283 drivers is the magic number of the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship at the circuit in Siena

The Italian ACI Karting Championship has scored another presence record on June 9th at the circuit of Siena: 283 drivers are present in the categories KZ2, 60 Mini, KZN Under, KZN Over, Iame X30 Junior and Senior. Qualifying practice took place on Friday, while heats will follow on Friday and the double finals will be on Sunday, June 9th, starting from 10:20.

The number of drivers present at the Circuit in Siena for the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship increased up to 283. They will contest KZ2, 60 Mini, KZN Under (up to 35 years) and KZN Over (36+), Iame X30 Junior and Iame X30 Senior.

THE MOST CROWDED CATEGORIES. The highest number of drivers on track will contest Mini: 69 racers coming from most of Europe, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Jamaica and China. KZ2 also scored a good number of 39 drivers, Iame X30 69 overall (30 drivers in X30 Junior and 39 in X30 Senior). The numbers scored by KZN, the new shifter category for amateur drivers, are quite impressive too: overall 106 (65 in Under and 41 in Over).

RECORD PRESENCE. 283 is the new record for the circuit of Siena. The previous record was 246 drivers that took part in the Italian Open Masters 2009 Championship. This is also the new presence record for the Italian ACI Karting Championship too. The previous record was obtained in Sarno in 2017 in a race that featured 281 drivers on track.

THE NEW PROGRAM. Due to the high number of drivers, the number of heats and second-chance races required a change of program.
Qualifying heats will start at 10:05 on Saturday, June 8th. Finals on Sunday, June 9th will start at 10:20 with live coverage on AutoMotoTV (Sky 148) and the live streaming feed will be available through the Facebook page of the Italian ACI Karting Championship. Finals will be at 10:20 for KZ2, at 10:50 for X30 Senior, 11:20 for X30 Junior, 11:50 for Mini, 12:15 for KZN Under, 12:45 for KZN Over. Race-2 of all categories will begin in the same order starting from 13:55.


QUALIFYING TIMES. Qualifying took place on Friday afternoon and named the first protagonists of each category. The best results follow:

KZ2 Group-1: Simone Cunati (CRG-Tm/Modena Kart) 39.389s

KZ2 Group-2: Giuseppe Palomba (Croc-Tm/Mec Kart) 39.439s

60 MINI Group-1: Alex Powell (Energy-Tm/Energy) 46.915s

60 MINI Group-2: Francesco Marenghi (Energy-Tm/Asd Revolution) 46.926s

60 MINI Group-3: Ean Eyckmans (Parolin-Tm/Baby Race) 46.786s

KZN Under Group-1: Emanuele Simonetti (Tony Kart-Tm) 39.952s

KZN Under Group-2: Tommaso Fasano (Praga-Tm) 40.035s

KZN Over Group-1: Paolo Gagliardini (PK-Tm) 40.326s

KZN Over Group-2: Simone Torsellini (KR-Tm/Team Driver) 40.379s

X30 JUNIOR: Michael Barbaro Paparo (KR-Iame/Giugliano Kart) 42.893s

X30 SENIOR Group-1: Leonardo Caglioni (KR-Iame/Team Driver) 42.230s

X30 SENIOR Group-2: Edoardo Ludovico Villa (TB Kart-Iame/TB Kart) 42.090s


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In the pictures: 1) Simone Cunati, KZ2; 2) Giuseppe Palomba, KZ2; 3) Ean Eyckmans, 60 Mini.

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