Greco-Crestani (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo) are the winners of race-2 of the 2nd round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship in Misano

At the flag Easy Race's pairing led Perolini-Cecotto and Segù-Baruch and took the lead of the standings. Pegoraro-Mugelli (Lamborghini Huracan ST) won GT Cup and Di Giusto-Pera (Porsche Cayman) GT4.

Matteo Greco and Fabrizio Crestani (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo) won race-2 at the Misano World Circuit in the occasion of the 2nd round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship. The Easy Race’s pairing got on the top step of the podium of an eventful race with a wet finale leading Perolini-Cecotto (Lamborghini Huracan-LP Racing) by 5”076s, that were the first of GT3 PRO-AM, and Segù-Baruch (Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport) by 5”105s, while Earle-Schirò won GT3 AM.

In GT Cup, after the victory in race-1, Pegoraro-Mugelli (Lamborghini Huracan-Best Lap) won again while in GT Cup Di Giusto-Pera (Porsche Cayman-Ebimotors) took the second win of the weekend in GT4 PRO-AM and Magnoni-Di Fabio (Mercedes AMG GT4-Nova Race) in GT4 AM.

The classifications of the championship are currently led by Greco and Crestani (GT3), Cecotto and Perolini (GT3 PRO-AM), Chudaroglu (GT3 AM), Pegoraro and Mugelli (GT Cup), Di Giusto (GT4 PR0-AM), Magnoni and Di Fabio (GT4 AM).

GT3: Everything happened during the race, including incidents, spins, two safety cars, a Full Course Yellow and heavy rain in the finale but Greco-Crestani came out as the winners. The Easy Race’s pairing did not have an easy life after the chaos produced by a light rain fallen before the start of the race that was declared WET by Race Direction. Rain increased during the race. After a careful first stint from the driver from Piedmont with the track getting wetter and wetter, Crestani on rain tyres came to the fore in the second stint gaining several places and taking the lead at the third last lap exploiting a duel between Cecotto and the then leader Frassineti (Lamborghini Huracan-Imperiale Racing).

The race has been very exciting since the initial stages when Lorenzo Ferrari (Audi R8 LMS) that had a problem to a tyre that forced him to the pits, but his teammate Postiglione, who was leading since the beginning, went out on lap ten after an overtaking attempt of Luca Filippi (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo), who was behind him since the start. The incident also involved race-1 winner Daniele Di Amato, who was flawless and third at that point before forced to retire. “I am really disappointed – Postiglione declared after getting out of the car – I put in a great start, the car was working well and I would have never expected an attack like this by Filippi. We lost points for two different classifications. This is a real shame, not what we needed after the third place of yesterday”.

The rain increased its intensity and this caused a lot of issues to several drivers. Race Direction declared FCY with speed limited to 80 Km/h first and deployed the safety car later on. At the restart, Frassineti, who took over from Ghiotto and Cecotto from Perolini, had the best of Baruch, that took over from Segù, and was the only one on slick tyres. Crestani got the lead from the starting P4. This win allowed him and his co-equiper Greco to take the lead of the championship. A great duel between Cecotto and Frassineti was as intense as that involving the Venezuelan driver and Crestani, which produced a lot of spectacle despite the issues created by the conditions of the track.

The second place of Perolini-Cecotto meant they won GT3 PRO-AM and pulled away in the classification from Segù-Baruch, that were third overall and second in this class. The great duel on track was decided at the sprint to the line when LP Racing’s drivers came second for just 0.029s on the rivals.

At the feet of the podium, Ghiotto-Frassineti led Ferrari-Agostini (Audi R8 LMS-Audi Sport Italia), as the latter managed to climb back up from the last position due to the early problem on a tyre, the second Lambo of Imperiale Racing driven by Llarena-Middleton, that were third in GT3 PRO-AM, and Earle-Schirò (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-Kessel Racing), that were the first of GT3 AM.

The eighth place went to Comandini-Zug (BMW M6 GT3), that led Fuoco-Hudspeth (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo-AF Corse) and Zanotti-Cabezas (Honda NSX GT3-Nova Race), as all these drivers struggled for grip on the slippery tarmac.

GT CUP: After the victory in race-1 and despite the handicap time, Pegoraro-Mugelli claimed another win which strengthened their classification lead. The Best Lap drivers got the most of these track conditions and the two safety cars, gaining places with the slicks in the first stint of Mugelli and the rains in the closing stages with Pegoraro. They led Berton-Riva (Porsche 991 4.0-Krypton Motorsport) and Demarchi-Risitano (Ferrari 488 Challenge-SR&R), that are now second in the championship despite an electric problem to the gearbox, that was recovered thanks to a great pit strategy. Pavlovic-Fischbaum (Lamborghini Huracan ST-Bonaldi Motorsport) were fourth as the Serbian driver led the first stint, while Linossi-Vebster (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Easy Race) were fifth and led Carlo Curti (Porsche 991 4.0-Tsunami RT), La Mazza-Nicolosi (Porsche 991 4.0-Krypton Motorsport) and Pitorri-Simonelli (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Best Lap).

GT4: Double win also in GT4 PRO-AM by Mattia Di Giusto and Riccardo Pera. The Ebimotors drivers dominated the race in the first stint with the champion from Tuscany and in the second with Di Giusto, who is leading the classification despite the very bad track conditions. The team led by Enrico Borghi rounded this great performance off with the second place of De Castro-Arrigosi that proceeded Romani-Carboni (Porsche Cayman-Autorlando), while Ferri-Garbelli (Mercedes AMG GT4-Nova Race) had to retire following contact with the BMW of Neri-Fascicolo (Ceccato Racing) in the closing stages. In GT4 AM Magnoni-Di Fabio (Mercedes AMG GT4-Nova Race) claimed the second win. The classification leaders did not have too many problems leading the Porsche Cayman of Cerati-Ghezzi (Autorlando).








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