Record participation at the Italian ACI Karting Championship. 275 drivers in Lonato!

The Italian ACI Karting Championship kicks off from the South Garda Karting track on May 1st as 261 drivers are all set to get on track for the Italian Championship and 14 for the support race in Entry Level.

A real record entry characterizes the Lonato’s opener of the Italian ACI Karting Championship with important numbers in all categories. A total of 261 drivers will be competing for the championship, while 14 youngsters of Entry Level will partake in a support race.

The round of Lonato is the first of the five rounds making up the Italian ACI Karting 2017 Championship. Categories on track will be 60 Mini, KZ2, ACI Kart, ACI Kart Junior, OK-Junior and KZ4. The other rounds will take place in Sarno on May 28th, Battipaglia on June 4th, Adria on July 16th and Siena on September 3rd.

The figures of the opening event are remarkable. In particular, the category 60 Mini opened to 9-12 yrs old drivers, has 103 entered drivers, and the most powerful KZ2 features 68 international level drivers. These are record numbers compared to the recent campaigns!

60 MINI. The 103 drivers entered in 60 Mini are a new absolute record for the Italian Championship. Last year’s record was 76 drivers present in Sarno, while in 2015 the highest participation was recorded in Sarno with 53 drivers. This is a remarkably positive trend, which is good to prepare young drivers to the next steps in national and international categories.

KZ2. The 68 drivers of Lonato in KZ2 are a record for the shifter category in the Italian Championship, as they went beyond the figures shown in 2002, in the Open Masters. The highest participation in this category last year was in Castelletto that had 55 drivers at the start, while the 2015 record was in Sarno with 53.

ACI Kart and ACI Kart Junior. Important numbers have also been scored in the Iame X30 single make categories that have been inserted in the Italian Championship last year, ACI Kart and ACI Kart Junior have a total of 63 drivers, 42 of which in the more powerful ACI Kart and 21 in the ACI Kart Junior (11 yrs). This is a very important step forward that makes impossible every comparison to last year, as the numbers of this opener of Lonato match the total of the 5 rounds of the Italian 2016 Championship!

OK-Junior. The International OK-Junior did not record bad figures either, as 21 drivers entered the category which marked a good increment compared to the peak of 17 drivers present last year in Castelletto and Adria. Category OK is still struggling instead and the trend in the Italian Championship is similar to that shown in the other national championships in Europe.

KZ4. Modest numbers have been scored in the new KZ4, former 125 Club, reserved to amateurs, that will have only 9 drivers taking to the track in Lonato. This category is destined to fly higher in Battipaglia and Siena though.

The programme of the event at South Garda Karting of Lonato:
Friday 28 April: Sporting scrutineering.

Saturday 29 April: Technical Scritineering, Free practice, Official practice, Qualifying, Qualifying heats.

Sunday 30 April: Qualifying heats.

Monday 1 May: Second chance races, Finals: race-1 and race-2.

LIVE ON AUTOMOTOTV. All Finals of Lonato will go live on AutoMotoTV (Sky 148).

TV LIVE STREAMING. The TV Live Streaming feed will be available at and at the Sportube TV channel at

LIVE TIMING. Live Timing available at

RECORDED ON TV AND SPECIALS. Recorded TV broadcasts will be shown by RAI Sport1 and AutoMotoTV, specials will take place in the ACI Magazine on about 50 local networks covering the national territory. The complete media coverage is available at

GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT. A special commentary page with pictures on the round of Lonato will be published on Wednesday May 3rd on the sports magazine Gazzetta dello Sport.

The calendar of the Italian ACI Karting 2017 Championship:

1st round. 29-30 April 1. May 2017
South Garda Karting, Lonato del Garda (Brescia)
Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ4

2nd round. 26-27-28 May 2017
International Circuit Napoli, Sarno (Salerno)
Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ3

3rd round. 2-3-4 June 2017
Circuito del Sele, Battipaglia (Salerno)
Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ4

4th round. 14-15-16 July 2017
Adria Karting Raceway, Adria (Rovigo)
Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ3

5th round. 1-2-3 September 2017
Circuit of Siena, Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena)
Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ3, KZ4 

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In the picture: a 60 Mini race in Lonato.