What a duel in Siena's round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship!

Pole position and double win for Torsellini in the KZ2 heats. Good challenge with Spinelli, Longhi and Ippolito. In KF Travisanutto and Cucco on top, in KFJ Lazzaroni and Grigoriev, in 60 Mini Pizzi, Marseglia and Michelotto.

Qualifying and heats in Siena highlighted the great protagonists of the weekend that will decide the titles of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in all categories KZ2, KF, KF Junior and 60 Mini.

A great spectacle was offered by KZ2, as the home driver Mirko Torsellini (Ricciardo-Tm) managed to recoup the gap he had on Friday and came to the fore in the races that count, setting the pole position on Saturday morning and two strong wins in the heats of the afternoon. Loris Spinelli (PCR-Tm) was also very quick with two second places and Riccardo Longhi (CRG-Tm) that pulled a third and a fourth place. Together with Torsellini, Longhi and Spinelli, that are the favourites to the Italian title, Paolo Ippolito (CRG-Tm) has been among the quickest since Friday's free practice and in the heats he secured a fourth and third place. Among the 25 drivers on track in KZ2, Lapina (Italcorse-Modena), Giannoni (Maranello-Modena), Gnudi (VRK-Tm), De Marco (TB Kart-Tm), Pastacaldi (Tony Kart-Tm), Costantini (Intrepid-Tm) and Simoni (CRG-Tm) have also been shining.

The pole position of KF was set by Lorenzo Travisanutto (Tony Kart-Tm). The Italian won also the first heat but then had to retire in the second one due to a technical problem. The victory in this case went Stefano Cucco's ways (Energy-Tm) who proceeded Jacopo Gheno (Tony Kart-Vortex).
In KF Junior Filippo Lazzaroni (DR-Tm) has been surprisingly leading qualifying and the first heat. The Russian Ivan Grigoriev (Kosmic-Vortex) topped the charts in race two, leading Davide Lombardo, Nicola Abrusci and Lorenzo Colombo, all on Tony Kart-Vortex. Classification leader Alessandro Giardelli (Tony Kart-Lke) had to settle for P5 in the first heat and for P8 in the second.

In 60 Mini, following the quickest times posted by Leonardo Marseglia (Evokart-Tm) and Mattia Michelotto (Energy-Iame) in the two qualifying sessions, race direction had to repeat the first heat due to an error in the definition of the starting grids. The three valid heats were won by Francesco Raffaele Pizzi (Tony Kart-Tm) from classification leader Dennis Hauger (who was later on handed a 3 seconds penalty), Federico Cecchi (Tony Kart-Tm) and Michelotto. The second heat was won by Marseglia from Cecchi, to Biagio Ruvolo (Energy-Iame), Alessandro Cenedese (Tony Kart-Tm) and Hauger. After a long technical break, the third heat was won just quite by Michelotto from Michael Barbaro Paparo (Tony Kart-Tm) and Marseglia at the end of a good battle. Behind them, Ruvolo, Luigi Coluccio (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Luca Griggs (CRG-Tm).
Giuseppe Fusco (Lenzokart-Lke) had to stop early this edition of the Italian championship as he was excluded due to bad behaviour in the second heat.

The await is now mounting for the double finals on Sunday that will name the winners of the Italian Championship in all categories.

The programme of Sunday 30 August:

Second chance races from local 9.30.
Finals Race-1 from 10.30 (live on TV on AutoMotoTv Sky 148 and web Streaming at acisportitalia.it).
Finals Race-2 from 14.00 (live on TV on AutoMotoTv Sky 148 and web Streaming at acisportitalia.it).

Info, schedule and classifications are available at www.acisportitalia.it

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In the pictures: 1) Torsellini, Spinelli, Longhi and Ippolito in KZ2 in Siena; 2) Filippo Lazzaroni, KF Junior; 3) Third heat action in 60 Mini.