Excellent opening for the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Triscina

The opener of the Italian Championship celebrated the victory of Santonocito and Longhi in KZ2, Ruvolo and Fusco in 60 Mini, Cucco and Gheno in KF, Giardelli and Colombo in KF Junior.

The Italian ACI Karting 2015 Championship started with good premises. The first round has been held in Sicily at the International Circuit of Triscina, with an excellent presence of spectators and a good participation of drivers, that have both been awarded by a virtually perfect organization.

A total of 108 out of the 120 entered drivers have made it to the track in Sicily, as KZ2 had a great starting list featuring 46 drivers, as did 60 Mini with 49. KF Junior only had 11 drivers at the start and KF just 2, but the spectacle has not been missed with tight qualifying especially in KZ2 and 60 Mini.

KZ2. A great satisfaction in KZ2 has been achieved by the Sicilian driver Massimiliano Santonocito on Tony Kart-Vortex, who has been the quickest in the heats and won the first Final, leading it from lights to flag. Behind him, Francesco Celenta (Parolin-Tm) and Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm). The driver from Emilia Riccardo Longhi put in a great race in the second Final, gaining all the ground back from the starting P6 due to the top 8 grid inversion. Longhi was easied to the win by Loris Spinelli (PCR-Tm) who started from the pole but had to retire when 7 laps were left. Longhi inherited the lead and kept it all the way to the flag, followed by Santonocito, who also put in a good recover from P8. Good result also for Sauro Cesetti (Jesolo-Tm), who was on the podium in third after starting from P10. In race-2, the top ten was completed by other protagonists of this Sicilian weekend: Marco Pastacaldi (Tony Kart-Tm) was fourth, followed by Francesco Celenta, Leonardo Fuoco (CRG-Tm), Lorenzo Giannoni (Maranello-Tm), Federico Pezzolla (PCR-Tm), Davide De Marco (TB Kart-Tm) and Pasquale Tellone (CRG-Tm).

KZ2 Championship standings: 1. Santonocito points 62; 2. Longhi 50; 3. Celenta 42.
60 MINI. As usual a great spectacle has been staged by 60 Mini. After leading qualifying and heats, the Italian champion Giuseppe Fusco, who has moved to team Baby Race this year on Tony Kart-Tm, battled out the victory of Final 1 at the sprint to the line, giving up the first position to another Sicilian, Biagio Ruvolo, and the second to his team mate, Mattia Michelotto, on Energy-Parilla run by team Giugliano. From the third place of race-1m Fusco launched himself among the protagonists of the second Final, winning the race ahead of the Sicilian driver Gabriele Minì of Lenzo Kart (Lenzo-Lke) and of the Dane Dennis Hauger of team Gamoto (CRG-Tm) who managed to win the battle for the third place of the podium.

60 Mini Championship standings: 1. Ruvolo and Fusco points 50; 3. Michelotto and Hauger 38.
KF and KF JUNIOR. KF and KF Junior drivers have been on track together, with separated classifications. In KF the victory in the two Finals went to Stefano Cucco on Energy-Tm run by Noviello Engine and to Jacopo Gheno on Tony Kart-Vortex run by team Morsicani.

In KF Junior, the victory in race one went to the pole sitter Alessandro Giardelli, from Lorenzo Colombo, who won the heats instead, both on Tony Kart-Lke. The third place went to Alessandro Maiorana, on Tony Kart-Tm. The three dominated the scene also in race 2 as Colombo got on the top step of the podium, followed by Maiorana and Giardelli. The fourth position went to Daniel Grimaldi (Luxor-Lke) from Andrea Campagna (Lenzo-Lke) who managed to win a long duel with the Japanese Shion Tsujimoto (CRG-Vortex).

KF Championship standings: 1. Cucco points 31; 2. Gheno 28.
KF Junior Championship standings: 1. Giardelli points 29; 2. Colombo 28; 3. Maiorana 23.

07.06.2015 - Circ. international Napoli, Sarno (SA)
28.06.2015 - Adria Karting Raceway (RO)
09.08.2015 - Kartodrome Val Vibrata (TE)
30.8.2015 - Circuit of Siena (SI)

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In the pictures: 1) The start of KZ2 Final-2; 2) 60 Mini podium of Final 2 with Fusco, Minì and Hauger; 3) KF Junior podium of Final-2 with Colombo, Maiorana and Giardelli.