The Circuit of Siena awarded the first three Italian titles in Kzn. Exciting finals in IAME X30 and Rok

The Italian KZN Champions are Edoardo Tolfo in KZN Junior, Alessandro Cavina in KZN Under and Andrea Spagni in KZN Over. Great duels also in the other finals of the third round of the Italian Junior and Senior Championships of IAME X30 and Rok.

Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena), September 13th 2020. The Circuit of Siena staged an intense racing weekend valid as the third round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship that saw 233 drivers on track in the event that named the first Italian champions of the season.

The three categories that named their winners are KZN Junior, Under and Over that run their single-round championship. The round in Siena was the third act of the IAME X30 Junior and X30 Senior, and the first of the Rok Junior and Senior. Mini Rok and Super Rok also contested the Rok Cup Italia.

Edoardo Tolfo is the new Italian Champion of KZN Junior.
Edoardo Tolfo (FD Motors/Praga-TM) won the final of KZN Junior and claimed, therefore, the Italian title reserved to the drivers aged between 15 and 25 years of age. Tolfo had the upper hand in qualifying on Saturday and left only the heats on Saturday and Prefinal on Sunday to his closest rival Matteo Del Vecchio (Renda Motorsport/BirelART-Vortex). Tolfo took the lead early into the Final and kept it throughout posting also the fastest lap of the race. Del Vecchio closed second, while the third place on the podium went to Mattia Giannini (Oracle/Maranello-TM) who completed a good comeback race.
Final classification of KZN Junior: 1. Tolfo; 2. Del Vecchio; 3. Giannini; 4. Pastorino; 5. Lucini.


Alessandro Cavina dominates KZN Under.
KZN Under was dominated by Alessandro Cavina (Parolin-TM), who won qualifying heats and kept his momentum in Prefinal and Final. The second position went to a great Nicola Gnudi (Maranello/Maranello-TM), who recovered some ground in the heats and Prefinal and eventually led an as strong Riccardo Nalon (ErreEsse/Parolin-TM) that also run a strong race. Emanuele Simonetti (Sodikart-TM) claimed the pole position but was a bit unlucky in the heats and in Prefinal, but bounced back in the final and recovered 24 places.
Final Classification of KZN Under: 1. Cavina; 2. Gnudi; 3. Nalon; 4. Cittadini; 5. Dondi.

Andrea Spagni is the KZN Over surprise.
In KZN Over Andrea Spagni (Modena Kart/BirelART-TM) was crowned the Italian Champion for the second time. Spagni used all his experience in the Final where he took the lead and kept it all the way to the flag chased by the two times Italian Champion Sauro Cesetti (Maranello/Maranello-TM), who lost the sprint to the flag by just 0.054s. Claudio Tempesti (Red Race/Praga-TM) won the heats and closed the weekend with a good P3. Sebastiano De Matteo (Sodikart-TM) won the Prefinal but had to retire from the Final.
Final classification of KZN Over: 1. Spagni; 2. Cesetti; 3. Tempesti; 4. Profico; 5. Tonoli.


Al Dhaheri and Scognamiglio are the two winners of IAME X30 Junior.
In the first of the two finals of X30 Junior Rashid Al Dhaheri (Ippoliti/Parolin-Iame) won the race after being on top in qualifying and heats. Behind Al Dhaeri, an excellent Rocco Mazzola (PRK/Tony Kart-Iame) made up for the lost ground in Race1 as he could not run qualifying. The third place went to Matteo Luvisi (Newman Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame), while classification leader Manuel Scognamiglio (Gamoto/Tony Kart-Iame) was eighth after spinning due to a contact. Scognamiglio bounced back in Race2 getting the most of the inverted grid. He started from the pole position and won the race followed by Al Dhaheri, while Mazzola went again on the podium in third place.

The Comanducci-Carenini duel continues in IAME X30 Senior.
Classification leader Cristian Comanducci (PRK/Tony Kart-Iame) won the sprint to the line in IAME X30 Senior. He won the heats and completed a good Race1 followed by Danny Carenini (Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame), who was second by just 0.046s. The third place went to Carlo Aldera (TBKart/TBKart-Iame), while Vittorio Maria Russo (Team Driver/KR-Iame) was fourth and Erika Lavazza (PKT/Kosmic-Iame) fifth. Carenini managed to recover some ground due to the inverted grid and took the win in Race2 leading Mattia Ingolfo (Team Driver/KR-Iame) and Alessandro Lizio (T Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame). Comanducci had to retire in the closing part of the race after the restart from the slow period.

Riccardo Iannello on top in Rok Junior.
Riccardo Iannello (KGT/Tony Kart-Vortex) dominated the opener of Rok Junior winning qualifying heats and both finals. Iannello led Davide Larini (Tony Kart-Vortex) in Race1, as the latter inherited the position due to the penalty handed to the two Zanchi Motorsport drivers Antonio Pio Abbate and Andrea Ladina, that respectively ended third and fourth. Iannello won also Race2 climbing up from P8 due to the grid inversion. He led Abbate and Leonardo Megna (Zanchi/Tony Kart-Vortex). Iannello is leading the classification at 66 points, Abbate is second at 46.

Molinari and Gaglianò win the two finals of Rok Senior.
Giorgio Molinari (Exprit-Vortex) and Giuseppe Gaglianò (New Technology/KR-Vortex) won the two Rok Senior Finals. In Race1 Molinari proceeded Gaglianò and David Locatelli (Tony Kart-Vortex) that run strong heats. In Race2 Gaglianò claimed the win despite the top eight grid inversion, while Locatelli was second at 0.2s The Swiss Tanja Muller (New Technology/KR-Vortex) was third instead. Molinari was sixth. Gaglianò took the lead of the championship at 56 points, while Molinari is second at 50.

Rok Cup Italia.
In the other two double races valid for the Rok Cup Italia, the Australian Griffin Peebles (AV Racing/Parolin-Vortex) and Filippo Parmeggiani (Racing Kart Dubai/Tony kart-Vortex) won the two finals of Mini Rok, while Domenico Cicognini (Flowers Racing/Intrepid-Vortex) won both finals of Super Rok.

The next round of the season will take place on September 27th at the Adria Karting Raceway (Rovigo).
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In the pictures: 1) Podium of the Italian KZN Junior Championship; 2) Podium of the Italian KZN Under; 3) Podium of the Italian KZN Over.

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