The big show of the Italian ACI Karting Championship is underway in Ugento

Qualifying practices for the season's second round have been run by the 246 verified drivers, a new record for the Pista Salentina of Ugento. Several surprising results in qualifying.

Ugento (Lecce), June 24, 2022. The second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship officially kicked off at the Pista Salentina of Ugento (Lecce). A great show is up with 246 verified drivers out of the 254 entered after the exceptional opening of the championship in Franciacorta last May 15 with 335 drivers. For the circuit of Ugento, which was opened in 1986, this is a historic record: the previous one was of 226 drivers taking part in the World Championship in 1998.

The spectacle on the track has been granted by all the drivers that have also to face the summer heat in a challenge that includes Italy and beyond, for a total of 20 represented nations, especially in MINI Gr.3. The other categories on track are 60 Minikart, KZ2, KZN Under, KZN Senior, X30 Junior and X30 Senior.

A LOT OF SURPRISING RESULTS IN QUALIFYING. Qualifying practice on Friday afternoon highlighted the first protagonists, but the 1.380 meters of the circuit of Ugento, which is mostly unknown to most drivers, also produced surprising results. What counts is the result of heats though that will define the drivers having the privilege to fight for the victory in the two finals on Sunday, June 26 with live TV and streaming coverage.

MINI GR.3 TO CALLEJA AND COSTOYA. MINI Gr.3 opened the way to all the other categories. The Australian William Calleja (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing-MG) posted the fastest time in the first session (1:02.447s), leading Cristian Blandino (Parolin-LKE) by 0.058s and Vladimir Ivannikov (Gamoto/EKS-TM Racing) by 0.079s. The second session was headed by the Spaniard Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing), who is Calleja’s teammate and posted a 1:02.913s, which was 0.035s faster than the time set by the Canadian Ilie Crisan (Alonso Kart by Kidix/Alonso-Iame), who proceeded the Australian Maxim Kirwan (Team Driver/KR-Iame).

60 MINI TO ORLANDO. The pole position of 60 Mini went to the surprising Michele Orlando (Orlando/IPK-TM Racing-MG). His best lap was completed after 1:03.162s, which was 0.026s quicker than Edoardo Mario Sulpizio’s time (TK Driver Academy/EKS-TM Racing). Edoardo Colucci (CMT/Parolin-TM Racing) was third. All the three drivers are Under 10.

ALBANESE IS THE QUICKEST IN KZ2. Qualifying for KZ2 has been quite tricky as it was the only one with 36 drivers on the track. Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport/KR-Iame-MG) went fastest in 54.273s, leading the Under 18 Alex Maragliano (Mangione/Drago Corse-TM Racing) by 0.191s, while the third place went to Albanese’s teammate Mirko Torsellini, who was 0.325s shy of the top. Leonardo Marseglia (KCS/Birel ART-TM Racing) was fourth at 0.422s, William Lanzeni (Lanzeni/EKS-TM Racing) fifth at 0.515s.

MUSIO SETS THE PACE IN KZN UNDER. In KZN Under Luigi Musio (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM Racing-LeCont) claimed the pole position in 55.205s. Emanuele Simonetti (Simonetti/Parolin-TM Racing) was 0.306s slower than him in P2, while the third time was posted by Denis Tuia (VZeta Racing/Birel ART-TM Racing) at 0.322s. Leonardo Pelosi (Pelosi/Maranello-TM Racing) was 0.335s shy of the lead, Antonio Piccioni (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM Racing) 0.383s and Massimiliano Casagranda (TecTav Racing/Birel ART-TM Racing) 0.469s.

GAGLIARDINI LEADS KZN SENIOR. The qualifying of KZN Senior has been very exciting and Paolo Gagliardini (Gagliardini/Birel ART-TM Racing-LeCont) was the fastest in 55.819s. He proceeded Riccardo Nalon (ErreEsse/Parolin-TM Racing) by 0.070s and Andrea Spagni (Maranello/Maranello-TM Racing) by 0.128s. The Italian Champion Roberto Profico (Profico/Tony Kart-TM Racing) was fourth at 0.257s.

GREAT POLE FOR APICELLA IN X30 JUNIOR. In the X30 Junior Antonio Apicella (Team Driver/Kosmic-Iame-Komet) was the fastest in 57.770s. The second position went to this teammate from Austria Nando Weixelbaumer at 0.190s, while Simone Virelli (Giusy Kart/Sodi-Iame) was third at 0.307. The fourth time went to the dominator of the round in Franciacorta Davide Bottaro (Team Driver/Tony Kart-Iame), who was 0.335s short of the lead, while Giacomo Maman (TB Kart Racing Team/TB Kart-Iame) was fifth at 0.362.

CARENINI-COMANDUCCI BATTLE OUT X30 SENIOR. Two sessions took place in X30 Senior. The first one was led by the Italian Champion Danny Carenini (Team Driver/Tony Kart-Iame-Komet) with a fastest lap completed after 56.285s. Manuel Scognamiglio (Gamoto/Tony Kart-Iame) was second at 0.118s and Giulio Olivieri (Righetti Ridolfi/Righetti Ridolfi-Iame) third at 0.266s. Cristian Comanducci (PRK/Tony Kart-Iame) was even faster in the second session with a best time of 56.222s. He led Alessio Mario Abbate (Zanchi Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame) by 0.214s and Matteo Bagnardi (Bagnardi/Top Kart-Iame) by 0.217s. The dominator of Franciacorta, Sebastiano Pavan (Team Driver/Tony Kart-Iame), was seventh at 0.430s.

THE PROGRAM at the Pista Salentina of Torre San Giovanni, Ugento (Lecce):
Saturday, June 25: Warm-up from 8:30 to 9:57; Qualifying heats from 10:10 to 13:30; Second Chance Races from 14:30 to 16:55; Second Chance Races MINI Gr.3 and X30 Senior from 17:00.
Sunday, June 26: Warm up from 8:50 to 9:57; Finals race-1 10:10 MINI Gr.3, 10:30 KZ2, 10:55 60 Minikart, 11:20 KZN Under; 11:45 KZN Senior; 12:10 X30 Junior; 12:35 X30 Senior. Finals race-2 14:30 MINI Gr.3, 14:50 KZ2, 15:10 60 Minikart, 15:35 KZN Under; 16:00 KZN Senior; 16:25 X30 Junior; 16:50 X30 Senior.

Complete results are available at

THE FINALS IN TV AND LIVE STREAMING. The double finals to be held on Sunday, June 26 will enjoy live TV coverage on ACI Sport TV (Sky 228) and Live Streaming and on Demand from and Facebook at the webpage of the championship (race-1 from 10:10, race-2 from ore 14:30). Mediasport Group’s MS Sport will show the races recorded.

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In the picture: MINI Gr.3 at the Pista Salentina in Ugento.

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