Palomba and Cunati get one win each in KZ2 of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Sarno

Double win for Nakamura in International Mini Internazionale, and Sardo in National 60 Mini, Scognamiglio and Malek successful in IAME X30 Junior, Carenini and Russo in X30 Senior.

Sarno (Salerno), August 30th, 2020. An exciting spectacle took place in Sarno during the second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship as 160 drivers gathered to challenge each other until the end of the double finals run on Sunday, August 30th in categories KZ2, International MINI, National 60 Mini, IAME X30 Junior and X30 Senior. The very hot weather did not affect the battles in the event hosted at the International Circuit Napoli and all finals have been very exciting.

Palomba won KZ2’s Race1 and Cunati Race2.
In KZ2 Giuseppe Palomba on BirelART-TM of Team LG Motorsport dominated the first final after taking the lead of the race since turn one. Behind him, Davide De Marco on KR-Iame of Team Driver and Simone Cunati, on BirelART-TM of Team Modena Kart exchanged positions. In the closing stages, De Marco was forced to the retirement and the second place was therefore inherited by Cuntai who secured P2 that confirmed his lead in the provisional classification after the two third places in Triscina. A good P3 was taken by the Sicilian Angelo Lombardo on Parolin-TM of VRT Motorsport, who won race1 in Triscina. Cunati has been the protagonist of race2 instead and recovered well from P7 due to the top 8 grid inversion eventually claiming his first win of the season. Palomba’s comeback did not go well this time around on the contrary to what happened in Triscina. In Sarno Palomba struggled to complete the overtaking moves and therefore had to settle for P5. The second place went to Danilo Albanese on KR-Iame run by Team Driver, as the podium was completed by Giuseppe Fusco on Tony Kart-Vortex. The fourth place went to Lombardo. De Marco recovered up to P6 as he proceeded Loris Spinelli on TK-TM of Team TK Tecnology that came back to karting after a 6 years-long absence.
Classification: Cunati points 98; 2. Palomba and Lombardo 78.


Double win for the Japanese Nakamura in International Mini.
In the newly homologated CIK-FIA International MINI Group3, the Japanese Kean Nakamura-Berta dominated the weekend starting from qualifying and then in both finals on KR-Iame of Team Driver. In Race1 Nakamura led his teammate Antonio Apicella and Jacolo Martinese on Parolin-TM of team CMT. Nakamura won also the second final despite starting from the eighth place. He was chased again by Apicella at the flag. The third place went to the Hungarian driver Adam Hideg on KR-Iame of Team Kidix. The Pole Jan Przyrowski on Parolin-TM of Team AV Racing was fourth in both finals.
Classification: 1. Nakamura points 106; 2. Przyrowski 80; 3. Apicella 79.

Double win for Sardo in the National 60 Mini.
Another double win came in the National 60 Mini. Salvatore Alfio Sardo won the first race on Intrepid-TM leading Daniele Schillaci on Parolin-TM run by Team Driver and Paolo Sacco on Parolin-TM of Team AV Racing. The second final saw Sardo recovering very well from P8 winning again from Ludovico Busso on Tony Kart-TM of Team Gamoto to Simone Frasca on IPK-TM of Team Praga. In the Under 10 classification, race1 was won by Paolo Sacco on Parolin-TM of Team AV Racing, while Race2 went to Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (TK Kart/Croc-TM).
Classification: 1. Sardo points 108; 2. Schillaci 70; 3. Busso 47.


IAME X30 Junior to Scognamiglio and Malek.
After the double win obtained in Triscina, the Italian Manuel Scognamiglio on Tony Kart-Iame won the first final of IAME X30 Junior for Team Gamoto thanks to a penalty handed to Flavio Olivieri on Tony Kart-Iame of Team Gamoto due to the incorrect positioning of the front fairing after he crossed the finish line in the first place. The Slovakian driver Lukas Malek on Parolin-Iame of Team Zanchi Motorsport inherited P2, while Vincenzo Scarpetta on Tony Kart-Iame run by Team Newman Motorsport P3. The second final has also been very exciting with a lot of comeback races ended only at the last corner. Malek won the race from Rocco Mazzola on Tony Kart-Iame of Team PRK to Scognamiglio who looked capable of taking home another win. The fourth place went to the Brazilian Miguel Costa on KR-Iame of Team Sauber and the fifth to the French Guillaume Bouzar on Parolin-Iame di Parolin Racing Kart.
Classification: 1. Scognamiglio points 124; 2. Mazzola 90; 3. Bondarev 58.

Carenini and Russo won the two finals of X30 Senior.
The drivers of IAME X30 Senior displayed great competitiveness. Danny Carenini on Tony Kart-Iame of Team Autoeuropeo won the race fending off the attacks of the winner of Triscina Cristian Comanducci on Tony Kart-Iame of Team PRK. The latter lost also P2 in the closing meters and Carenini’s teammate Filippo Croccolino got the most of an indecision of Comanducci taking his position. Race2 saw an incredible run by Vittorio Maria Russo on KR-Iame of Team Driver. He started from P16 and completed a stunning comeback taking the win. The second place went to Samuele Di Filippo on Tony Kart-Iame run by Team Autoeuropeo and the third to Francesco Scognamiglio, also on Tony Kart-Iame. Mattia Ingolfo’s KR-Iame was fourth in both finals and led Edoardo Maccari on Tony Kart-Iame run by Team M2 Racing.
Classification: 1. Comanducci points 57; 2. Russo 50; 3. Carenini 48.

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The next round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship will take place on September 13th in Siena with categories KZN, IAME X30 and ROK on track.

In the pictures: 1) KZ2 podium, Race2; 2) International MINI podium, Race1; 3) X30 Junior podium, Race1.

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