The Italian ACI Karting Championship in Adria on July 16th for the fourth round of the season

Mirko Torsellini returns to KZ2 in Adria. All classifications still open ahead of the closing races of the season in Adria (July 16th) and Siena (September 3rd). KZ3 at the start too. The race will have coefficient 1,5.


The Italian ACI Karting Championship is getting ready for the fourth round of the season to be held at the Adria Karting Raceway (Adria, Rovigo) next July 14-16 with categories KZ2, 60 Mini, OK-Junior, ACI Kart, ACI Kart Junior on track. KZ3 classes KZ3 Junior, KZ3 Under, KZ3 Over will also be present for the second race after the opener of Sarno.

The round of Adria is certainly going to record a good participation following the success obtained so far especially in KZ2 and 60 Mini, but also due to the fact that the closing races will have coefficient 1,5. The presence in the first three rounds has been of 258 drivers in Lonato, 270 in Sarno (with the debut of KZ3 that saw 80 drivers on track) and 140 in Battipaglia.


In KZ2, Mirko Torsellini has announced his comeback after the great opener of Lonato. He is very motivated to close the championship on a high in Adria and Siena, as the Italian driver will get on track to test some new material ahead of the International 2018 season.

Category KZ2 sees Maranello Kart’s Marco Zanchetta on top, with a particularly competitive team mate Marco Pastacaldi fourth after the victory scored in Battipaglia. These two drivers will also have to face the challenge of Italian reigning champion Fabrizio Celenta on Praga-Tm run by Team LG Praga Italia, and that of Giacomo Pollini on Formula K-Tm by NGM Motorsport. Mirko Torsellini could also slide in the fight to make this title hunt even more interesting.

KZ2 Classification 1. Zanchetta points 138; 2. Celenta 95; 3. Pollini 91; 4. Pastacaldi 80; 5. Palomba 62; 6. Rosati 48; 7. Mollo 45; 8. Habulin 36; 9. Torsellini 34; 10. Cunati 34.


The young Sicilians currently have the upper hand in 60 Mini as Gabriele Minì (Parolin-Tm) is leading the Championship while Michael Paparo and Raffaele Gulizia, both on IPK-Tm run by Formula K Junior Team, follow him as the American Ugo Ugochukwu (Energy-Tm) who is third in the standings leading also Under 10 classification. Alfio Spina (CRG-Tm) is also ready to get important points, as Battipaglia’s race-1 winner Andrea Kimi Antonelli (Tony Kart-Vortex).

60 Mini Classification 1. Minì points 144; 2. Paparo 122; 3. Ugochukwu 110; 4. Gulizia 100; 5. Cenedese 80; 6. Antonelli 54; 7. Spina 52; 8. Eykmans 47; 9. Pulito 26; 10. Badoer 25. 


OK-Junior is speaking Russian as Alexey Brizhan is leading the charts on Tony Kart Vortex thanks to the double win scored in Lonato, but Luca Bosco is closing in on Tony Kart-Vortex, as Giuseppe Fusco on Tony Kart-Lke that won Sarno’s Race1 and both Battipaglia’s races. Leonardo Papalia on Tony Kart-Tm and Sarno’s race2 winner Francesco Pizzi on Luxor-Lke also showed good process. Compared to the full haul scored by Brizhan in Lonato, things will be trickier for rivals due to the halved score in Sarno and Battipaglia (as less than 15 drivers were at the start). The situation could be back to normal in Adria though, especially as the race has coefficient 1,5.

OK-Junior Classification 1. Brizhan points 108; 2. Bosco 91; 3. Fusco 65; 4. Cuman 48; 5. Papalia 36; 6. Pizzi 35; 7. Al Habsi 34; 8. Prantl 34; 9. Brasili 27; 10. Hajgaard 25.


ACI Kart and ACI Kart Junior, the two categories pushed by Iame engines, showed good numbers after the positive start in Lonato that had 42 drivers at the start in ACI Kart and 21 in ACI Kart Junior. The two categories turned out to be a great reality for the Italian Championship, with high level of racing and competitivity.

