Arctic Lapland Rally was a test of character for Giovanni Trentin

ACI Team Italia's driver, joined by Danilo Fappani in the Ford Fiesta Rally4, finishes 7th despite adversities. Problems with the driveshaft on both days did not erase the excellent performances in the second round of the Finnish championship.


The second seasonal race for Giovanni Trentin, representing ACI Team Italia, at the Arctic Lapland Rally could have turned into a disappointment. However, despite various technical issues, the seventeen-year-old driver from Treviso managed to complete the second round of the Finnish Rally Championship, securing 7th place in his category. These points are valuable for the standings and the usual wealth of experience on the snowy ground. Joined, as always, by the experienced co-driver Danilo Fappani aboard the Pirelli-tyred Ford Fiesta Rally 4 prepared by Lorenzon Racing, Giovanni Trentin demonstrated the ability to withstand the several difficulties that accompanied his race from the first kilometers on Friday.

The Arctic Lapland Rally immediately tested the Trentin-Fappani crew, dealing with the rapid wear of the tyre studs in the initial part. After learning the lesson on tire management in the snow, the driver from Montebelluna had to cope with a driveshaft break in the final part of the first leg, which resized both the ranking and the ambitions. The second leg on Saturday, with seven more special stages scheduled, provided an opportunity to reset and narrow the gaps. This intention succeeded in the second leg's opening stage, where Trentin achieved the fourth time. However, once again, Trentin found himself having to face a new driveshaft break. Despite this, the ACI Team Italia driver managed to finish in 7th position, thanks in part to the final "sprint" in the two stages of "Sarriojärvi 1," where he recorded the second-best time, and "Kemijärvi," where he was the fastest. This result allows Giovanni Trentin to remain close to the top positions – precisely, in 4th place – in the championship standings for the SM3 category (reserved for Rally4 and Rally5).


After the challenging weekend in Lapland, Trentin's next goal will be in the Tuuri Ralli in Alavus (southern Finland), the third event of the Finnish Rally Championship between March 8 and 9.