular season crowned Ferrari and Agostini the new Italian Champions. Audi Sport Italia’s drivers completed another very wise race-2 ending a weekend that did not saw them on top as in other occasions in P6. The race has been intense and very exciting with a distance-duel with Alex Frassineti, who was supported by Luca Ghiotto in the Lamborghini Huracan run by Imperiale Racing. The latter started from the pole position and kept the lead despite the safety car deployment on lap one due to the off of Delacour. Frassineti had to recover several places after the pit stop as the pairing had to serve the 10s time handicap in the pits. During the overtaking of a lapped opponent, on lap 17 the Italian driver had contact with Mancinelli and Comandini when holding P4. He got a puncture in this way and was forced to pit. Baruck came to the fore at this point. He took the wheel of the Mercedes AMG GT3 from Segù, who put in a solid stint, and completed his comeback taking the lead of the race on lap 20 . At the flag, the Antonelli Motorsport’s car proceeded Cecotto-Perolini (Lamborghini Huracan-LP Racing) – that also completed a very exciting recovery race – by 0.3s, and S.Mann Cressoni (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-AF Corse). The third-place allowed the young American Simon Mann to take the GT3 PRO-AM title as he ended equal on points with Perolini-Cecotto, but scored three wins against one of the LP Racing’s drivers.

De Luca-Guidetti (Honda NSX GT3-Nova Race) were close to the podium. Guidetti got a great getaway which allowed De Luca to rejoin the race in the lead. They ended ahead of Ferrari-Agostini, that were fifth but unreachable in the final classification, and Basz-Greco (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-Easy Race), a result that allowed the young Italian driver to end the championship in third place.

The seventh place went to Di Amato-Naussbaumer (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-RS Racing), which led Frassineti-Ghiotto, Leo-Peklin (Lamborghini Huracan-VSR) and Mancinelli-Postiglione, which won race-1 but were penalized by 1 minute due to the irregular procedure at the drivers’ change. The Turkish driver Murat Cuhadaroglu (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-Kessel Racing) and co-equiper Davide Fumanelli ended twelfth and first of the AM drivers. Cuhadaroglu claimed therefore the AM title leading Niccolò Schirò and Erwin Zanotti in the classification.

GT4: Race-2 has been the final catwalk for the new 2021 Italian Champions Mattia Di Giusto (GT4 PRO-AM) and Magnoni-Di Fabio (GT4 AM) that already secured the title. The Ebimotors’ driver and co-equiper Riccardo Pera, secured the eighth win of the season leading Ferri-Bettera (Mercedes AMG GT4-Nova Race) and teammates Romani-Carboni. Di Giusto ended equal on points with his co-equiper Pera, but the title went to the driver from Friuli, who started a higher number of races, while the third place went to Fulvio Ferri.

The new GT4 AM champions Magnoni-Di Fabio did not settle for the title won one race early and celebrated their result taking the fourth win of the season proceeding Neri-Fascicolo (BMW M4 GT4-Ceccato Motors), that ended the championship in second place, while Baruchelli-Fratti (Porsche Cayman-Autorlando) were third and proceeded teammates Cerati-Ghezzi.

A technical appeal filed at the end of race-1 by Nova Race against the Caymans of Ebimotors and Autorlando is pending in GT4.

GT CUP: A well-deserved title arrived for Francesca Linossi and the Swede Daniel Vebster, a new pairing that displayed great speed and performance since the beginning. The triumph arrived at the end of race-2 when Easy Races’ drivers crossed the finish line in second place behind former karting driver Giammarco Levorato (Porsche 991 4.0-Tsunami RT) and ahead of the direct rivals, Demarchi-Risitano (Ferrari 488 Challenge-SR&R). Easy Race’s drivers were fourth in the first stint with Francesca Linossi and pushed hard in the final with the young Swede that managed to get P2, while Demarchi-Risitano could not fend them off but completed nevertheless a good weekend and a positive season that they finished in second place. Gianmarco Levorato had a very good debut weekend in the Italian series taking one win and a third place. Mugelli-Pegoraro (Lamborghini Huracan-Best Lap) had a troubled weekend and could not score points after the incident in race-1 that force them to skip the closing race of the season and stripped them of every chance to fight for the title. They ended the championship in third place ahead of Berton-Riva (Porsche 991 4.0-Krypton Motorsport) and Dionisio-Barri (Lamborghini Huracan-Team Italy).

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