The Sparco Italian Rally Championship 2021 has been made official

The partnership for the Title Sponsor has been made official in a live press conference.

Rome, Thursday, March 4th 2021 – The SPARCO Italian Rally Championship 2021 has been introduced in the online press conference that has been held this morning by the Automobile Club D’Italia’s President Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Sparco’s Brand Manager Niccolò Bellazzini and ACI Sport SpA’s General Director Marco Rogano.

The ACI President and the Brand Manager of the Italian company that is the leader in components, accessories and technical clothing for motorsport announced the three-year agreement live from the headquarters of Automobile Club D’Italia in Via Marsala, Rome.

The Federation has made official the collaboration with this very prestigious partner regarding the Italian Rally Championship, which is one of the most appreciated on the international scene.

“The commitment and the work of ACI allowed Italy to have 3 GPs and 2 World Rally Championship events in 2020. This has been a very fruitful and successful season for us, in the uttermost respect of all the regulations. It is important to have a partner like Sparco on board, as the company is a landmark in motorsport and I am delighted to announce this collaboration. – ACI President ACI Angelo Sticchi Damiani stated – This is an important synergy for an important championship. The CIR is a series on which ACI and ACI Sport count a lot. Important investments have been done on the Italian Championship, on young drivers but not only. It is a particularly rich and high-level championship. I believe this collaboration is a good starting point that comes in a moment in which CIR is undertaking a role that goes beyond the national borders”.

“This partnership proves the solid relationship built by Sparco and ACI Sport over the years. - Sparco’s CEO Claudio Pastoris commented – The collaboration between our Company and the Federation has been in place since 2012 and it is a privilege for us to take on the role of Title Sponsor of the Italian Rally Championship, which is one of the most prestigious in Europe. We believe that in the next three years we could activate a lot of synergies to support motorsport, a world in which Sparco has always invested. For example, we are finalizing an agreement with the Autodromo ACI of Vallelunga, and we hope additional ones could follow later on.”

“The President of ACI and the General Director of ACI Sport believed in this project – that has deep roots – since the beginning. Sparco and the Federation have a solid relationship that has grown over the years and that has now been made concrete. If we did not believe in the high level of the Italian Rally Championship, we would have not considered this collaboration. – Sparco’s Brand Manager Niccolò Bellazzini stated – Our company looks at an international level and at the export. We are on the side of more than 300 world-class teams, among which M-Sport in WRC, McLaren and Alfa Romeo racing in F1 and X-Raid in the Dakar, but Sparco is an Italian company and we feel the duty to support the excellent realities of our country. This partnership is important and follows the collaboration with the CIR Junior through which several drivers reached now ACI Team Italia. We hope we could continue to follow them also at an international level”.

“I am personally very satisfied because we made this agreement with an important company that will add further value to the championship. The collaboration with Sparco starts on solid grounds as figures are growing. CIR is A Series to us – ACI Sport SpA’s General Director Marco Rogano remarked. – This partnership is precious and supports the investments we made to increase the media coverage of a championship that is about to start with big numbers, as confirmed by the entries to the opening round. This series is definitely uprising”.


The Press Conference has been broadcast by MS Motor TV (228 SKY), on the web through the official web site and on the social networks of the Federation and Sparco (Facebook @SparcoOfficial @acisportofficial @CIRally). Press officers could interact online asking question to the speakers.

Sparco is the new Title Sponsor of the Italian Rally Championship. The company based in Volpiano (TO) is the leader in the production of components, accessories and clothing used in worldwide motorsport events. Sparco has been active in the world of motorsport for over 40 years and has been on the side of high-level International Teams and highly-successful Drivers.

IMPORTANT MEDIA COVERAGE FOR THE CIR SPARCO 2021. The Sparco Italian Rally Championship will comprise eight rounds on the national territory. The media attention will be on the series will be led by the ACI Sport live coverage that will also be available on the new ACI Sport TV channel. RAI Sport will also cover the Power stage live and will show the highlights of the rally. Specials will be broadcast by Automoto TV, Sportitalia, SKY, Odeon TV and more than 140 local networks covering the whole Italian territory. Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport will publish some specials on the Monday after each rally event.






RALLYE SANREMO | April 10-11
SAN MARINO RALLY - coeff. 1,5 | June 26-27
RALLY DI ROMA CAPITALE - coeff. 1,5 | July 24-26
RALLY 1000 MIGLIA | September 4-5
RALLY 2VALLI | October 9-10
LIBURNA TERRA - coeff. 1,5 | November 6-7

In the pictures: a moment of the Press Conference. On the left, Sparco’s Brand Manager Niccolò Bellazzini, in the middle Automobile Club D’Italia’s President Angelo Sticchi Damiani, and ACI Sport SpA’s General Director Marco Rogano on the right; the Italian Rally 2020 Champions Crugnola-Ometto; the introduction of the new logo of the Sparco Italian Rally Championship 2021.