The first two races of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in La Conca and Triscina have been postponed

The Covid-19 emergency forced to a change in the Italian ACI Karting 2020 Championship. The races that were originally scheduled for May 10th in La Conca and May 31st in Triscina have been postponed. All the events will be present in the new calendar that will be drawn as soon as the situation will allow.

The Italian ACI Karting 2020 Championship will be redefined following the Covid-19 epidemic that has halted sporting activities.

The opening two races of the year – May 8-10th 2020 in La Conca (Muro Leccese, Lecce) and May 29-31 in Triscina (Trapani) – have to be considered postponed. The two events will be recovered as soon as the situation will allow and will be inserted in the new 2020 calendar that will follow the sanitary protocol that is being defined by the Medical-Sporting Commission, Federation, ACI Karting Commission and Organizers.


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In the picture: Circuito Internazionale La Conca (Cunaphoto)


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