More than 150 awaited in Sarno for the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Great drivers' presence at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno for the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship scheduled for next 5-7 June. KZ2 growing as 60 Mini is eyeing the absolute record.

The provisional entry list of the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship scheduled for this weekend counts more than 150 entered drivers. The figures of this second round at the International Circuit Napoli is particularly interesting, compared to the first round of Triscina in Sicily that saw 108 drivers on track.

The categories that are packed are KZ2, that currently counts 58 drivers and 60 Mini that has 67 entered drivers, which is the new absolute record for the category devised for children aged between 9 and 12 in the Italian Championship. KF Junior and KF feature growing numbers too.

In KZ2 the protagonists that opened the Italian 2015 Championship in Sicily, will be joined by some other interesting names like Alessandro Giulietti (Intrepid), who was Italian Champion in 2012 and 2013, Mirko Torsellini (Ricciardo) who won last year in Sarno, Luigi Di Poto (BirelArt) who has always been very quick on his home race, the other driver from Naples Circo Mollo and Federico Pezzolla on the new chassis TK by PCR. Team DR Racing will take to the KZ2 debut the young Alex Irlando, son of the several-times European Champion Pasquale Irlando, toghether with Francesco Tomarchio. Obviously the protagonists of the first race of Triscina will be present too, starting from the winners of the two finals Massimiliano Santonocito (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm), as the other main interpreters of the first round like Sauro Cesetti (Jesolo) and Francesco Celenta (Parolin), as the latter will be protagonist in the European Championship this year too.
The good moment of 60 Mini has been confirmed, as it will have a lot of foreign youngsters on track (holding Italian licence) ready to challenge each other in the Italian championship that is still a one of the most prestigious test benches in the world. Among the favourites, Giuseppe Fusco on Tony Kart run by team Baby Race, the Norwegian Dennis Hauger on CRG run by team Gamoto, the Sicilian Biagio Ruvola on Energy of team Giugliano and his team mate from Padova Mattia Michelotto, and the other Sicilian Gabriele Minì on Lenzo by team Lenzokart.

In KF the presence of the two winners of Triscina, that is Stefano Cucco of team Noviello on Energy and Jacopo Gheno of team Morsicani on Tony Kart, has been confirmed. Among the new arrivals of Sarno, Aldo Festante on Tony Kart who has been a great protagonist last year in KF3, and Adriano Albano on Tony Kart, third in 2014.

In KF Junior all the main protagonists of Triscina will be present, but some new entries will join the pack too. The two winners of the first round Alessandro Giardelli and Lorenzo Colombo will get on track both on Tony Kart-Lke, as will do the Russian of St. Pietersbourg Dmitrii Bogdanov, who was a great protagonist of 60 Mini last year and moved to KF Junior this year still with Baby Race.

Friday 5 June. Free practice from 8:35 and qualifying free practice from 14:40.
Saturday 6 June. Qualifying practice from 9:50 and heats from 13:30.
Sunday 7 June. Second chance races from 9:55. Finals-1 from 10:55 and Finals-2 from 13:55.


KZ2: 1. Santonocito points 62; 2. Longhi 50; 3. Celenta 42; 4. Fuoco 26; 5. Cesetti 24; 6. Scatà 20; 7. Pastacaldi 16; 8. Giannoni 13; 9. Spinelli 12; 10. Simoni 9.
60 Mini: 1. Ruvolo and Fusco points 50; 3. Michelotto e Hauger 38; 5. Minì 34; 6. Giardelli L. 30; 7. Negro 19; 8. Marseglia 13; 9. Pizzi 11; 10. Coluccio 8.
KF Junior: 1. Giardelli A. points 29; 2. Colombo 28; 3. Maiorana 23; 4. Damiani 12; 5. Carenini 11,5; 6. Grimaldi 10,5; 7. Campagna 10; 8. Soler Obel 8,5; 9. Tsujimoto 7,5; 10. Altoè 6,5.
KF: 1. Cucco 31 points; 2. Gheno 28.

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In the pictures: 1) Poster Italian Championship in Sarno; 2) Sauro Cesetti, KZ2; 3) Giuseppe Fusco, 60 Mini.