18 ottobre17:52
Stefano Gattuso (Ferrari) is the Italian Grand Touring Champion in GT3, Luca and Nicola Pastorelli (Porsche) get the GT Cup title
Season 2015 ended in Mugello awarding two titles at the end of a tight fight that was eventually won by Gattuso-Malucelli haead of the Audi R8 driven by Mapelli-Amici and Capello-Zonzini.
14 ottobre17:50
The Grand Finale of the Italian GT Championship 2015 in Mugello
The final two races of the season to award the GT3 title with six lineups are still in the fight, and that of GT Cup with two lineups battling for the title. Live coverage on AutomotoTV (race-1) and Raisport1 (race-2) and on web streaming at
27 settembre15:19
Misano race two victories to Mapelli-Amici (Audi R8 LMS) in GT3 and Maino-Selva (Porsche 997) in GT Cup
First win for Audi Sport Italia's driver ahead of the two Ferrari lineups Schirò-Berton and Di Amato Mugelli. Tight battle on top of GT3 with four lineups within 9 points. Pastorelli brothers getting closer to their first GT Cup Italian title.
26 settembre20:54
Gattuso-Malucelli (Ferrari 458 Italia) win race-1 of the 6th round of the Italian GT Championship in Misano
Gattuso got a solitary lead of GT3 thanks to the 20 points harvested, Beretta and Frassineti are two points short of him. GT Cup's victory went to Luca and Nicola Pastorelli (Porsche 997) that strengthened their class lead.
23 settembre13:33
The penultimate round of the Italian GT Championship in Misano
As the two classifications are still to be defined, the 6th round of the championship will be crucial for the title fight in GT3 and GT Cup with several drivers still in the hunt. Live TV coverage on AutomotoTV (race-1) and on Raisport1 (race-2).
13 settembre17:30
Vallelunga: Ferrari with Frassineti-Beretta (GT3) and Porsche with Maino-Selva (GT Cup) share the win in race-2
General classifications still open in the two classes with Frassineti-Beretta proceeding Bortolotti-Viberti in GT3, while Pastorelli brothers lead GT Cup from Maino-Selva. Coppa Lamborghini Huracan to Tanca Zaugg.
12 settembre19:49
The Lamborghini Gallardo of Bortolotti-Viberti (GT3) and Zanardini-Perel (GT Cup) dominated Vallelunga
Tomorrow two more races at local 12 (GT3) and at 13.10 (GT Cup). TV Live coverage on Raisport1 and AutomotoTV, and on web streaming at
10 settembre10:41
The Italian GT Championship to resume from Vallelunga after the summer break
The 5th round of the season will take place this coming weekend at the circuit near Rome with all calssifications still open. A total of 34 lineups will compete in the separate races of classes GT3 and GT Cup.
12 luglio16:23
BMW and Porsche on top in the 4th round of the Italian GT. Victory for Comandini-Gagliardini (GT3) and Passuti-Goldstein (GT Cup)
ROAL Motorsport's drivers proceeded Mapelli-Amici (Audi R8) and Frassineti-Beretta (Ferrari 458 Italia), as Antonelli Motorsport's color bearers ended ahead of the Porsche of Maino-Selva and Venerosi-Baccani. In Coppa Lamborghini Huracan, Mengozzi repeated the victory of race-1.
11 luglio20:50
Porsche dominates Mugello's race-1 with Donativi-Postiglione (GT3) and with Pastorelli brothers (GT Cup).
Ebimotors drivers proceeded Capello-Zonzini and Frassineti-Beretta, while Krypton Motorport's lineup got on the top step of the podium leading Piccioli-Scilla and Venrosi-Baccani. In the Coppa Lamborghini Huracan Manuele Mengozzi got the victory.
8 luglio13:55
Thirty-nine lineups to compete in Mugello's turning point of the Italian GT Championship 2015
The fourth round of the season to take place at the challenging circuit in Tuscany as the Ferrari 458 Italia of Schirò-Berton (GT3) and the Lamborghini Gallardo of Zanardini-Perel (GT Cup) lead the charts. Recorded broadcast of Race-1 on Saturday at 22 and live TV coverage of race-2 on Raisport2.
28 giugno17:15
Imola, victories to Lucchini-Venturi (GT3) and Zanardini-Perel (GT Cup)
BMS-Scuderia Italia's lineup proceeded Schirò-Berton and Mapelli-Amici,while Bonaldi Motorsport's lineup proceeded the Porsche of Passuti-Goldstein and Maino-Selva in the single branded class.
27 giugno19:09
Imola, victory to Frassineti-Beretta (Ferrari) in GT3 and of Pastorelli brothers (Porsche) in GT Cup
The 458 Italia back to the victory in the third round of the season, leadign the Audi R8 of Capello-Zonzini and the other coupe from Maranello driven by Casè-Gattuso. Porsche dominated GT Cup with three 997 on the podium. Race-2 scheduled for tomorrow at 11. Live coverage on Raisport 1.
24 giugno15:44
Imola, 39 cars at the start of the 3rd round of the Italian GT Championship
The two races at the circuit of Santerno are much awaited as the Lamborghini Gallardo are ready to defend their classification lead in GT3 and GT Cup. Live TV coverage of the two races on AutomotoTV and Raisport1.
31 maggio19:16
The Lamborghini Gallardo of Bortolotti-Viberti gets also race-2 in Monza's second round of the Italian GT Championship
Imperiale Racing's lineup got a splendid one two that promoted it to the top of GT3 classification. On the podium also two Ferraris 458 Italia of Schirò-Berton and Casè-Gattuso, while Del Prete-Caso got the win ahead of Spezzapria and Maino-Selva in GT Cup.
30 maggio21:39
The Lamborghini Gallardo of Bortolotti-Viberti (GT3) and Durante-Comi (GT Cup) get Monza's race-1
The podium of the highest class was rounded up by Sini-Keilwitz (Corvette Z06R) and Donativi-Postiglione (Porsche GT3R), while in the single branded championship the other two "medals" went to Passuti-Goldstein and Maino-Selva (Porsche 997).
28 maggio06:57
Monza, 40 cars at the start of the second round of the Italian GT Championship 2015
The momentum of the 13th edition of the Italian series is continuing with a new entry list record on the circuit of Monza. New arrivals in GT3 are Cipriani-Tedeschi, Pezzucchi-Romani, Michela Cerruti and the German Keilwitz, while Capelli-Coldani and "David Gadri”-Caccia will join in GT Cup's lot.
3 maggio16:27
Vallelunga: triplet for Ferrari in GT3, duel Porsche-Lamborghini in GT Cup
Casè-Gattuso (Scuderia Baldini 27) proceeded Lucchini-Venturi (BMS-Scuderia Italia) and Schirò-Berton (Villorba Corse), while Pastorelli brothers in GT Cup (Krypton Motorsport) had the best of Zanardini-Perel (Bonaldi Motorsport). The two commentaries follow.
2 maggio18:41
Vallelunga, Frassineti-Beretta (Ferrari 458 Italia) win race 1 of GT3 and Zanardini-Perel (Lamborghini Gallardo) that of GT Cup
The Italian GT Championship opening on a high with a lot of spectacle on track and a very high technical level.
29 aprile13:58
A great success for the Italian GT Championship 2015: 39 cars at the start
Vallelunga to open this weekend the 13th edition of the Italian GT with a record entry list, eight constructors, prestigious drivers and teams. TV coverage on Raisport2 and Automoto TV.