Ready for the restart in the due respect of the regulations coming from the Government

The analysis of the situation of the different sectors of motorsport and the plan to restart the championship have been the topics of yesterday's virtual meeting.


The Italian motorsport is ready to restart. The medical protocols have been defined for all disciplines and the revised draft calendars have been prepared. Now everything is ready and waiting for the signal from institutions and the forthcoming Decree-Laws allowing a restart.

ACI Sporting Committee had a virtual meeting to analyze the situation on the national level, but also at the international level as events like the Italian Grand Prix in Monza next September is under the final negotiation, or the Rally Italia Sardegna, that still has to find its final date, as the situation regarding the World Rally Championship is still to be verified.

At the centre of the discussion, as usual, the championships and the restart of the Italian series. Such a discussion followed the meetings with the race organizers of each sector, circuit owners, race officers, teams, preparators and all the components of Italian motorsport. This has been a long work in collaboration with the Medical Commission that saw the Central Direction for Sport and its Secretariat in the front line.

The main operational plans have been defined for all the sectors and some backup options have been evaluated, should the sanitary uncertainty be extended.

ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Sport Central Director Marco Ferrari, Committee Members Armando Battaglia, Salomone Bevilacqua, Simone Capuano, Gabriele Focacci, Piero Longhi, Oronzo Pezzolla, Gennaro Pezzella, the Board of Auditors, ACI Sport General Director Marco Rogano, the Legal Councilor Vincenzo Capo, the Technical Councilor Roberto De Felice, DSA Managers Luca Sangiorgio and Flavio Lagona, the representatives of the Secretariat of Sporting Organs of ACI Luisa Paoloni, Mirella Fanti Saltini and Lorenzo Molinari and ACI Sport Communication Director Luca Bartolini attended the meeting.


In the picture: the Italian GT 2019 in action