Mugello, Klingmann-Spengler (GT3) and Kurzejewski-Balzan (GT Cup) win the two races that opened the 3rd round of the Italian GT Championship

In the highest class, the BMW Italia-Ceccato Racing Team crew (BMW M4 GT3) finished ahead of Michelotto-Liberati and Llarena-Moulin, while in the class reserved for single-make cars, Pellin Racing team (Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo) secured the victory over Randazzo-Stadsbader and Fontana-Gai. However, the standings are pending due to an appeal filed after the race.


Jens Klingmann paired with Bruno Spengler (BMW M4 GT3) and Matthew Kurzejewski with Alessandro Balzan (Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo) claimed victory in the two races held at Mugello for the 3rd round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship.

In the GT3 class race, the BMW Italia-Ceccato Racing Team crew stood atop the podium ahead of the two Lamborghini Huracan GT3s with VSR colours driven by Michelotto-Liberati and Llarena-Moulin. In the GT Cup class race, the Pellin Racing team's drivers prevailed over the Lamborghini Huracan ST (VSR) of Randazzo-Stadsbader and the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo of Fontana-Gai (Formula Racing). In the subclasses, Tamburini-De Luca (GT3 PRO-AM), Marco Antonelli (GT3 AM) and Marazzi-Buttarelli (GT Cup AM) emerged as winners.

After the race, Marco Antonelli filed an appeal against the decision of the race stewards, who had penalized him by 60 seconds for entering the pit lane before the opening of the corresponding window. Therefore, the race classification is pending.

Tomorrow, two more races are scheduled, and they will be broadcast live on ACI SPORT TV and streamed on the championship's social media channels.

GT3: With their second victory of the season, Klingmann-Spengler have solidified their lead in the overall standings. However, it was not an easy win considering that the race featured three safety car periods. In the first stint, Klingmann held a strong second position behind Michelotto, handing the car over to Spengler, who maintained the position behind Cazzaniga, who had taken over from Petrov. The VSR team, despite crossing the finish line first, were penalized by 60 seconds for an irregular pit stop, dropping them to 11th place overall. The BMW Italia-Ceccato Racing Team crew, in the order of arrival, finished ahead of the other two VSR teams, Michelotto-Liberati, who had an excellent race consistently in the front positions despite a 9-second time penalty, and Llarena-Moulin, who, with the 12 points earned, have boosted themselves in the overall standings.

Just off the podium, Tamburini-De Luca (BMW M4 GT3-BMW Italia/Ceccato Racing Team) finished as the GT3 PRO-AM winners, ahead of the two AF Corse Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 cars driven by Nurmi-Castro and Toledo-Agostini, as well as the Nova Race Honda NSX GT3. In eighth place were Coluccio-Mazzola (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020-Best Lap), followed by Kelstrup-Sandrucci (Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport) and Denes-Gvazava (Lamborghini Huracan GT3-Impiale Racing), who slipped to second place in the PRO-AM standings behind the new leaders Nurmi-Castro.

In the GT3 AM class, victory went to Marco Antonelli (Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport), who finished 12th overall after being penalized by 60 seconds for an irregular pit stop, a decision that he himself appealed. Second in GT3 AM were Ciglia-Fascicolo (Lamborghini Huracan GT3-Imperiale Racing), who maintained their lead in the subclass standings.

GT Cup: A thoroughly deserved victory for Kurzejewski-Balzan, in their first race of the season in the Italian series. The Pellin Racing crew had an aggressive race, with the American driver performing excellently in the first stint, consistently within the top six positions. Balzan, a true champion, completed the race with a strong finish, securing the first position just five laps from the end. As the checkered flag waved, the Pellin Racing crew finished ahead of the VSR Lamborghini Huracan ST driven by Randazzo-Stadsbader and the Formula Racing Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo driven by Fontana-Gai. In fourth place were Giacomo and Matteo Pollini, followed by Marazzi-Buttarelli (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Rossocorsa), Vebster-Segù (Lamborghini Huracan ST-DL Racing), and Fabi-Riva (Lamborghini Huracan-DL Racing), who were the leaders in the GT Cup AM category and new leaders in the overall standings along with Vincenzo Scarpetta (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Best Lap), who finished eighth overall. In ninth place were Colavita-Maggi (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Double TT Racing), allowing Leonardo Colavita to maintain a one-point lead in the GT3 PRO-AM class standings over Stadsbader.



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