COVID-19 emergency - 10th March update

Rome, March 10th 2020 – Further to the publication of the Decree-Law dated March 9th 2020 with the new measures to limit the spread of the Covid-19 infection on the whole Italian territory, and following the indications by the Giunta Nazionale of CONI

The Sporting Committee of Automobile Club d’Italia


1. The suspension of all the motorsport races and all activities connected to motorsport and ACI Sport* on the whole Italian territory until April 3rd.

*As an example, these include, but are not limited to, all the activities regarding Sporting Justice, Issue and renewal of Licences and Technical Passports, working group meetings, commissions, training courses for stewards and other staff.

2. The Central Director of ACI Sport and the Presidents of Commissions will meanwhile work to devise a new calendar with the revised dates for the postponed events.

3. The new calendar will give priority to races valid for the Italian Championships first, then Trophy races, Cup races and other events also with International titles.

ACI SPORT invites its Licencees to diligently follow what stated in the Decree-Law. Please be aware that only by following the rules it will be possible to go back to a normal situation soon.