The circuit of Sarno is all set to stage the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Qualifying heats of the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Sarno has highlighted the main protagonists ahead of the 8 double Finals to be held on Sunday May 28th. Live TV coverage on AutoMotoTV from 10.10 and 14.10 (local time).

The International Circuit Napoli of Sarno has staged the second, intense and very hot qualifying day of the Italian ACI Karting Championship, that has highlighted the speed and selected the prtaognists of this second act of the campaign that saw a special record of 270 drivers on track.

A total of 30 heats have been necessary to name the finalists of all categories and to define the starting grids of the 8 double finals to be held on Sunday May 28th. The spectacle shown so far in Sarno calls for an intense final stage.

A total of eight categories are present at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno, starting from the most competitive KZ2 to the novelty of this year KZ3 with its three classes Junior, Under and Over. Alongside these, the category with Iame engine ACI Kart Junior, the International OK-Junior and the smallest 60 Mini that has recorded the participation of 80 very young drivers. The programme of Sunday May 28th includes 8 Finals in the morning starting from 10.10 with live coverage on AutoMotoTV (Sky148) and Live streaming on and at, and 8 Finals in the afternoon starting from 14.10 with TV and Live Streaming coverage.

In KZ2, current championship leader after the round of Lonato Marco Zanchetta (Maranello-Tm) is in pole position after the two heats run on Saturday when he scored an excellent win and a second place. The second place on the grid will be occupied by Ciro Mollo (Evokart-Tm) who secured a win and a third place. The third place has been earned by Marco Pastacaldi (Maranello-Tm) instead. Among the top players, Francesco Celenta (Praga-Tm) was behind and will start only 15th, despite a win, but the Italian has been hit by a retirement due to a technical problem. Among the quickest, Giuseppe Palomba (Intrepid-Tm), Manuel Cozzaglio (BirelArt-Tm) and Simone Cunati on Top Kart-Iame, who had posted the pole position in qualifying.

In the very competitive 60 Mini, Alfio Spina (CRG-Tm) and Gabriele Minì (Parolin-Tm) have been shining so far, the latter being the championship leader. On the top part of the classification are also the Dane Conrad Laursen (Tony Kart-Tm), the Swede Norton Andreasson (Ipk-Tm), Raffaele Gulizia (Ipk-Tm) and the Norwegian Martinius Stenshorne (CRG-Tm).

In ACI Kart, Edoardo Morricone (Tony Kart-Iame) will start the first Final from the pole position thanks to two victories in the heats. Danny Carenini (Tony Kart-Iame) is second and is followed by Gennaro Auriemma (Tony Kart-Iame), Marco Settimo (Birel-Iame), Simone Favaro (Zanardi-Iame) and Andrea Bristot (Vemme-Iame).

In ACI Kart Junior (for drivers aged 11), the quickest so far has been reigning Italian Champion Aleksander Bardas (DR-Iame), who secured two wins and proceeded the pole sitter in qualifying Francesco Sgobba (Energy-Iame). The other top positions were secured by Federico Cecchi (Tony Kart-Iame), Federico Albanese (Tony Kart-Iame), Leonardo Fornaroli (Zanardi-Iame) and Angelo Raffaele Bolvino (BirelArt-Iame).

In OK-Junior, Giuseppe Fusco (Formula K-Lke) secured the pole position thanks to two victories in the heats. The pole sitter in qualifying Luca Bosco (Tony Kart-Vortex) is second and proceeds the Russian Alexey Brizhan (Tony Kart-Vortex), Francesco Raffaele Pizzi (Luxor-Lke) and the Dane Mikkel Hjgaard (Kosmic-Vortex).

The quickest of KZ3 Junior has been Luca Bombardelli on Maranello-Tm as he claimed a victory and a second place. He currently leads Roberto Cesari also on Maranello-Tm. Andrea Calvanese (Italcorse-Tm), Francesco Temperini (Sodikart-Tm), Nicolò Genisi (Formula K-Tm), who had post the quickest time in qualifying, and David Gandolfo (BirelArt-Tm) follow him.

KZ3 Under has been dominated by Alessio Zanotti (Maranello-Tm), who also posted the quickest time in qualifying. Behind Zanotti, Riccardo Nalon (Formula K-Tm), Emanuele Simonetti (Tony Kart-Tm), Luigi Di Lorenzo (CRG-Tm) and Pasquale Feola (Praga-Tm), Riccardo Melas (Sodikart-Tm) closed in the order.

The dominator of KZ3 Over has been Roberto Profico (Sodikart-Tm) so far, as he won both heats and set the pole position in qualifying. Among the quickest Cristian Griggio (CKR-Tm) proceeded Andrea Tonoli (Maranello-Tm), Mario Covino (Intrepid-Tm), Riccardo Loddo (CRG-Tm) and Attilio Borghi (Maranello-Tm).

The programme of Sunday May 28th with live coverage on AutoMotoTV (Sky 148) follows:
Finals-1 from 10.10, Finals-2 from 14:10.


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In the picture: Marco Zanchetta (Maranello-Tm), KZ2.