270 drivers entered at Cremona. Big start to the OK-N and OKN-Junior in the Italian ACI Karting Championship

The number of entries for the Italian ACI Karting Championship has reached 270 for the first round on May 21st at the Cremona Circuit. Among them are 60 drivers in the OK-N and OKN-Junior categories, representing the major teams. The President of the ACI Sport Karting Commission expresses satisfaction with the turnout.


Rome, May 15th, 2023. The list of entries for the Cremona Circuit is nearing completion for the first round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship on May 18-21. In addition to the MINI, KZ2, and KZN categories, this event will also mark the debut of the two new categories, OK-N and OKN-Junior, with approximately 60 drivers ready to make their debut in these new classes. The total number of entries has now reached 270, which is a very positive outcome and a long-awaited comeback for the national categories featured in ACI Sport-sanctioned races.

Italy is the first country to fully adopt the new categories.

The project launched by FIA Karting for the new OK-N and OKN-Junior categories has been warmly embraced by ACI Sport, leading to their adoption in the Italian ACI Sport Championship and the Italian Cup. As a result, Italy is at the forefront among the countries that have announced their intention to use these two new categories. The OK-N, along with the Junior version requested by the Italian Federation, is ready to face this new stage by adapting the qualities of the OK category to national competitions. The goal is to create a reliable, high-performing, and more accessible category that aims to expand the base of competitors in countries worldwide, with a new concept of simplicity compared to the OK class.

Raffaele Giammaria, President of the ACI Sport Karting Commission:
"The significant numbers of participants in OKN and OKNJ for this first round of the Italian Championship in Cremona are the result of great work carried out in recent months by the Karting Commission in collaboration with CIK-FIA. Being able to bring the single-make federal categories to our main sanctioned races, with increasingly interesting numbers, brings us great satisfaction."

The first teams to join the Italian Championship in OK-N and OKN-Junior.
Among the major teams that have registered for the 2023 Italian ACI Karting Championship in the OK-N and OKN-Junior categories are Team Driver, Kidix, DR, Jesolo Race, Novalux, Gamoto, Modena Kart, KGT Motorsport, Spino Project, Intrepid Driver Program, FK Motorsport, TK Taglienti Kart, MLG Racing, Speedy Kart, Renda Motorsport, Cosmorally, CMT, Sima Racing, NGM Motorsport, Di Poto and several other competitors.

The engines.
The engines predominantly used are TM Racing, but there is also a strong lineup consisting of Modena Engine, LKE, along with a good number of Vortex and IAME engines, despite an initial delay in deliveries. The short-term perspective is to ramp up production and deliveries to meet the increasing demand.

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