The Italian ACI Karting 2017 Championship

Sporting Regulations of the Italian ACI Karting 2017 Championship published. The first round in Lonato next May 1st. Money prize: 50.000,00 Euro.

All is ready ahead of the start of the Italian ACI Karting 2017 Championship, that will kick off next May 1st at the Circuit South Garda Karting of Lonato. Categories KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, OK-Junior, ACI Kart, ACI Kart Junior and KZ4 (former 125 Club) will compete at the track close to the Garda Lake.

The other appointments of the championship are next 27-28 May at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno, 3-4 June at the Circuit of Sele in Battipaglia, 15-16 July at the International Circuit Adria Karting Raceway and 2-3 September at the International Circuit of Siena.

There are no particular changes to last year's regulations, that have been published in the Promotion section of ACI Sport's website (

Two finals will take place in each round, with different points awarded in Race-1 and Race-2. Free practice will take place on Friday for all categories. The scoring of the closing rounds of Adria and Siena will have coefficient 1.5 for all categories, exception made for KZ3 and KZ4. KZ4 will get on track at the rounds of Lonato, Battipaglia and Siena, while categories KZ3 (Junior, Under, Over) will take place in Sarno, Adria and Siena.

Entry fees did not change from last year. Two forms are available. The first to take part in the Championship (to be sent to ACI Sport at: and the other to enter every single race to be sent to each race organizer. Single race entries are open until the Friday of the week proceeding the event. Entries submitted after and in any case before the Thursday of the racing week will be subject to an increase of Euros 100,00 + VAT to be paid to ACI Sport. Entries submitted after that deadline will not be accepted. The deadline to enter all the five races of the championship is next April 21st. The championship can be entered also on a race by race basis but the fees will be higher in this case.


An important novelty is the money prize given by Aci Sport. For 2017 it has been raised to a total of Euros 50.000,00. The 2017 money prize will be divided in the following way:

KZ2, OK, OK-Junior, ACI Kart, ACI Kart Junior, 60 Mini: for each category, Euro 3.000,00 to the winner, Euro 2.000,00 to the second and Euro 1.000,00 to the third classified;

KZ3 Junior, KZ3 Under, KZ3 Over, KZ4: for each category, Euro 2.000,00 to the winner, Euro 1.000,00 to the second and Euro 500,00 to the third.


All Finals will be covered live on AutoMotoTV and web streaming at Specials will be broadcast by RAI Sport and other local networks.

Special pages will also be devoted by Gazzetta dello Sport to the rounds of Lonato, Adria and Siena, while Corriere dello Sport will follow the races in Sarno and Battipaglia.

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