Great battles in qualifying heats at the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Adria!

Several hard-fought qualifying heats took place at the Adria Karting Raceway to define the starting grid of the first of the two finals that will get underway on Sunday, September 27th. The racing action will go live on MS MotorTV and on streaming on ACI Sport's website from 9.30 to 13.40.

Adria (Rovigo), September 26th, 2020. Big battles in the qualifying heats of the fourth round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship at the Adria Karting Raceway with nearly 200 drivers on track for the Italian Championship of categories KZ2, International MINI Group 3, National Mini, IAME X30 Junior and X30 Senior, and with the Rok Junior, Senior, Mini and Super battling out the Rok Cup Italia Trophy.

After qualifying held on Friday afternoon, the heats on Saturday spiced up the competition in Adria with several spectacular duels to decide the best starting positions valid for the first round of finals on Sunday, September 27th, when the lights will go off for the official start to Race1 at 9.30. The action will be covered live by MS MotorTV (Sky 228 and Free View) and from 13.40 for Race2. The live coverage will also be available in streaming from the ACI Sport’s website and Facebook of the Italiano ACI Karting Championship.

Cunati keeps the lead in the heats of KZ2.
Classification leader Simone Cunati on BirelART-TM Racing of Team Modena Kart won both the heats after posting the pole position in practice, but Giuseppe Palomba on BirelART-TM Racing of Team LG Motorsport is chasing him and is his closest rival also in Adria. Unfortunately, Angelo Lombardo, on Parolin-TM Racing, who is second in the classification equal on points with Palomba and at the debut on this circuit, had to retire in the first heat and had an incident with Luigi Di Lorenzo (Modena Kart/BirelART-TM Racing) in the second heat. Davide De Marco (Team Driver/KR-Iame) came third in the first heat, as Luca Corberi on Tony Kart-Vortex in the second heat.
The KZ2 classification: 1. Cunati; 2. Palomba; 3. Corberi; 4. De Marco; 5. Cesari; 6. Di Lorenzo; 7. Lombardo.


The Asian Monza to the fore in the International MINI.

Some incredible duels excited the heats of the International MINI Group 3 that is a highly spectacular category also because there is a good number of drivers from different countries that are very competitive after their move from Junior. Qualifying was led by the Dutch driver Tihjs Keeren of Team Pantano on KR-Iame and by Singapore’s Tiziano Monza of Team Sauber on KR-Iame. Monza came to the fore in the heats and installed himself on top followed by the Japanese classification leader Kean Nakamura-Berta on KR-Iame run by Team Driver. The third place of the classification is currently occupied by a great Antonio Apicella, who is Nakamura’s teammate. The two Revolution Motorsport’s drivers Marcus Saeter from Norway and Francesco Amendola, on Energy-TM Racing, the Dutch René Lammers on Parolin-Iame of Team Baby Race and the American Kai Sorensen of Parolin Racing also put in good performances. Keeren is eighth due to an incident in the first heat.
The International MINI classification: 1. Monza; 2. Nakamura; 3. Apicella; 4. Saeter; 5. Amendola; 6. Lammers; 7. Sorensen; 8. Keeren; 9. Egozi; 10. Presa.

The duel between Sala and Sarno in National Mini.
Filippo Sala on Parolin-TM Racing of Team Driver and Salvatore Alfio Sardo on Intrepid-TM Racing shared the success in the two heats. The first heat was won by Sala who proceeded the poleman Simone Frasca on IPK-TM Racing of Praga Racing Team, while Sardo was third. In the second heat Sardo led Sala and Fabio Reale (Praga Racing/IPK-TM Racing).
The Mini National classification: 1. Sala; 2. Sardo; 3. Frasca; 4. Reale; 5. Rocchio; 6. Busso; 7. Bruscino; 8. Giusto; 9. Spiezio; 10. Blanco.


