The new OKN and OKN-J categories will debut in the 2023 Italian ACI Karting Championship. Italy first in the world


ACI Sport presented the new OKN and OKN Junior categories, ready to debut in the 2023 season within the Italian ACI Karting Championship. Italy will be the first country in the world to launch this new category in its own national scenary, thanks to a project developed by ACI Sport in collaboration with FIA, which are already looking towards the 2024 season.

The Italian ACI Karting Championship will therefore act as a springboard for a new format that will gradually involve as many National Sports Associations as possible. FIA's aim is to create a national selection process and then bring the best drivers from each country to compete in a unique, international-level final event.

This will be how the best drivers of the Italian ACI Karting Championship 2023 in OKN and OKN-J will be able to gain a place in the first edition of World Cup in 2024.


1st round - 21 May – Cremona Circuit, San Martino del Lago (Cremona)
2nd round – 18 June – La Conca, Muro Leccese (Lecce)
3rd round – 16 July – Kartodromo Val Vibrata, Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (Teramo)
4th round – 27 August – Circuito Internazionale Napoli, Sarno (Salerno)
5th round – 24 September – Franciacorta Karting Track, Castrezzato (Brescia). 


Applications for entry to the Italian ACI Karting Championship must be sent to ACI Sport S.p.A. (Via Solferino, 32 – 00185 Rome | tel: +39 06.44341291. | email: by the deadline of 30 April 2023.

For technical and sporting information on the 2023 ACI Karting Italian Championship, in particular OKN and OKNJ, please contact

OKN-Junior completes the OKN concept

 2023 will mark the debut of the new OKN and OKN-Junior categories launched by CIK-FIA.


A true pyramid of national karting with Italy at the forefront

The CIK-FIA has therefore created a coherent technical and sporting framework for karting competitions in each country. Mini Gr.3, OKN-J, OK-N and KZ2 offer a complete range of categories from eight years of age upwards to enable the greatest possible number of drivers to compete in national championships with reasonable and controlled budgets. And ACI Sport has fully embraced this initiative, already launching in 2023 alongside the other categories already established on the national territory also the OKN-Junior and OKN categories in the Italian ACI Karting Championship and in the main national and regional competitions.


Two engines in one

A simple and economical solution has been chosen for the Junior version of the OK-N. The engine itself is strictly identical, as well as the carburettor and exhaust system, to that of the OKN. A 26 mm flange on the exhaust differentiates the OKN-Junior from the senior OK-N. Upon turning 14 during the year (with therefore obtaining the grade F license) the OKN-Junior drivers will be able to switch to the OKN only by removing the flange, thus continuing their ascent in karting. So: a single engine that will equip the karts of the drivers entered in both categories, thus making access to karting even more accessible.


An open market that will regulate itself

The CIK-FIA's vision of affordable karting includes opening up the market to all OK-N engine manufacturers in order to ensure healthy competition in the sale of both new engines and spare parts. The self-regulation of a competitive market will guarantee the best prices for competitors.


An international enhancement

While the first FIA Karting World Cup - OK-N has been announced for 2024, the CIK-FIA, in collaboration with ACI Sport, is proposing an international competition for this new category from 2023. This event will be organised alongside the FIA Karting World Championship - OK and OK-Junior in October 2023 in Franciacorta (ITA). Grouped in a specific paddock, the OK-N competitors will be completely integrated into this major world event and will benefit from extensive media coverage. This race with authorised foreign participation will be accessible to all without prior qualification and will open up the possibility of obtaining five tickets for the 2024 World Cup for the top three drivers and two other drivers drawn from the finalists.


Six manufacturers of OK-N engines.

Six manufacturers currently produce OK-N engines. Here are the contact details to find out about their features and distribution.



Via Lisbona, 15

24040 Zingonia (BG) - Italy

Tel: +39 035 883022


LKE engines - Lenzokart

Via Ferrara

98061 Brolo (ME) - Italy

Tel: + 39 0941 563203


Modena Engines - DR Racing Kart

Via Valle, 169/A - 03032

Arce - Frosinone (Italy)

Tel: +39 0776 538083


Rexon Motors

Kart Team Meier GmbH

Eichbühl 8

CH-6246 Altishofen

Tel: +41 (0) 62 756 56 44


TM Racing

Via Fano, 6 - 61122 Pesaro (PU) - Italy

Tel: +39 0721 25113


Vortex - OTK Kart Group

Vortex Factory

Via dei Soprini, 16

25080 - Prevalle (BS) - Italy

Tel: +39 030 6804601