The Italian ACI Karting Championship at the Franciacorta Karting Track

A total of 338 drivers make up the final entry list. A double paddock has been set up to host the event that will get underway on Friday with qualifying practice

Castrezzato (BS), May 19, 2022. The Franciacorta Karting Track of Castrezzato (Brescia) saw the first drivers getting on the track for the opening free practice, but the weekend officially starts Friday, May 20th with more free practice and qualifying practice. Heats will follow on Saturday, while the double finals will be on Sunday from 10.10 to 14.30.

THE DOUBLE PADDOCK. The paddock is rather full due to the amazing record of 338 entered drivers in this opening weekend. For this reason, the paddock has been extended with an additional paddock-B close to the Porsche circuit and a connecting road has been built in record time to allow the passage of karts. A total of 270 drivers found their place in the paddock-A, while an additional 70 will be hosted by the paddock-B together with the service vehicles, tyres and so on.

122 DRIVERS IN MINI. The two Mini categories are different based on the type of drivers: MINI Gr.3 counts 82 international level entered drivers, 60 Minikart features 40 drivers mainly coming from the Regional championships instead. In 2021, the average presence was 56 drivers in MINI Gr.3, 27 in 60 Minikart.

54 DRIVERS IN KZ2. The most powerful shifter category, KZ2, will feature 54 drivers at the start; 23 of these will also fight for the Under 18 title. Last year the average presence was 19 drivers.

73 DRIVERS IN KZN. The other shifter category, KZN, is split by age: KZN Under reserved for drivers aged between 23 and 39, KZN Senior from 40 years. In total, 73 drivers will make it to the track in these categories: 42 in Under, 31 in Senior. Three categories were present last year, the average was 31 drivers in Junior, 22 in Under and 19 in Over.

40 DRIVERS IN THE JUNIOR. Two are the direct drive Junior categories for drivers aged between 12 and 14: 28 drivers will contest X30 Junior, 12 Rok Junior. Last year, the average presence was 40 drivers in X30 Junior, 13 in Rok Junior.

49 DRIVERS IN THE SENIOR. Two categories will also compete in the Senior reserved for drivers over 14 years: 39 drivers will contest X30 Senior and 10 Rok Senior. The average presence last year was 40 drivers in X30 Senior and 5 in Rok Senior.

Friday, May 20: free practice at 8:00 (local time); official free practice at 13:55; qualifying practice at 17:15.
Saturday, May 21: warm-up at 8:00; heats at 10:20; second chance races at 19:20.
Sunday, May 22: warm-up at 8:00; second chance races at 9:35. Live TV and streaming: race-1 from 10:10; race-2from 14:30.

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THE 2022 CALENDAR. The complete calendar of season 2022 follows:

- 1st Round – May 22, 2022 - Franciacorta Karting Track, Castrezzato (Brescia), Lombardy
Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN Under and Senior, X30 Junior and Senior, Rok Junior and Senior.

- 2nd Round – June 26, 2022 - Pista Salentina, Ugento (Lecce), Puglia - Coefficient 1,5
Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN Under and Senior, X30 Junior and Senior.

- 3rd Round – July 24, 2022 - Pista 7 Laghi, Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia), Lombardy
Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, X30 Junior and Senior, Rok Junior and Senior.

- 4th Round – August 28, 2022 – International Circuit Napoli, Sarno (Salerno), Campania
Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, X30 Junior and Senior, OK and OK-Junior (single round).

- 5th Round – September 25, 2022 - Kartodrome Val Vibrata, Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (Teramo), Abruzzo - Coefficient 1,5
Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN Under and Senior, X30 Junior and Senior, Rok Junior and Senior.

TV LIVE COVERAGE AND STREAMING. The Live TV coverage of the event will be on ACI Sport TV (Sky 228), Live Streaming and on-demand will be on, Facebook of the ACI Karting Championship. MS Sport, the digital channel by Mediasport Group will show the races recorded.

Specials will occur in the ACI Sport Magazine on RAI Sport, national channels, web and local channels.

GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT. A special page on the opening round of the Italian ACI Sport Karting Championship in Franciacorta will be published on Wednesday, May 25, in the sports magazine Gazzetta dello Sport.

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