120 drivers in Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata for the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Good numbers also in Val Vibrata with several new entries. Heats scheduled for Saturday, Sunday 9 August live TV coverage on AutoMotoTV (Sky 148) and Live Streaming.

The fourth round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship underway at Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (Teramo) has also kicked off with a good number of drivers, about 120, and a positive confirmation of presence mainly in KZ2 and 60 Mini, as already happened in Triscina, Sarno and Adria.
In this hot weekend of August, the most crowded categories are KZ2 with 41 drivers and 60 Mini with 49, but KF Junior figures are also quite good (23 drivers), as KF will have 5 drivers at the start.
An important novelty of this race is the 1.5 coefficient (as will happen in Siena's closer of 30 August). A lot of drivers will be hoping for a good result in the closing two rounds as the 66 points awarded in the double final of each weekend will become 99, for a total of 198 points still to be awarded.
In KZ2, the leader Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm) has totaled so far 94 points and a lot of drivers will therefore have the chance to get some ground back. Among these, 2012 and 2013 Italian Champion Alessandro Giulietti, who will be competing on TB Kart chassis from this race to change the situation. On his home track, Giulietti has been among the quickest in Friday's free practice, as he set the second time behind the surprising young Tommaso Mosca (Maranello-Tm), who won the first race of Adria. Behind them, Lorenzo Camplese (Parolin-Tm), Lorenzo Lapina (Italcorse-Modena), Francesco Celenta (Parolin-Tm), Mirko Torsellini (Ricciardo-Tm), Alex Irlando (DR-Tm). Put it in other words, spectacle will be granted in Sant'Egidio.
60 Mini continues to witness a stream of new drivers, after a solid 80 different drivers have taken place in the previous three races of this category. Among the new entries, the young Enzo Trulli, son of former F1 driver Jarno Trulli, will race alongside other youngsters like the American Enzo Scionti of team Gamoto, who is leading the charts with the Norwegian Dennis Hauger. Scionti will also have Pedro Hiltbrand's advice on his side, as the CIK-FIA KZ2 driver will be present as a coach here.

KF Junior announces to be quite lively with 23 drivers on track and some new names as the Australian Aaron Cameron (Tony Kart-Vortex) of the British team Kartronix International, who set the quickest time on Friday, followed by Alessandro Giardelli (Tony Kart-Lke), Nicola Abrusci (Tony Kart-Vortex) and by the Russian Ivan Grigoriev (Kosmic-Vortex) who is climbing the classification. Lorenzo Colombo (Tony Kart-Lke) has also been very quick and posted the fastest time of the first session.

Lorenzo Travisanutto has been back in the Italian Championship in KF with team Kartronix International, on Tony Kart-Tm, and has been the quickest with a best time completed in the second session after the championship leader Stefano Cucco (Energy-Tm) topped the charts in the first session.

The quickest times on Friday
KZ2 session 1: Tommaso Mosca (Maranello-Tm) 40.876
KZ2 session 2: Tommaso Mosca (Maranello-Tm) 40.797
KF session 1: Stefano Cucco (Energy-Tm) 42.953
KF session 2: Lorenzo Travisanutto (Tony Kart-Tm) 42.774
KFJ session 1: Lorenzo Colombo (Tony Kart-Lke) 44.101
KFJ session 2: Aaron Cameron (Tony Kart-Vortex) 44.035

The programme (local time):
Saturday 8 August: Qualifying practice 10,20 and Qualifying heats from 12.20.
Sunday 9 August: Second chance races 9.45. Finals live on AutoMotoTv (Sky 148) Race-1 from 10.30, race-2 from 14.00.

The Italian ACI Karting Championship classifications after three rounds:

KZ2: 1. Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm) points 94; 2. Ciro Mollo (PCR-Tm) 76; 3. Massimiliano Santonocito (Tony Kart-Vortex) 62; 4. Mirko Torsellini (Ricciardo-Tm) 60; 5. Sauro Cesetti (Jesolo-Tm) 56; 6. Francesco Celenta (Parolin-Tm) 52; 7. Lorenzo Camplese (Parolin-Tm) 52; 8. Leonardo Fuoco (CRG-Tm) 50; 9. Lorenzo Giannoni (Maranello-Modena) 49; 10. Tommaso Mosca (Maranello-Tm) 48.

KF: 1. Stefano Cucco (Energy-Tm) points 71; 2. Jacopo Gheno (Tony Kart-Vortex) 64; 3. Adriano Albano (Tony Kart-Tm) 54; 3. Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart-Vortex) 33; 4. Pierluigi Lanza (Tony kart-Tm) 21; 6. Francesco Galletto (Zanardi-Tm) 21; 7. Aldo Festante (Tony Kart-Tm) 17; 8. Fotis Sotiropoulos (Evokart-Tm) 11; 9. Alessandro Pandolfi 11; Gasper Mihevc (Tony Kart-Vortex) 8.

KF JUNIOR: 1. Davide Lombardo (Tony Kart-Vortex) points 77; 2. Alessandro Giardelli (Tony Kart-Lke) 77; 3. Ivan Grigoriev (Kosmic-Vortex) 75; 4. Lorenzo Colombo (Tony Kart-Lke) 69; 5. Riccardo Feller (Tony Kart-Lke) 38; 6. Nicola Abrusci (Tony Kart-Vortex) 34; 7. Alessandro Maiorana (Tony Kart-Tm) 32; 8. Skeed (CRG-Tm) 30; 9. Danny Carenini (Evokart-Tm) 22; 10. Dmitrii Bogdanov (Tony Kart-Vortex) 21.

60 Mini (Sub-Judice): 1. Dennis Hauger (CRG-Tm) points 126; 2. Biagio Ruvolo (Energy-Parilla) 123; 3. Mattia Michelotto (Energy-Parilla) 111; 4. Gabriele Minì (Energy-Parilla) 87; 5. Leonardo Marseglia (Zanardi-Tm) 83; 6. Giuseppe Fusco (Tony Kart-Tm) 78; 7. Federico Cecchi (Tony Kart-Tm) 75; 8. Rocco Alberto Negro (Energy-Tm) 61; 9. Luca Giardelli (Tony Kart-Tm) 30; 10. Leonardo Papalia (Tony Kart-Tm) 25.

LIVE ON AUTOMOTOTV. Sunday's Finals will go live on TV on AutoMotoTV (Sky 148) from 10.30 and from 14:00.

LIVE STREAMING. All the finals held on Sunday morning and afternoon will also be available through live streaming feed at www.acisportitalia.it and www.sportube.tv at the Sportube TV channel.

LIVE TIMING. Live Timing on www.acisportitalia.it.

TV SPECIALS. TV specials will take place within the ACI Magazine on Nuvolari, Sportitalia, RTV San Marino, Safedrive/Odeon, Sky Sport 2, On RaceTV/Odeon and Gazzetta TV, while other specials will be aired by about 50 national networks. The complete media coverage is available at www.acisportitalia.it .

All classifications on www.acisportitalia.it.

4th - 7-9.8.2015 - Kartodromo Val Vibrata (TE), World Racing Team srl - Coeff. 1,5
5th - 28-30.8.2015 - Circuito di Siena (SI), Valdibiena S.r.l. - Coeff. 1,5

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In the pictures: 1) Alessandro Giulietti, KZ2; 2) Enzo Scionti, 60 Mini, on the left, Pedro Hiltbrand in the middle; 3) Alessandro Giardelli, KF Junior.