28 dicembre12:06
Oliver Rasmussen with Prema in 2019 for the Italian and German Formula 4 Championship
Prema is delighted to make its first driver announcement for the 2019 Formula 4 season. The Italian squad will be joined by Oliver Rasmussen, the 18-year-old driver from Denmark but based in southern France, for a double programme in the Italian and German Formula 4 Championships.
28 dicembre09:38
DR Formula announces its F3 Regional Commitment
The team led by Danilo Rossi set to face a double challenge looking to unviel important news concerning technical support. Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth involvement confirmed
18 dicembre18:44
Italian F4, on-line the Italian and English presentations of the successful 2018 media coverage
All numbers of the visibility given through TV, press, web and social media to the protagonists of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth presented on ACI Sport website
13 dicembre17:03
4 collective tests for best training of the young talents of the Italian F4
As preparatory championship for the step from kart to single-seaters, the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth has planned 4 collective tests in 2019
30 novembre17:31
Date shift on 2019 calendar for the racing weekend in Imola
The racing weekend in Imola has been shifted from the 9° of June to the 1° of September in the 2019 calendar of the exciting Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA, where 5 appointments will be held on F1 circuits
28 ottobre18:00
Fittipaldi Champion 2018
Fittipaldi wins race 3 and the title, while Lorandi is stopped by strong rain that requires safety car for most of the race to the end
28 ottobre17:15
Fittipaldi Champion 2018
Fittipaldi wins race 3 and the title, while Lorandi is stopped by strong rain that requires safety car for most of the race to the end
28 ottobre12:24
Race 2 - Live streaming, what a race!
Race 2 on a very wet track that though dries along the way, sees and amazing recover by Lorandi on Fittipaldi, with only 0'028 final delay under the checkered flag! What the video of the race!
28 ottobre12:15
Fittipaldi wins in front of a fast (and unlucky) Lorandi
In race 2 under the rain the battle is only between Fittipaldi and Lorandi, with the Italian the absolute fastest, but damaged by a "shortened” race due to safety car
27 ottobre14:38
Petecof wins while Caldwell gets closer
While Petecof is first for the entire race, the two championship leaders cancel each other with an accident that advantages Caldwell
27 ottobre11:39
Fittipaldi has a great start of weekend in Mugello
The battle of the three Championship leaders sees Fittipaldi conquer all pole positions
24 ottobre17:00
Final sprint at Mugello confirms success of 2018 Championship
The Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth 2018 at Mugello sees a line-up of around 30 drivers which confirms success of 2018 season
23 ottobre16:54
At Mugello the battled 2018 Italian F4 Championship will be decided
The Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth 2018 sees as potential winners the first three drivers of the classification
16 settembre16:42
1, 2 and 3 Caldwell!
Olli Caldwell is the matador of the racing weekend in Vallelunga conquering also race 3
16 settembre11:25
Vallelunga race 2: Caldwell again
Olli Caldwell wins also race 2, while behind him Fittipaldi reduces distance from Lorandi in the ranking, and Ptacek is third
15 settembre18:08
F4 Show: Caldwell wins race 1
At Vallelunga race 1 is an amazing battle among many drivers, with spectacular overtakings and some crashes
15 settembre13:09
Olli Caldwell achieves his first pole, actually 3!
