5 maggio20:13

The opening weekend of the Italian GT Sprint Championship ends with the victories of Klingmann-Hesse (GT3) and Tribaudini-Zanon (GT Cup)

At the Misano World Circuit, the BMW M4 GT3 of BMW Italia-Ceccato Racing Team prevails in the top class, while in the single-make configuration class, the Lamborghini Huracan ST Evo2 of VSR dominates. The other victories go to Randazzo-Clementi (GT Cup AM 1st Div), Palma-Navatta (GT Cup PRO-AM 2nd Div) and Polverini-Liana (GT Cup AM 2nd Div).

4 maggio22:30

Michelotto-Stadsbader (GT3) and Pollini-Pollini (GT Cup) win the 1st round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship in Misano

D’Auria-Oliva secured the victory in the 1st Division GT Cup AM, while Palma-Navatta (Pro-AM) and Polverini-Liana (AM) did the same in the 2nd Division GT Cup. The last two races are scheduled for tomorrow and will be broadcast live on Acisport and Raisport TV and on the championship's social media channels.

1 maggio15:09

It is an overall record: 53 cars at the start of the Sprint Series of the Italian GT 2024 Championship

There's a boom in participation for the 22nd edition of the Italian series, which will kick off this weekend at the Misano World Circuit. The season promises to be of great interest both in the GT3 and GT Cup classes, which will award a total of twelve Italian titles. All races will be broadcast on ACISPORT TV and RAISPORT, and streamed on the championship's social media platforms, while entry to the circuit will be free of charge.