Heats elect the protagonists of Triscina in the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Opening heats awarded Santonocito in KZ2, Fusco in 60 Mini, Gheno in KF and Colombo in KFJ. Finals scheduled for Sunday 3 May. Live coverage on AutoMotoTV and Live Streaming on Acisport/CIK website.

Pure agonism has marked the opener of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Sicily at the International circuit Triscina (Trapani).

Following two days dedicated to free practice that delineated the initial protagonists of the first of five events of the 2015 Championship, Saturday's qualifying defined the quickest on the Sicilian circuit in the morning, while the qualifying heats in the afternoon gave interesting indications on which drivers will have the privilege of starting on top in Sunday's Finals..

The circuit offered also some surprise, especially in KZ2 and 60 Mini where a lot of race contacts happened, while KF and KF Junior, that were on track together, have been more linear. A total of 110 drivers were present, 46 of which in KZ2 and 49 in 60 Mini.

In KZ2 the quickest in qualifying was Giacomo Pollini (CKR-Tm), followed by the surprise of the weekend Pasquale Tellone on CRG-Tm and by the Sicilian Lorenzo Scatà, also on CRG-Tm. Another Sicilian driver got the most of heats though: Massimiliano Santonocito (Tony Kart-Vortex) won in fact the final two heats, while Giacomo Pollini managed to win the first heat. Loris Spinelli (PCR-Tm), Federico Pezzolla (PCR-Tm), Paolo Ippolito (CRG-Tm), Francesco Celenta (Parolin-Tm), Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm) and Davide De Marco (TB Kart-Tm) came also to the fore.

KZ2 classification after the heats: 1. Santonocito, 2. Tellone, 3. De Marco, 4. Scatà, 5. Celenta, 6. Longhi, 7. Fuoco, 8. Giannoni, 9. Colombo, 10. Spezia.
The Italian reigning champion of 60 Mini, Giuseppe Fusco on Tony Kart-Tm run by team Baby Race, managed to post the quickest time in qualifying and won both heats he run. The winner of the third heat was Mattia Michelotto (Energy-Parilla) from Leonardo Marseglia (Zanardi-Tm). Good run in one heat also Gabriele Minì of Lenzokart who was second and Biagio Ruvolo of team Giugliano on Energy-Parilla. Dennis Hauger of team Gamoto on CRG-Tm set two fourth places.

60 Mini classification after the heats: 1. Fusco, 2. Michelotto, 3. Ruvolo, 4. Hauger, 5. Negro, 6. Marseglia, 7. Cecchi, 8. Minì, 9. Giardelli, 10. Chiappini.
Jacopo Gheno on Tony Kart-Vortex run by team Morsicani and Stefano Cucco on Energy-Tm of Noviello Engine shared the success in KJ heats. In KF Junior, Alessandro Giardelli on Tony Kart-Lke of Lario Motorsport set the quickest time in qualifying but in the heats Lorenzo Colombo on Tony Kart-Lke won both races from Alessandro Majorana, Tony Kart-Tm.

KF-KFJ classification after heats: 1. Gheno, 2. Cucco, 3. Colombo, 4. Majorana, 5. Campagna, 6. Grimaldi, 7. Damiani, 8. Giardelli, 9. Carenini, 10. Altoè.

The first series of races on Sunday 3 May will go live on AutoMotoTv (Sky channel 148) from 11:40, and on Live Streaming at www.acipsortitalia.it/CIK as all the Finals of the morning and afternoon.

Sunday 3 May. Second chance race at 10:10. Final-1 at 11:40. Finali-2 from 14:00.

FINAL MONEY PRIZE. The money prize of the 2015 Italian Championship amounts to 24.000 Euros. For each category, the final prize is worth 2.400 Euros for the winner, 1.400 for the second and 1.000 for the third.

LIVE TIMING. From official practice on Friday the Live Timing service is available at www.acisportitalia.it.

AUTOMOTOTV LIVE COVERAGE. The morning's Finals on Sunday will be aired live by AutoMotoTV (Sky channel 148) from 11.40.

LIVE STREAMING. On Sunday all Finals will be available through Live Streaming at www.acisportitalia.it/CIK.

TV SPECIALS. Specials will be inserted in the Magazine ACI on the TV channels Nuvolari, Sportitalia, RTV San Marino, Safedrive/Odeon, Sky Sport 2, On RaceTV/Odeon and Gazzetta TV. Moreover, specials will be aired by about 50 networks covering the national territory. The website www.acisportitalia.it contains information on the whole Media coverage.

GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT AND CORRIERE DELLO SPORT. A special page of commentary and pictures of the round of Triscina will be published on Friday 8 May on the sports magazine Gazzetta dello Sport and on Corriere dello Sport.

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In the pictures: 1) Massimiliano Santonocito, KZ2; 2) Giuseppe Fusco who leads 60 Mini; 3) A start of KF-KFJ with Jacopo Gheno on top, KF.