New great protagonists in Adria's third round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Great victories for Mosca and Habulin in KZ2. Lorandi dominated KF, Grigoriev and Feller win in KF Junior. Ruvolo and Minì win 60 Mini as the classification is sub-judice.

The third round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship ended at the Adria Karting Raceway with two good series of Finals as the new international circuit of Veneto highlighted the speed quality of top drivers but also launched some new protagonists in the Italian Championship. A total of 127 drivers have been present in Adria, with about thirty foreign drivers and a representation of 17 countries.
KZ2 had 42 drivers on track. The surprise came in race-1 as Tommaso Mosca on Maranello-Tm put in an uncatchable race pace. The just 15 years old driver from Brescia took his first victory in KZ2 proceeding at the flag the 2014 champion Lorenzo Camplese, now on Parolin, and Alessio Guazzaroni on Intrepid. Mattia Vita on Tony Kart-Vortex managed to end fourth taking Sauro Cesetti on Jesolo-Tm, the Croatian Krijstian Habulin on TB Kart-Modena and Lorenzo Giannoni on Maranello-Modena, as Sarno's race-1 winner Ciro Mollo had to settle for P8. The other winner of Sarno, Mirko Torsellini, on Ricciardo-Tm, spun after a contact from behind by Camplese early on. Torsellini counter-charged anyway in race-2 recovering all the way to get close to the podium behind Giannoni who ended third. The victory in Final-2 went to the experienced Habulin as Camplese was second again. The weekend did not go well for classification leader Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm), as he ended twice in P14. The previous classification leader Massimiliano Santonocito (Tony Kart-Vortex), did not manage to get access to the final stages due to a technical problem in the second chance race. Longhi keeps the classification lead at 94 points, Mollo follows at 76, Santonocito at 62 and Torsellini at 60.
The arrival of a winning driver of the likes of Leonardo Lorandi of Baby Race left its mark in KF. The driver from Brescia on Tony Kart-Vortex dominated not only the first final, but also the second one despite starting from the eighth spot of the grid due to the top eight inversion. Jacopo Gheno (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Adriano Albano (Tony Kart-Tm) alternated on the second place of the podium, while mentre Francesco Galletto (Zanardi-Tm) was third in both Finals. Stefano Cucco (Energy-Tm) is still leading the classification after two placings in this round.

KF Junior has been particularly lively as the class reached 28 drivers on track in Adria. The first Final was won by the quick Russian Ivan Grigoriev (Kosmic-Vortex), who had already taken a victory in the previous race of Sarno. Grigoriev led Davide Lombardo (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Alessandro Giardelli (Tony Kart-Lke) as he inherited the third place initially taken by Dmitrii Bogdanov (Tony Kart-Vortex), who was later on penalized by 10s due to an irregularity in the spoiler position. The Swiss Riccardo Feller (Tony Kart-Lke) claimed the victory in the second Final from Skeed (CRG-Tm) to Davide Lombardo, as the latter obtained the classification lead thanks to this second podium. He reached level 77 points, equal with Giardelli. Grigoriev was fifth in race-2 behind Nicola Abrusci (Tony Kart-Vortex) and is third in the charts only two points short of the second.

60 Mini saw a long entry list also in Adria with 49 drivers at the start. Races have been quite lively and uncertain until the end. Classification is still sub-judice following an appeal in consequence of the exclusion, due to a technical irregularity, handed to race-1 winner Biagio Ruvolo, on Energy-Parilla. The second plae in race-1 went to Federico Cecchi (Tony Kart-Tm) as the Norwegian Dennis Hauger (CRG-Tm) was third ahed of the British team mate Luca Griggs. The Italian 2014 Giuseppe Fusco (Tony Kart-Tm) was fifth leading the other Sicilian Gabriele Minì (Energy-Parilla). Minì took the lead of race-2 and won it from Hauger to Rocco Alberto Negro (Energy-Tm). Ruvolo was fourth ahead of Leonardo Marseglia (Zanardi-Tm) and Federico Cecchi. The Norwegian Hauger is now leading the classification, with 3 points more than Ruvolo. Previous classification leader Mattia Michelotto (Energy-Tm) scored two seventh places and slipped down to the third position of the classification. The classification is sub-judice anyway, waiting for the hearing of the appeal.
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4th - 7-9.8.2015 - Kartodromo Val Vibrata (TE), World Racing Team srl - Coeff. 1,5
5th - 28-30.8.2015 - Circuito di Siena (SI), Valdibiena S.r.l. - Coeff. 1,5

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In the pictures: 1) KZ2 Race-2 start; 2) KZ2 Race-1 start; 3) Leonardo Lorandi on race-1 starting grid of KF.