Caldwell is the fastest in the two qualifying sessions, with Ptacek, Fittipaldi and Lorandi immediately behind
14 settembre19:21
At Vallelunga Lorandi in FP1 and Ptacek in FP2
At Vallelunga Bhai Tech Racing team shows its muscles
14 settembre18:30
ACI Sport and WSK Promotion present the new single seater
At Vallelunga Piero Taruffi autodrome the new single seater has been presented: Tatuus chassis with extremely high safety standards and Alfa Romeo 270 HP engine
14 settembre12:54
Scuola Federale ACI Sport establishes the Del Balzo Trophy
The best Rookie 2018 will be prized with the Trophy named after Cristiano Del Balzo
12 settembre15:59
The next weekend in Vallelunga the second last appointment of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth 2018
On the Autodromo Piero Taruffi of Vallelunga 24 drivers will challenge each other in the final part of a successful 2018 Championship
29 luglio17:16
Race 3: A great Malvestiti conquers first victory for him and Jenzer
Federico Malvestiti conquers a fantastic victory in the last of the three races in Imola, in front of Fittipaldi and Ptacek
29 luglio11:51
Race 2: Lorandi from pole wins despite 2 safety cars
Lorandi at the start resists from the attack by Caldwell, but needs to take distance for 3 times due to double entry of safety car on track
28 luglio17:00
Gara 1: Lorandi wins and is again Championship leader
Lorandi is immediately fast and overtakes Fittipaldi and Malvestiti, the latter finally second in front of teammate Giorgio Carrara
28 luglio11:48
Malvestiti and Lorandi conquer pole positions in Imola
Malvestiti conquers first two pole positions of 2018 for team Jenzer Motorsport, while Lorandi is back strong after a difficult weekend in Misano
27 luglio19:32
Jenzer dominates FP2 with Saucy, Malvestiti and Carrara
With great results at recent testing in this same track, Jenzer Motorsport confirms in FP2 great performances of its drivers
27 luglio16:42
Mourning on the arm for Prema-Ferrari Driver Academy drivers
Enzo Fittipaldi and Gianluca Petecof, of Prema Theodore Racing and part of Ferrari Driver Academy, wear the mourning on the arm in memory of Sergio Marchionne
27 luglio15:32
In Imola the battle Fittipaldi-Lorandi is already hot
The two drivers at the top of general championship standings and separated by only one point are already in full competition mode in free practice 1
25 luglio11:12
The 5° appointment of the Italian F4 on Imola circuit
After the fully booked tests in Imola on the 11th and 12th of July, 12 teams and 28 drivers are getting ready for the 3 days of racing at the autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
24 luglio12:33
Imola 2017 - Highlights race 3
Let us watch and read results of 2017 race 3 in Imola, waiting for next Friday 27th of July with free sessions that will set the start of the 5th appointment of 2018 at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari.
20 luglio15:34
Imola 2017: Race 2 highlights
Closer and closer to Imola 2018 appointment next weekend, let us see results and highlights of race 2 from last year.
19 luglio17:49
Race 1 Imola 2017 highlights
In the Rookie Trophy, Leonardo Lorandi took the win from Giorgio Carrara and Felipe Branquinho
17 luglio11:13
Results of Imola tests approaching 5° appointment of the F4 Season
On the 11th and 12th of July tests have been brought forward in Imola by the teams of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth
17 giugno18:33
Misano – Fittipaldi with 3 pole positions, 3 wins and once again championship leader
In Misano it is the most classic perfect racing weekend for Enzo Fittipaldi, who conquers the 3 pole positions, wins each race and is back at the head of the championship. Excellent also Rookie Petr Ptacek
17 giugno12:51
Let us watch fantastic highlights of races 1 and 2 in Misano World Circuit
Not accidents, but nice overtakings on a track that makes it difficult to make clean actions to overcome competitors. Let us watch highlights of race 1 and 2 waiting for live streaming at 17:05 (CET + 1).
17 giugno11:02
Misano Race 2 - Fittipaldi, Ptacek and Rodriguez again
It is once more the 3 drivers of race 1 to be the fastest on Misano circuit
16 giugno20:09
Fittipaldi: "Go on like this”, Morozov: "With new team I feel I am growing”
The Brazilian Champion tomorrow will continue with the same approach, the Russian feels he is growing with Cram
16 giugno19:02
Misano Race 1 - Fittipaldi is first from the start to the end
Fittipaldi continues to dominate at Misano Circuit and in race 1 is first all the way
16 giugno14:59
Comments by Fittipaldi and Ptacek after qualifying
Fittipaldi: "both me and the team did well”. Ptacek: "Rookie Trophy good, but Championship is key”
16 giugno12:20
In Misano 3 pole positions for Fittipaldi
The Brazilian is just 0.036 ahead of rookie Ptacek in Q1, while in Q2 he has no rivals. His also pole of race 3
15 giugno17:20
Lorandi and Fittipaldi in FP1 and FP2 at Misano
Championship leader seems to be more and more at his best, while the Brazilian is looking for a relaunch. Excellent return by Petecof
13 giugno11:53
At Misano another step of F4 towards F1
On the circuit entitled to Marco Simoncelli 28 drivers and 9 teams Friday will prepare for the 3 races of the weekend
8 giugno19:58
Monza race 3 highlights
In race 3 Lorandi wins in front of Alatalo and Caldwell
7 giugno14:51
Monza race 2 highlights
Alatalo wins his first race in F4. Starting from 3° position Muecke driver is fast and consistant in a race full of uncertainty. Watch highlights!