Francesco Pagano (Luxor-Iame) is leading the ACI Kart thanks to the victory in Sarno and Battipaglia, while Danny Carenini (Tony Kart-Iame) follows after the double win scored in Lonato.

The ACI Kart Junior leader is Federico Cecchi (Tony Kart-Iame), as 2016 Italian Champion Aleksander Bardas (DR-Iame) follows him.

ACI Kart 1 Classification 1. Pagano points 136; 2. Carenini 112; 3. Settimo 103; 4. Comanducci 92; 5. Russo 70; 6. Morricone 60; 7. Brigatti 60; 8. Minutello 38; 9. Armellin 34; 10. Auriemma 32.

ACI Kart Junior Classification 1. Cecchi points 126; 2. Bardas 91; 3. Chiappini 88; 4. Cioci 76; 5. Bolvino 70; 6. Albanese 66; 7. Sgobba 66; 8. Balzarotti 64; 9. Roccadelli 57; 10. Piro 47.


KZ3 will get back on track in Adria after the great success in Sarno. The third and closing round of the series will take place in Siena on September 3rd, the closing round that will see all categories on track including KZ4.

After the first round of Sarno, KZ3 Junior is currently led by Luca Bombardelli (Maranello-Tm) who won Race1, while Nicolò Genisi (Formula K-Tm) and Roberto Cesari (Maranello-Tm) complete the virtual podium. Race2 winner Nicola Bartolini (CRG-Tm) is currently fourth.

KZ3 Junior Classification 1. Bombardelli points 58; 2. Genisi; 3. Cesari 42; 4. Bartolini 35; 5. Tuia 30; 6. Calvanese 28; 7. Gandolfo 22; 8. Menegatti 13; 9. Del Brutto 13; 10. Pannone 13.

The leader of KZ3 Under is Luigi Di Lorenzo (CRG-Tm) who won Sarno’s Race1, as Riccardo Melas (Sodi-Tm) and Simone Ragno (CKR-Tm) chase him equal on points in second place. Several protagonists are all set to emerge in this category as they have shown good things last year in Prodriver.

KZ3 Under 1. Di Lorenzo points 50; 2. Melas e Ragno 46; 4. Simonetti 44; 5. Fortuna 28; 6. Dalle Stelle 26; 7. Cifola 17; 8. Nalon 12; 9. Alaimo 12; 10. Ceccarelli 9.

Roberto Profico (Sodi-Tm) is back to racing in KZ3 Over after a few years of absence and has displayed good speed taking the victory in Sarno’s Race1 and the lead of the championship with it. Andrea Tonoli (Maranello-Tm), twice on the podium, and Claudio Tempesti (CRG-Tm), who won Race2, are his main rivals at the moment.

KZ3 Over Classification 1. Profico points 62; 2. Tonoli 48; 3. Tempesti 42; 4. Loddo 28; 5. Giannecchini 26; 6. Covino 24; 7. Levorato 19; 8. Griggio 12; 9. Sebastiani 12; 10. Sgorlon 8.

The other classifications of the Italian Championship:

KZ4 Classification 1. Giberti points 52; 2. Di Simplicio 45,5; 3. Antoniello 45; 4. Guidetti 24; 5. Siena 19.

Women 1. Prantl Selina points 33, 2. Cifola Francesca 17; 3. Balbo Natalia 3.

All classifications are available at


1st round. 29-30 April 1. May 2017

South Garda Karting, Lonato del Garda (Brescia)

Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ4

2nd round. 26-27-28 May 2017

Circuito Internazionale di Napoli, Sarno (Salerno)

Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ3

3rd round. 2-3-4 June 2017

Circuito del Sele, Battipaglia (Salerno)

Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ4

4th round. 14-15-16 July 2017

Adria Karting Raceway, Adria (Rovigo)

Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ3

5th round. 1-2-3 September 2017

Circuito di Siena, Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena)

Categories: KZ2, 60 Mini, OK, ACI Kart, OK-Junior, ACI Kart Junior, KZ3, KZ4

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