A weekend of great racing in Adria at the third round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Pelizzari and Celenta share the success in KZ2 as Celenta confirms his classification lead.Good battles in all categories with 232 drivers on track.

A lot of racing and hot weather in Adria's menu for the third and very tight round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship promoted by Acisport. The circuit Adria Karting Raceway has in fact staged a memorable racing weekend, with the new record of drivers, 232, in the Italian Championsip but also with great racing including also ten very young drivers of Entry Level as build up race.

Eight categories have been on track in the third round of the season: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK Junior, ACI Kart and ACI Kart Junior with Iame engine, and then Prodriver Under, Prodriver Over and 125 Club.

KZ2. The Italian Alessandro Pelizzari (CKR-Tm) has won KZ2's first Final, authoritatively leading Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart-Vortex) and the young 16yrs old Alessio Baldi (CRG-Tm). Classification leader Francesco Celenta (Formula K-Tm) had some technical problems and closed his effort in seventh place after starting from the front row. Celenta managed to bounce back in the second final, where he started again from the first row due to the top eight inversion. Celenta has been the absolute protagonist, clinching a stunning victory leading a very good and competitive Matteo Viganò (Top Kart-Parilla) as Leonardo Lorandi rounded out the podium again.
60 MINI. The two 60 Mini finals have been excellent. The most crowded category (68 drivers) saw the French Evan Mallet, on CRG-Tm run by team Gamoto, winning the first Final, leading Nicolò Cuman on Tony Kart-Tm run by Baby Race, and Mallet's team mate Alfio Spina in third. The two Gamoto drivers have been protagonist also in the second Final, as Spina got on the highest step of the podium, proceeding Mallet, while Alessandro Cenedese (Tony Kart-Tm, Baby Race) was third. On top of the classification, Gabriele Minì (Energy-Tm) is holding on thanks to two placings.

OK JUNIOR. Andrea Rosso (BirelArt-Tm) secured the victory of OK Junior's Race-1, leading Marzio Moretti (Exprit-Tm) and Leonardo Papalia (Tony Kart-Tm). The first two drivers swapped positions in race-2 as Moretti won from Rosso after a good comeback race, while Alessandro Giardelli (Tony Kart-Tm) was third. Marzio Moretti is currently leading the classification.
PRODRIVER. The two races of Prodriver have been very tight. Nicolò Zin (CKR-Tm) took the victory of Prodriver Under's Race-1, proceeding Luca Bombardelli (Maranello-Tm) and Denis Tuia (Intrepid-Tm). Zin repeated the victory in Race-2, despite the grid inverrsion. This time he proceeded at the flag Riccardo Nalon (Formula K-Tm), as Bombardelli was third this time around. Zin took the lead of the classification off D'Attanasio (who obtained two placings) and Federico Centioni (who had to retire).

In Prodriver Over, Cristian Griggio (CKR-Tm) won Race-1 proceeding 2015 Champion Andrea Tonoli (CRG-Tm) and Pasquale Feola (LH-Tm), while Daniele Cirelli (EKS-Tm) won Race-2 proceeding Luca Levorato (Parolin-Tm) and Simone Torsellini (Tony Kart-Vortex). Cirelli installed himself on top of the classification.

125 CLUB. Tommaso Polidoro (EKS-TK-Tm) won 125 Club's Race-1, proceeding Francesco Atzori (CRG-Tm) and Vincenzo Di Costanzo (KGM-Tm) at the sprint to the flag. Manuele Grossi (Tony Kart-Tm) had the upper hand on Polidoro and Andrea Telleschi (Croc-Tm) in Race-2. The double podium gave Polidoro the classification lead.

ACI KART JUNIOR. A double win was obtained by the Polish driver Alexander Bardas (DR-Iame) in ACI Kart Junior. He proceeded Luca Graziani (FA-Iame) and Matteo Roccadelli (Evokart-Iame) in race-1 and Graziani again by only 85 thousands of a second in race-2. The third step of the podium was obtained by Giulio De Amicis in the second race. The fight is on in the championship as Bardas and Graziani are equal on points on top.

ACI KART. In ACI Kart, race-1 was won by Cristian Comanducci, who proceeded Alessandro Di Cori, Matteo Zamporlini and Simone Favaro, all on Tony Kart. Comanducci was eventually handed a 10s time penalty, and an appeal against this decision has frozen the classification. Race-2 saw another victory going Comanducci's ways, as he proceeded Zamporlini and Fabio Gilberti this time, but the classification is still sub judice. Sebastiano Solinas (Energy-Iame) was fourth.

All results at www.acisportitalia.it

The next round of the championship is scheduled for September 16-18 in Sicily at the circuit of Triscina.

TV RECORDED BROADCASTS. AutoMotoTV (Sky 158) will show the delayed broadcast of the races on Wednesday July 13th from 14.00 (Finals Race-1) and on Friday July 15th from 13.00 (Finals Race-2).

TV RECORDED BROADCASTS AND SPECIALS. RAI Sport1 and AutoMotoTV will show the racing action recorded, while several specials will be aired within the Magazine ACI on AutoMotoTV, Nuvolari, Sportitalia, San Marino TV, Shakedown and on more than 50 networks covering the Italian territory. Complete Media coverage is available at  www.acisportitalia.it.

GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT. A special and commentary page with pictures of the round of Adria will be published by the sports magazine Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday July 14th.

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In the pictures: 1) Race-1 KZ2 start; 2) Podium Race-1 KZ2; 3) Podium 60 Mini Race-1.