Mazzola leads the pack in IAME X30 Junior.
The heats of IAME X30 Junior were characterized by good duels too. Rocco Mazzola came to the fore on Tony Kart-Iame taking two wins after securing the pole position in qualifying practice. He was followed by Vincenzo Scarpetta on KR-Iame of Team Kidix, who confirmed to be among the fastest. The first final on Sunday is going to be quite lively as the third position is currently occupied by the Slovakian Lukas Malek (Zanchi Motorsport/Parolin-Iame) who won one final in Sarno. He is followed by the winner in Siena Rashid Al Dhaheri on Parolin-Iame, by the classification leader Manuel Scognamiglio (Team Gamoto/Tony Kart-Iame) and Giulio Olivieri on Righetti Ridolfi-Iame. All these drivers have what it takes to fight for the win.
The X30 classification: 1. Mazzola; 2. Scarpetta; 3. Malek; 4. Al Dhaheri; 5. Scognamiglio; 6. Olivieri Giulio; 7. Cirelli; 8. Pavan; 9. Olivieri Flavio; 10. Marenghi.

Carenini puts his name forward for the win in IAME X30 Senior.
The first of the two X30 Senior finals saw two protagonists like Vittorio Maria Russo on KR-Iame run by Team Driver and Carlo Aldera on TB Kart-Iame of Team TB Kart going off in unlucky circumstances. The new classification leader Danny Carenini on Tony Kart-Iame run by Team Autoeuropeo had the upper hand and won both heats after coming sixth in qualifying. The poleman Filippo Croccolino ended behind Carenini, while the other protagonist of X30 Senior and classification leader in Triscina and Sarno, Cristian Comanducci on Tony Kart-Iame of Team PRK Pacitto had to settle for P3 instead. The first final will certainly see a nice battle among these drivers. Gianmarco Levorato on KR-Iame of Team Driver and Jacopo Giuseppe Cimenes on Tony Kart-Iame of Team CMT also run strong heats.
The X30 Senior classifications: 1. Carenini; 2. Croccolino; 3. Comanducci; 4. Levorato; 5. Cimenes, 6. Di Filippo; 7. Bertonelli; 8. Bertuca; 9. Lavazza; 10. Ravera.

Iannello and Abbate to the fore in Rok Junior.
In Rok Junior the winner of Siena, Riccardo Ianniello on Tony Kart-Vortex run by Team KGT found a strong rival in Antonio Pio Abbate who has been competing on Tony Kart-Vortex run by Team Zanchi Motorsport. The two shared the victories in the two heats, as Ianniello won the first from the two drivers of Team Zanchi Motorsport, Leonardo Megna and Antonio Pio Abbate, while Abbate won the second leading Ianniello and Eliseo Donno (Tony Kart-Vortex).
The Rok Junior classification: 1. Abbate; 2. Megna; 3. Ianniello; 4. Larini; 5. Pedrini; 6. Donno; 7. Ladina; 8. Marconado; 9. Maman; 10. Panaev.

Rok Senior dominated by Bernardi.
Rok Senior was dominated by the CRG-Vortex driven by Alberto Bernardi. He posted the pole positon and won both heats in Adria. Behind Bernardi, Team New Technology’s Riccardo Colombo, Tanja Muller and Mattia Simonini on on KR-Vortex, as the winner of the first final in Siena, Giorgio Ermanno Molinari on Exprit-Vortex, was fifth. The second heat was won by Bernardi who led Molinari, David Locatelli (Tony Kart-Vortex), Colombo and Muller.
The Rok Senior classification: 1. Bernardi; 2. Colombo; 3. Molinari; 4. Muller; 5. Locatelli; 6. Simonini; 7. Chiarello; 8. Moncini; 9. Mezzetti; 10. Ortenzi.

The program
Sunday, September 27th: Race1 from 9.40 and Race2 from 13.55.

Complete Results, Live Timing and Live Streaming:

TV coverage.
The event will be covered live on TV by MS MotorTV (Sky 228 and FreeView) on Sunday, September 27th from 9.30 (Race1) and from 13.40 (Race2). The ACI Sport website and Facebook of the Italian ACI Karting Championship will broadcast the event live in streaming.

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The next round will take place at the Circuit 7 Laghi in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia) on October 23-25.

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