The Italian ACI Karting Championship at the new Circuit of Adria

The third round of the ACI Karting Championship to take place from 26 to 28 Juen at the Adria Karting Raceway. Live TV coverage on Sunday 28 June from 10:10 on AutoMotoTv.

The ACI Karting Championship will resume this weekend with the third round of the season. The event will be housed by the new Adria Karting Raceway. The new 1,302 meters circuit is modern and spectacular, with a stunning structure that is cozy and functional. The Italian Championship will stop for the first time in Adria, and the Italian circus will find it as the ideal place to express the high value of the series.


After the first two rounds held in Triscina and Sarno, all categories are going to be quite interesting, considering also that some new protagonists will join the Championship. This is gonna be the case for Mirko Torsellini in KZ2 who will compete on the new chassis Ricciardo Kart, that won the round of Sarno with Ciro Mollo on PCR run by team Taglienti. On top of the classification, Riccardo Longhi, on CRG, who scored a victory in Triscina and has put in a constancy of results so far. Adria will certainly house a good challenge that will also involve all the other protagonists of the classification, like Massimiliano Santonocito on Tony Kart, who was the first leader of the Championship, Leonardo Fuoco on CRG, Francesco Celenta on Parolin, Massimo Mazzali on Croc Promotions and several more that already came to the fore. In Adria a good number of entrants is awaited in this spectacular category. In Triscina, 46 verified drivers were present in KZ2, while they were 48 in Sarno.

Championship Standings, KZ2: 1. Longhi points 92; 2. Santonocito 62; 3. Mollo 58; 4. Fuoco 50; 5. Celenta 49; 6. Torsellini 46; 7. Mazzali 38; 8. Pastacaldi 33; 9. Cesetti 28; 10. De Marco 27.


Among the categories of the Italian championship, 60 Mini is going to be quite lively, as in Triscina it had 49 drivers on track and in Sarno 53. After the second round, Mattia Michelotto on Energy is leading the charts thanks to the victory obtained in Sarno's race-2. He is followed by the Norwegian Dennis Hauger on CRG, who scored two podiums and by the Sicilian Biagio Ruvolo on Energy, who was the first winner in Triscina. Leonardo Marseglia on Zanardi is having a crescendo of results. He won race-1 in Sarno and dominated the recent round of the National Trophy in Battipaglia. Giuseppe Fusco on Tony Kart is among the most competitive drivers also this year, even if he has been a bit unlucky in this beginning of the season. He scored a victory in Triscina's race-2 so far.

Championship Standings, 60 Mini: 1. Michelotto points 94; 2. Hauger 80; 3. Ruvolo 69; 4. Marseglia 67; 5. Fusco 62; 6. Minì 49; 7. Cecchi 35; 8. Negro 35; 9. Giardelli 30; 10. Papalia 21.


Increased numbers in KF and KF Junior are awaited in Adria, as the two categories so far had the lowest number of entrants but this did not affect the spectacle on track. Stefano Cucco on Energy is leading KF and is followed by Jacopo Gheno on Tony Kart. Adriano Albano is anyway the new protagonist of the category, also on Tony Kart, as he took a double win in Sarno.

Championship Standings, KF: 1. Cucco points 57; 2. Gheno 42; 3. Albano 33; 4. Lanza 21; 5. Festante 17; 6. Pandolfi 11.


Several protagonists have emerged in KF Junior as the two winners of Sarno, Davide Lombardo on Tony Kart who won race-1 and the Russian Ivan Grigoriev on Kosmic who won race-2, followed by the other Russian Dmitrii Bogdanov on Tony Kart. Thanks to the results obtained in Triscina and the second place in Sarno's race-1, Lorenzo Colombo (Tony Kart) managed to take the lead of the charts.

Championship Standings, KF Junior: 1. Colombo points 48; 2. Giardelli 45; 3. Lombardo 29; 4. Maiorana 26; 5. Grigoriev 23; 6. Carenini 22; 7. Bogdanov 17; 8. Campagna 17; 9. Jonusis 15; 10. Grimaldi 14,5.

Thursday 25 June: Free practice
Friday 26 June. Free practice and qualifying.
Saturday 27 June. Qualifying and heats.
Sunday 28 June. Second chance races. Finals-1 from 10:15hrs and Finals-2 from 13:25hrs.

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LIVE ON AUTOMOTOTV. Sunday's Finals will go live on AutoMotoTV (Sky Channel 148) from 10.10hrs and from 13:20hrs.

LIVE STREAMING. All Finals of Sunday morning and afternoon will be available through Live Streaming on the websites and at Sportube TV channel.

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CORRIERE DELLO SPORT AND GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT. A special commentary page including pictures of the round of Adria will be published on Wednesday 1 July on Corriere dello Sport and on Tuesday 14 July on Gazzetta dello Sport.

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