Big duels in Sarno's heats of the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Big battles in Sarno in all categories as drivers have been hunting the best places for the final stages on Sunday August 30th. Live TV coverage on MS MotorTV and streaming on ACI Sport from local 9:40 and 13:40.

Sarno (Salerno), August 29th 2020. An infinite series of duels characterized the second day of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Sarno (Salerno) during the qualifying heats to define the starting grid of Race1 on Sunday August 30th. This second round is full of protagonists that put in a good duel at the International Circuit Napoli that welcomed 160 drivers in KZ2, the newly homologated CIK-FIA International MINI Group 3, National 60 Mini and IAME X30 Junior and X30 Senior.

The final stages will take place on Sunday August 30th as all categories will run Race1 and Race2, the latter with top 8 grid inversion. The racing action will be available live on TV from 9:40 and 13:40 on MS MotorTV (Sky 228 and freeview), and in streaming from the ACI Sport webiste and Facebook page of the Karting Championship @ACIKarting.

Cunati and Palomba, the infinite challenge in KZ2.
In KZ2 another often seen duel as taken place between the Italian reigning Champion Simone Cunati, on BirelART-TM of Team Modena Kart, and home-hero Giuseppe Palomba, on BirelART-TM of Team LG Motorsport. After the pole position, Cunati also managed to win the first heat neck-to-neck with Palomba, who ended his effort in the slipstream of his rival and posted the fastest lap of the race. Davide De Marco (Team Driver/KR-Iame) claimed a good third place and led Mirko Mizzoni (Italcorse/Italcorse-TM), Giuseppe Fusco (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Giuseppe Rendina (CRG-TM). The Sicilian Angelo Lombardo ended a good comeback race in seventh place for VRT Motorsport on Parolin-TM and was followed by Antonio Piccioni (DFM Racing/DFM-TM), while the two TK Kart Tecnology drivers Loris Spinelli and Alexandre Arrue both on TK-TM were respectively ninth and tenth.
In the second heat, Palomba started strong and overtook his direct rival on lap one, ending first and followed by Cunati and De Marco. Palomba claimed again the fastest lap of the race. Race1 winner in Triscina Lombardo, managed to recover several places and ended fourth leading Rendina, Fusco and Mizzoni. Spinelli was eighth, while Danilo Albanese of Team Driver su KR-Iame, after the retirement in heat one climbed up to P9. Salvatore Gentile (BirelART-TM) was tenth instead.
KZ2 classification after heats: 1. Cunati; 2. Palomba; 3. De Marco; 4. Mizzoni; 5. Fusco; 6. Lombardo; 7. Rendina; 8. Piccioni.9. Gentile; 10. Arrue.


International MINI in the hands of the Japanese Nakamura.
The youngsters of MINI International Group 3 displayed great competitiveness as a lot of foreign drivers occupied the top positions in this second round of the Italian Championship. The Japanese Kean Nakamura-Berta on KR-Iame ran by Team Driver won both heats. Another Team Driver driver won the third heat: the Swiss Kian Fardin Sharabian on KR-Iame won the race even though he lags a bit behind in the classification as he ended the other heat on the back. The Pole Jan Przyrowski on Parolin-TM of Team AV Racing has been very fast taking a second place after settling for P6 in the first heat. The Dutch René Lammers, son of former F1 driver Jan Lammers, put also in a strong performance with Team Baby Race on Parolin-Iame. He currently is third overall. Antonio Apicella of Team Driver on KR-Iame has been the first of the Italian drivers in P5.
International Mini Gr.3 classification: 1. Nakamura; 2. Przyrowski; 3. Lammers; 4. Egozi; 5. Apicella; 6. Keeren; 7. Monza; 8. Gladysz; 9. Martinese; 10. Hideg.

In the National Mini, Sala confirmed to be on top after leading practice.
National 60 Mini has also been very exciting. Filippo Sala on Parolin-TM ran by Team Driver is currently leading the pack after taking the pole position, a first and third place in the two heats. Salvatore Alfio Sardo on Intrepid-TM obtained the same results in the heats. Paolo Sacco of Team AV Racing on Parolin-TM put in two good placings as the Sicilian winner of Race1 in Triscina Daniele Schillaci of Team Driver on Parolin-TM. Fabio Reale on IPK-TM also earned a good starting place for Race1 on Sunday.
National Mini classification after heats: 1. Sala; 2. Sardo; 3. Sacco; 4. Schillaci; 5. Reale; 6. Bruscino; 7. Busso; 8. Blanco; 9. Spiezio; 10. Frasca.


Scognamiglio leading IAME X30 Junior.
What a fight in IAME X30 Junior! The Slovakian poleman Lukas Malek, on Parolin-Iame of Team Zanchi Motorsport, and Rocco Mazzola of Team PRK on Tony Kart-Iame claimed one win each in the heats. The Italian Manuel Scognamiglio on Tony Kart-Iame of Team Gamoto secured two second places and the first place of the provisional classification with it. Scognamiglio dominated the race in Triscina and will start Race1 here from the pole position leading Malek and Mazzola, while the fourth place went to Sebastiano Pavan of Team Driver on KR-Iame who secured a third and sixth place. The fifth position is occupied by the Brazilian Miguel Costa on KR-Iame of Team Sauber and the sixth by Valerio Proietti on KR-Iame of Team Giugliano.
The classification of IAME X30 Junior after heats: 1. Scognamiglio; 2. Malek; 3. Mazzola; 4. Pavan; 5. Costa; 6. Proietti; 7. Bouzar; 8. Olivieri Flavio; 9. Scarpetta; 10. Castagnina.

Comanducci chased by Carenini in IAME X30 Senior.
In Sarno, the winner in Triscina Cristian Comanducci on Tony Kart-Iame of Team PRK found a valid rival in Danny Carenini on Tony Kart-Iame of Team Autoeuropeo Motorsport. After the pole position, Comaducci won the first heat but suffered the winning attack by Carenini in the second one. The two drivers displayed a great shape and will line up one next to the other in Race1. The first final will certainly be very exciting. Italian X30 Junior Champion, Francesco Pulito claimed a great P3 on CRG-Iame of Team Sporting Club Martina. The fourth position went to Mattia Ingolfo of Team Driver on KR-Iame and the fifth to the great Liberato Milano of Team TMotorsport on Tony Kart-Iame, who led Pio Francesco Sgobba of Team Giugliano on KR-Iame.
The IAME X30 Senior classification after heats: 1. Comanducci; 2. Carenini; 3. Pulito; 4. Ingolfo; 5. Milano; 6. Sgobba; 7. Croccolino; 8. Maccari; 9. Martucci; 10. Scognamiglio Francesco Pio.

Sunday, August 30th: Finals Race-1 from 9:40, Race2 from 13:40.

LIVE ON TV AND STREAMING. Sunday, August 30th Live on TV on MS MotorTV (Sky 228 and freeview), the website and Facebook of the championship will show the streaming of the action from 9:40 and 13:40. Sportitalia will show the races recorded. Specials will be aired within the ACI Sport Magazine on Rai Sport, national networks, web and local networks on the whole Italian territory.

NEWSPAPERS. Specials will be published on Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport.


In the pictures: 1) The start of one KZ2 heat; 2) Mini Internazionale; 3) Iame X30 Junior.

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