ACI Sport has devised the Scientific-Medical protocol to restart the Italian motorsport

The complete documentation has been sent to the Ministry of Sport, to the Medical-Sporting Federation and CONI. The General Protocol has been defined thanks to the fundamental contribution of a panel of doctors and experts.


An important and difficult work that has been completed in a short time to produce a document shared by doctors, technicians, the heads of the Federation and all the commission that represents the many different motorsport disciplines.

"In these days we worked – ACI Sports Director Marco Ferrari stated – with all the components of our world, obviously in close contact with the Scientific-Medical Commission to define a General Protocol. The document has been completed and the approval procedure now is already underway. It will be subject to the approval by CONI, the Medical-Sporting Federation and by the Italian Ministry of Sport. Once approved, we will integrate this general document with the specific details for each different discipline. The objective is to get ready for the restart of the Championships implementing the medical protocol within the specific formats of all disciplines. This involves defining direct actions to replace and simplify some of the typical phases of each race that will have to be corrected. For example, entering procedures will be digital as well as sporting scrutineering, while several different solutions will be devised for technical scrutineering of each discipline”.

ACI’s President and the Central Direction for Sport also filed a request to the Prime Minister to cancel the closure of sports facilities (art. 1 letter U of DPCM dated April 26th) in such a way to start individual training at our circuits and homologated karting facilities.





In the picture: ACI Sports Director Marco Ferrari