Surprise-full heats in the closing stages of the Italian AC Karting Championship at the Circuit 7 Laghi Kart

Qualifying heats on Saturday have been quite surprising in Castelletto di Branduzzo. Double finals on Sunday, May 12th starting from local 9.40 (race-1) and 14.15 (race-2) with live coverage on TV on AutoMotoTV and live streaming from

The end of the day had been dedicated to qualifying heats ahead of the final stages of the opener of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Castelletto di Branduzzo and it was full of twists, especially in KZ2 where some of the big names had tough luck and slipped down to the back of the field.

The double finals on Sunday, May 12th will be very interesting as a lot of spectacular comebacks might happen. The live TV coverage on AutoMotoTV (Sky 148) and live streaming at will start tomorrow at 9:40 (race-1) for all categories involved in this season opener: X30 Junior will open the day, followed by X30 Senior, KZ2, 60 Mini, Rok Junior and Rok Senior. Race-2 will start in the afternoon at 14.15.

The main candidate to the final win in KZ2 is William Lanzeni (Vemmekart-Tm), who won both heats after posting the second quickest time in qualifying. He is currently followed by Francesco Iacovacci (Maranello-Tm), who pulled two-second places in the heats, while Riccardo Cinti (BireArt-Tm) trails the two thanks to a fifth and a third place in the heats. Behind them, Alessandro Buran (VRK-Tm), the multiple world champion Davide Forè (TK-Tm) and Simone Cunati (CRG-Tm) complete the provisional top six. Poleman Alex Irlando (BirelArt-Tm) won fair and square the first heat but was later on forced to the retirement in the second heat due to a technical problem (temperature) and will start race-1 from P19, while the other favourite to the final win Giuseppe Palomba (Croc-Tm) had to go through the second chance race (that he won) due to a double incident in the two heats. Palomba will start from P29.

In 60 Mini, Andrea Filaferro (Tony Kart-Tm) and Ean Eyckmans (Parolin-Tm) kept their momentum and will line up in the front row of race-1 after having the upper hand also in qualifying practice. The top six is completed by Nicola Tsolov (Parolin-Tm), Jimmy Helias (Tony Kart-Vortex), Giovanni Trentin (Parolin-Tm) and Alex Powell (Energy-Tm).

Regarding the two, crowded, X30 categories, Cristian Bertuca (BirelArt-Iame) will start Junior’s race-one from the pole position, while Palo Gallo (Righetti-Ridolfi-Iame), who was the quickest in qualifying, will start next to him. Michael Barbaro Paparo (KR-Iame) and Leonardo Megna (Tony Kart-Iame) will line up in the second row, Brent Crew (KR-Iame) and Federico Rossi (Tony Kart-Iame) in the third, the latter came second in qualifying. Reigning champion Francesco Pulito (KR-Iame) will start race-1 from P8 despite the victory of one heat.

In X30 Senior, Raffaele Domenico Gulizia (Tony Kart-Iame) posted the quickest time in qualifying practice, but then was stopped by a technical issue in the second heat and will have to start the race from P21. Leonardo Caglioni (KR-Iame) managed to clinch the pole position thanks to a victory and a second place, while Eduardo Ludovico Villa (TB Kart-Iame) will start next to him in the front row thanks to a victory and a third place. Reigning champion Luigi Coluccio (BirelArt-Iame) is currently third and leads Joey Van Splunteren (KR-Iame), Danny Carenini (CRG-Iame) and Leonardo Fornaroli (KR-Iame).

The front row of the first final of Rok Junior went to Matteo De Palo (FA-Vortex), who won the two heats, and to Pietro Ragone (Tony Kart-Vortex). Andrea Ladina (Tony Kart-Vortex) secured the quickest time in qualifying practice but will start the first race from P8.

Giorgio Molinari (Exprit-Vortex) has been the undisputed leader of Rok Senior so far. He posted the quickest time in qualifying practice and won the two heats. David Locatelli (Kosmic-Vortex) will line up next to him and will be followed by Leonardo Moncini (Tony Kart-Vortex), Stefano Mira (Tony Kart-Vortex), Filippo Croccolino (Intrepid-Vortex) and Federico Biagioli (Tony Kart-Vortex).

The second final on Sunday, May 12th will feature top 8 grid inversion based on the result of race-1.

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In the pictures: 1) William Lanzeni, KZ2; 2) 60 Mini; 3) X30 Senior.

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