6 giugno16:20
Monza race 1 highlights
Fast start of Leonardo Lorandi on poleman Greogire Saucy, jump start by Ian Rodrigues and great battle in forst positions, with accidents and safety car. All can be seen on the highlights video.
3 giugno17:05
Monza says Lorandi
The driver of Bhai Tech Racing conquers two wins and one fourth position that give him the lead of the Championship
3 giugno11:44
Alatalo wins his first race in F4
Starting from 3° position Muecke driver is fast and consistant in a race full of uncertainty
2 giugno15:40
Lorandi ahead all the way
Lorandi takes advantage of bad start by poleman Saucy and leads to the end
2 giugno12:09
Qualifying sessions: Saucy and Lorandi at the front
Qualifying sessions see Gregoire Saucy and Leonardo Lorandi at the front
1 giugno18:51
In Monza FP 1 - 2 to Malvestiti
Home driver sets best lap time in both free practices, followed by Championship leader, Enzo Fittipaldi the British Olli Caldwell
29 maggio16:11
In Monza more than 30 competitors
As of today entry list for the third appointment of the 2018 Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth counts 34 drivers
20 maggio21:53
Cameracar of the great race 3 by Umberto Laganella
Umberto Laganella starts from 18th on the grid and gains 7 positions with a final 11th, and the podium of Rookie Trophy.
13 maggio20:14
Vesti is the absolute winner of the weekend and wins race 3
Frederik Vesti conquers two victories and a second position thanks to speed, concentration and an almost perfect weekend
13 maggio12:49
Under the rain Vesti Fittipaldi and Carrara
Danish driver of Van Amersfoort Racing is really in good shape here at Circuit Paul Ricard and wins under strong rain, in front of Fittipaldi, the fastest on track, and an excellent Carrara
12 maggio18:19
Caldwell in front of Vesti and Sowery
Caldwell is the fastest at the start and overtakes both Vesti and Petecof, while the first two drivers of the championship classification are out in the first lap
12 maggio13:10
Fittipaldi and Vesti polemen at Circuit Paul Ricard
Fittipaldi sets best lap times of the two qualifying sessions, but is penalized in the first and Vesti thanks for the unexpected pole
11 maggio20:17
In free practice at Circuit Paul Ricard the fastest are Vesti, Caldwell and Fittipaldi
At the top of the three free practice sessions three different drivers of the 33 competing at the Circuit Paul Ricard
8 maggio16:05
On Paul Ricard F1 circuit more than 30 cars of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth ready for the start
After the amazing racing weekend of the first appointment of 2018 Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth in Adria, the competition moves out of Italy, at Le Castellet, the historical circuit part of F1 World Championship
1 maggio20:08
Adria - Race 1 video
Let us watch the Highlights of Race 1 of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth 2018 on Adria International Raceway
22 aprile20:38
Fittipaldi and Lorandi conquerors of Adria
The Brazilian Fittipaldi and the Italian Lorandi are the most performing drivers of the first racing weekend of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth disputed in Adria
22 aprile15:38
Lorandi extremely fast and resistant wins race 2
From pole position Lorandi is tough in keeping behind Fittipaldi, and thanks to a higher pace finally wins race 2. Amna Al Qubaisi, first Arabic driver in the history of International Motorsports, is prized in the Women Trophy.
22 aprile11:48
Fittipaldi wins race 1 with a fantastic Lorandi just behind
Fittipaldi starts from pole and maintains first position along all race 1, while at his back Lonardi comes up to second position; third is Malvestiti
21 aprile21:01
Qualifying sessions: Lorandi and Fittipaldi the fastest
Fittipaldi is the fastest in the first qualifying session, Lonardi in the second with the fastest overall time
20 aprile20:17
Saucy is the fastest at Adria collective tests
Morning and afternoon, it is always the Swiss Grégoire Saucy to set the best lap times of the collective tests
18 aprile14:13
Full line up with 31 cars at Adria
The first appointment of the 2018 Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth sees maximum capacity line up at Adria International Raceway
9 aprile17:06
The Italian F4 Championship starts
At Adria International Circuit the first appointment of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth 2018 with 30 drivers from 17 countries and 3 continents
4 aprile09:03
Mücke Motorsport team
Mücke Motorsport at the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth with three drivers
21 marzo10:54
Adria collective test: change of date
Change of date of the pre-championship collective test on Adria International Raceway