ACI Karting Commission President Emanuele Pirro's point before the restart of the activity

At work to restart the karting activities as soon as possible. A medical protocol has been devised to run the events following the rules. The new Italian ACI Karting 2020 calendar has been defined.

The message from Emanuele Pirro, President of ACI Karting Commission, on the situation for a prompt restart of the activity following the latest Decree-Law and the work done by the Federation in the past few days marked again by the sanitary emergency in Italy.

Dear Karting Friends,
In difficult moments we need to make the most of our sporting spirit and show that we have an edge! Despite the great uncertainty of a rapidly evolving situation, the Karting Commission, in agreement with ACI Sport has been and still is working to restart the activities connected to karting soon including training and competitions. All circuits are classified as ATECO 93 and the latest Decree-Law bans the restart of activities with this code. The Federation is pushing to change the Decree-Law allowing a restart of sporting activities at the circuits.
For this reason, a protocol has been defined to code the respect of social distances at all times and to allow a safe running of the racing events in the full respect of regulations.
Needless to say, our safety and that of other people depends on the strict observation of rules, as the future of our beloved activity.
In agreement with the Organizers of the races of the Italian Championship, WSK Promotion and of CIK-FIA we are redesigning the calendar of the Italian ACI Karting Championship. Once complete, it will be sent to the Sporting Commission for approval.
We are close to all people that suffered or are suffering due to this emergency and we are doing our best to allow a restart of our activity as soon as possible.
With sporting friendship,
Emanuele Pirro

Karting Press Office
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