Nice finals in Val Vibrata at the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Victory to Pelosi and Marchetti in KZN Junior, Piccioni and Cavina in KZN Under, Profico and De Matteo in KZN Over, Pesl and Orjuela in MINI Gr3, Rocchio in 60 Mini, Pavan and Marenghi in X30 Junior, Carenini in X30 Senior.

Sant’Egidio Val Vibrata, May 23rd, 2021. A great racing weekend has taken place at the Kartodrome Val Vibrata on the occasion of the third round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship. This event has been the opening meeting for categories MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, KZN Junior, Under and Over, while X30 Junior and Senior were at their third round. The 261 drivers on track from 24 countries put in several spectacular races that produced an exciting final day on Sunday, May 23rd to name the winners of race-1 and race-2 of each category.

In KZN Junior, Pelosi wins race-1, Marchetti wins race-2.
KZN Junior kicked off the round of finals and Leonardo Pelosi (Maranello-TM Racing) put in a strong performance. He was second in qualifying, just 0.010s shy of Gianmarco Rizio (Formula K Serafini/Formula K-TM Racing) and improved his position in qualifying heats. In the first of the two finals, Pelosi got an early lead fending off Denis Tuia (VZeta/BirelART-TM Racing) until the end, while Gianmarco Loddo (Galiffa/CRG-TM Racing) ended third. Filippo Nuccioni (KR-TM Racing) was also among the quickest and had the upper hand on Samuele Marchetti (Sport&Comunicazione/Praga-TM Racing) and Mattia Giannini (LGK/RK-TM Racing) for the fourth place.
Race two started with an inverted grid and Samuele Marchetti got the lead taking the win from Marco Settimo (GM Motorsport/BirelART-TM Racing), while Filippo Nuccioni rounded off the podium. Pelosi was fourth and proceeded Giulio De Amicis (Maranello-TM Racing) and Denis Tuia.


Piccioni and Cavina put in a great show in KZN Under.
In KZN Under, a spectacular duel between Antonio Piccioni (TK Kart Tecnology/TK-TM Racing) and Riccardo Nalon (ErreEsse/Parolin-TM Racing) that were joined by Emanuele Simonetti (Parolin-TM Racing) kept the excitement high until the end of race-1. The victory went to Piccioni, who was back to racing after a break, while Nalon had to settle for P2 and Simoetti P3, but the three drivers displayed great competitiveness. Luca Tilloca (BirelART-TM Racing) claimed a great P4 leading Alessandro Cavina (SC Performance/Tony Kart-Vortex), who put in a great comeback race. Cavina has been the protagonist of the second final, taking the lead and crossing the finish line ahead of all his rivals with a good margin. Emanuele Simonetti and Antonio Piccioni rounded off the podium, the latter started from P8 due to the top eight grid inversion. The French Kevin Breysse (Evokart/Evokart-TM Racing) was fourth and Rendina Giuseppe (KR-TM Racing) fifth.

Profico starts off well in KZN Over winning race-1, De Matteo race-2.
The season started off very well for Roberto Profico (SC Perfomance/Tony Kart-TM Racing), who dominated KZN Over since qualifying. He led race-1 from lights to flag, while Sauro Cesetti (BirelART-TM Racing) was second and Riccardo Loddo (CRG-TM Racing) third after a 5s time penalty handed to Sebastiano De Matteo (BirelART-TM Racing), who was relegated to P5, as Cristian Griggio (Drake Motorsport/KR-TM Racing) also overtook him. The other top positions went to Andrea Tonoli (Tec Tav/BirelART-TM Racing), Claudio Tempesti (BirelART-TM Racing) and to the 2020 Champion Andrea Spagni (Modena Kart/BirelART-TM Racing).
De Matteo took the lead in race-2 and was followed by Andrea Tonoli, who crossed the finish line in P2 leading Griggio. The fourth place went to Profico, who recovered four places from the inverted starting grid.

Pesl and Orjuela win MINI Gr.3.
MINI Gr.3 has been spectacular as always and in Val Vibrata’s opener it had a good number of foreign drivers. The first of the two finals was won by Czech Republic’s Jindrich Pesl (Baby Race/Parolin-Iame), who came to the fore since the heats. In the final duel the second place went to the Thai Enzo Tarnvanichkul (Team Driver/KR-Iame), who pipped Emanuele Olivieri (Formula K Serafini/IPK-TM Racing) by 0.069s. The fourth place went to the Swiss Kilian Josseron (Team Driver/KR-Iame), who led Filippo Sala and the Colombian Matias Orjuela (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing).
In the second race, Matias Orjuela secured the win at the end of a great battle with Griffin Peebles (Team Driver/KR-Iame) and Enzo Tarnvanichkul, as the two ended in the order. The Spanish driver Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing) recovered 19 places in race-1 and then he kept the momentum in race two recovering 6 places up to P4. Behind him, Jindrich Pesl, Emanuele Olivieri and Kilian Josseron ended in the order. Ludovico Busso (Formula K Serafini/IPK-TM Racing) followed them in P8.

Full haul for Rocchio in 60 Mini.
Gino Rocchio (Team Driver/KR-TM Racing) secured race-1 win in 60 Mini after a penalty issued to Giacomo Giusto (Revolution Motorsport/Energy-TM Racing). Nico Carfagna (CMT/Parolin-TM Racing) was therefore second and Edoardo Sulpizio (TK Kart Tecnology/EKS-TM Racing) third. The duel between Gino Rocchio and Giacomo Giusto was fought again in race-2 and Rocchio secured another win, while Giusto was second and Carfagna third.

X30 Junior to the teammates Pavan and Marenghi.
The two categories IAME X30 saw exciting duels. In X30 Junior the current classification leader Sebastiano Pavan (Team Driver/KR-Iame) won race-1 after being on top also in qualifying heats. Behind Pavan, his teammates Francesco Marenghi and Singapore’s Tiziano Monza, rounded off the all Team Drive podium. The fourth and fifth place went to Autoeuropeo’s drivers on Tony Kart-Iame Riccardo Leone Cirelli and the Bulgarian Kaloyan Varbitzaliev.
Pavan ended race-2 behind, while Francesco Marenghi secured the win proceeding the Russian Gerasim Skulanov (CRG Racing Team/CRG-Iame) and Giacomo Pedrini (Newman Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame). Giulio Olivieri recovered a lot of ground and ended fourth, while Davide Larini (Newman Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame) recovered 14 places up to P5.


Carenini dominates X30 Senior.
Danny Carenini (Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame) dominated X30 Senior winning race-1 at the sprint on Jacopo Giuseppe Cimenes (CMT/Tony Kart-Iame), who closed in his slipstream just 0.074s behind. Filippo Croccolino (Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame) was third, while Giovanni Trentin (Team Driver/KR-Iame) fourth, Manuel Scognamiglio (Gamoto/Tony Kart-Iame) fifth and Andrea Moretti (KGT/Tony Kart-Iame) sixth.
Moretti has been the protagonist of the initial stages of race-2, but Carenini regained the lead after starting from P8 on the inverted grid. Giovanni Trentin got on the podium in P2 and Cimenes joined him in P3, while Andrea Moretti was fourth.

The next appointment on track will be on June 6th at the Circuit of Siena with categories KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, Rok Junior and Rok Senior.

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