The titles of the Italian ACI Karting Championship awarded in Battipaglia

Palomba is the new Italian Champion in KZ2, Pesl in MINI Gr.3, Rocchio in 60 Minikart, Settimo in KZN Junior, Piccioni in KZN Under, Profico in KZN Over, Maria Chiara Nardelli in the Women's championship.

Battipaglia (Salerno), August 29th 2021. The circuit of Sele in Battipaglia (Salerno) crowned the Italian Champions of categories KZ2, MINI Gr3, 60 Minikart, KZN Junior, KZN Under and KZN Over at the end of a very exciting weekend with over 130 drivers on track. The Italian titles went to Giuseppe Palomba (LG Motorsport on BirelART-TM Racing) in KZ2, to the Czech Jindrich Pesl (BabyRace on Parolin-Iame) in MINI Gr.3, Gino Rocchio (Team Driver on KR-TM Racing) in 60 Minikart, Marco Settimo (GM Motorsport on BirelART-TM Racing) in KZN Junior, Antonio Piccioni (TK Kart Tecnology on TK-TM Racing) in KZN Under, Roberto Profico (SC Performance on Tony Kart-TM Racing) in KZN Over.

Giuseppe Palomba is the new KZ2 Champion.
In KZ2, Giuseppe Palomba (LG Motorsport/BirelART-TM Racing) dominated the eve of this closing round taking the pole position and claiming two wins in the heats. He was certain of the title as he did not have direct rivals and therefore he decided to anticipate his trip to Sweden for the forthcoming World Championship without taking part in the closing stages in Battipaglia. His advantage after the victories in Jesolo (race2), Adria (race1), Siena (race1) and La Conca (race1) earned him the second Italian KZ2 title in a row. Palomba won also the Italian Under-20 classification. In Battipaglia the victory of both finals went to Alex Maragliano (Renda Motorsport/BirelART-TM Racing), who led Matteo Mazzucchelli (Top Kart-TM Racing) and Michael Barbaro Paparo (Formula K Serafini/Formula K-TM Racing). The two races had the same final order. The fourth place of both finals went to Pietro Delli Guanti (BirelART-TM Racing).


The MINI Gr.3 title to Jindrich Pesl.
The Italian title of MINI Gr.3 went to the Czech Jindrich Pesl (BabyRace/Parolin-Iame) after the first final. He claimed third in race-1 as he increased his advantage and made himself uncatchable. The victory in race-1 went to the Belgian Dries Van Langendonck (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing), who led the Spaniard Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing). Costoya took the lead despite the inverted grid and proceeded an excellent Jacopo Martinese (CMT/Parolin-TM Racing), while the Belgian Dries Van Langendonck was again on the podium in P3. The Italian Filippo Sala (Team Driver/KR-Iame) also had a good race and crossed the finish line in P6 leading the new champion Pesl.

Gino Rocchio triumphant in 60 Minikart.
Gino Rocchio (Team Driver/KR-Iame) resolved in his favour the fight for the 60 Minikart title taking a strong win in race-1. At the sprint to the line he led his most credited rival, the under-10 Giacomo Giusto (Revolution Motorsport/Energy-TM Racing) by 0.051s. Rocchio secured the Italian title in this way. The third place in race-1 went to the other title contender Nico Carfagna (CMT/Parolin-TM Racing). Rocchio claimed another win despite the inverted grid in race-2. This time around the second place went to the under-10 Tommaso Cristoforo (CRG-TM Racing), while Giacomo Giusto was again on the podium in P3.

Marco Settimo wins the title at the photo finish in KZN Junior.
The title of KZN Junior was decided at the flag of the second final. The Italian Marco Settimo (GM Motorsport/BirelART-TM Racing) eventually had the upper hand thanks to the victory in race-1 and the second place of race-2. In the first of the two finals, Marco Settimo led his direct rival Denis Tuia (VZeta Racing/BirelART-TM Racing) and Ferdinando D’Auria (KC Scafati/BirelART-TM Racing), while in race-2 he completed his mission in Battipaglia ending second behind Gandolfo David (Intrepid-TM), who also was hunting for the title. The third place of the podium went to Filippo Nuccioni (Team Driver/KR-TM Racing) who put in a strong performance this weekend. Leonardo Pelosi (Maranello-TM Racing) had a tough weekend and the classification leader had to retire from race-1.

Antonio Piccioni manages the advantage and claims the KZN Under title.
A great battle has been fought also in KZN Under. Antonio Piccioni (TK Kart Tecnology/TK-TM Racing) managed well his lead and the second place in race-1 earned him the mathematical certainty of the title. The victory of the first final went to Luca Tilloca (BirelART-TM Racing), while the third to a great Alessandro Cavina (SC Performance/Tony kart-Vortex). Cavina won the closing final leading Andrea Calvanese (Italcorse/Italcorse-TM Racing) as Luca Tilloca was again on the podium in P3. Antonio Piccioni was fourth with the title in the bag.


Profico is finally the KZN Over Italian Champion.
The games were closed in KZN Over, as Roberto Profico (SC Performance/Tony Kart-TM Racing) was certain of taking the title due to the gap built in the previous two rounds of Val Vibrata and Sarno. In Battipaglia Profico could finally celebrate the victory of the Italian KZN Over title after missing out on taking it on three occasions. In race-1 Profico had to settle for P7, but in race-2 thanks to the grid inversion, he took the lead and built a solid gap. He crossed the finish line on top leading Sebastiano De Matteo (BirelART-TM Racing) and the excellent Cristian Griggio (Drake Motorsport/KR-TM Racing), who won race-1.

The Women Championship to Maria Chiara Nardelli.
Maria Chiara Nardelli competed in 60 Minikart and won the Italian Women Championship.

Karting in Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday, August 31st.
A comprehensive report on the closing round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship will be published on Tuesady, August 31st on the Italian sports magazine La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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