Italian ACI Karting 2020 Championship: validity, calendar, tracks and categories

In 2020, the Italian ACI Karting Championship will include National and International categories as well as the Iame and Rok Trophies that will exchange on the most famous Italian circuits. The opener will take place in Triscina on April 5th.

Building on the great participation of last season, that scored a record average presence of 225 drivers per race, the Italian ACI Karting 2020 will feature some novelties and especially the pairing and exchange of categories and tracks that will host the competition.

KZ2 and National Minikart will kick off the season together with the new International MINI Gr3 (in 5 five rounds), and will be followed by OK and OK-Junior (one round only), Iame X30 Trophy (5 rounds) and Rok Trophy (3 rounds), the National KZ Junior, Senior and Over (in one round only), the new Club category (one round), the Italian Regional Teams Championship (one round). Among the ACI Karting appointments, the Italian Cup and National Trophy will be run in one round only. 


April 5th Triscina Italian Championship 60 Mini–KZ2–Iame X30
May 10th La Conca Italian Championship 60 Mini–KZ2–OK*–OKJ*
June 14th Adria Italian Championship 60 Mini–KZ2–Iame X30-ROK
July 5th Sarno Italian Championship 60 Mini–KZ2–Iame X30
July 19th Castelletto Italian Championship 60 Mini–KZ2–Iame X30-ROK
August 30th Val Vibrata Italian Championship Club Italian Championship*
September 6th Siena Italian Championship National KZ*–Iame X30-ROK
September 27th Battipaglia  Italian Cup 60 Mini–KZ2–KZ National
October 11th Ugento Italian Championship Regional Teams Italian Champ.
November 15th Viterbo National Trophy 60 Mini–KZ2–KZ National

The entitled categories for the IAME and ROK Trophies are X30 Junior and Senior and ROK Junior and Senior
*These categories take place in one round only

KZ2, MINIKART, INTERNATIONAL MINI, OK, OKJ. Categories KZ2, National Minikart and International MINI will contest the Italian Championship in 5 rounds: Triscina (April 5th), La Conca (May 10th), Adria (June 14th), Sarno (July 5th) and Castelletto (July 19th). In occasion of the round in La Conca on May 10th, categories OK and OK-Junior will join the event for their only round of the Italian Championship.

CATEGORIES IAME X30. The Iame X30 Trophy for Junior and Senior categories will take place in 5 rounds: Triscina (April 5th), Adria (June 14th), Sarno (July 5th), Castelletto (July 19th) and Siena (September 6th). Category X30 Mini will join the Junior and Senior IAME categories in all five rounds.

CATEGORIES ROK. The ROK Trophy for categories Junior and Senior will take place in 3 rounds: Adria (June 14th), Castelletto (July 19th) and Siena (September 6th). These three rounds will be valid for the Italian ACI Karting Rok Junior and Rok Senior Championships but also for the Rok Cup Italia. The 3 rounds of Adria, Castelletto and Siena will be open to Mini Rok, Expert, Shifter and Super and will be valid for their Rok Cup Italia classifications.

CATEGORIES CLUB. The new Club categories will contest the Italian Championship in one round only on August 30th at the Kartodrome Val Vibrata in Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (Teramo).

REGIONAL TEAMS. The Italian Championship for Regional Teams has been confirmed and will take place on October 11th 2020 with the 36th edition on the historic Pista Salentina in Ugento (Lecce).

ITALIAN CUP AND NATIONAL TROPHY. Among the ACI Karting 2020 races, categories Mini, KZ2 and KZN will contest the ACI Karting Italian Cup on September 27th at the Circuito del Sele in Battipaglia and the National ACI Karting Trophy in Viterbo on November 15th.

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Updates, classifications and pictures are available on the official webpage of ACI Sport at the Italian ACI Karting Championship page