28 dicembre10:12
Al Dhaheri to join PREMA for 2023 Formula 4 season
Promising 14-year-old Emirati set for first single-seater experience
23 dicembre14:41
Italian F.4 Championship, 2022 media report available
Another highly successful edition with over 14.5 million contacts generated in the 7 events
22 dicembre16:35
Andrea Kimi Antonelli: Golden Steering Wheel and Golden Helmet at Autosprint and ACI awards ceremony
Bologna driver takes home top honors of the evening after his flawless season in Formula 4
19 dicembre10:13
Taponen to drive for PREMA's Formula 4 operation in 2023
Finnish 16-year-old racer joins the team for his car racing debut
12 dicembre10:30
British racer Arvid Lindblad will join PREMA for the 2023 Formula 4 season, the team is proud to announce
Red Bull Junior driver will join the line-up of the Italian team in the Italian F.4 Championship
9 dicembre10:24
Lacorte joins PREMA for 2023 Formula 4 programme
Promising Italian set for maiden full-time F4 experience
7 dicembre13:59
Ugochukwu set for full-time 2023 Formula 4 programme with PREMA
Promising American racer set for new F4 campaign
9 novembre16:25
Wharton set for second Formula 4 campaign with PREMA
Australian driver to line up for second full-time programme
24 ottobre17:12
Italian F.4 Championship 2023 race calendar
Next season's schedule is now available
24 ottobre12:06
PREMA Racing, Antonelli take Italian Formula 4 driver Championship with triple Mugello Win
Prema Racing press office release
23 ottobre19:48
Antonelli conquers Mugello Circuit, and sets a new record for wins. Prema party on the last podium
3 for 3 for the Bolognese driver and the last podium of the year all PREMA Racing with Ugochukwu and Wurz
23 ottobre13:16
Antonelli, the first victory as Champion
Already crowned yesterday, Andrea Kimi Antonelli triumphs again, P2 to Alexander Dunne, then Rafael Camara
22 ottobre15:29
Andrea Kimi Antonelli is the new Champion
With the victory in race 1 Antonelli won the Italian F.4 Championship and the title returns to Italy with the standard bearer of PREMA Racing
21 ottobre19:14
PREMA Racing triple success in qualifying at Mugello
First two poles to Antonelli, Camara in race 3.
21 ottobre12:33
Mugello Circuit, Antonelli signs the best time in the second free practice session
The Bolognese stands out over his teammates in the second free practice session,  next step: qualifying
20 ottobre18:22
Mugello Circuit, Free Practice 1 is the start of the last weekend of the 2022 season
The fastest in the first session of the weekend is Alexander Dunne, US Racing
18 ottobre15:03
Drivers from 23 nations ready for Italian F.4 Championship season finale at Mugello
The Italian series gets back to the track this weekend to crown the 2022 Champion
10 ottobre08:08
PREMA Racing wraps up Italian Formula 4 Team Championship at Monza
Prema Racing won the Team Trophy with a round to spare
9 ottobre20:04
Kimi Antonelli, it's the tenth win in the Italian F.4 Championship
The Bolognese driver starts from pole and wins, then Wurz and Stenshorne
9 ottobre14:55
The schedule of the weekend changes, Race 2 today at 17.00
Race 3 is postponed at a date to be announced
9 ottobre09:28
Monza, Race 2 suspended due to weather conditions
Stewards Bulletin No. 3
8 ottobre18:41
After first pole of season, comes ther first win in Monza for Charlie Wurz
Prema Racing's Austrian triumphs over 43 rivals, then Dunne and Sztuka for US Racing
8 ottobre11:46
Wurz, Antonelli, Camara the three pole men of the weekend are all Prema Racing
In race 1 the front rows are equally shared between Prema and US Racing. Stenshorne (VAR) will flank the pole man 2 times over the weekend
7 ottobre15:44
Charlie Wurz sets best lap in Free Practice 2, Camara maintains the best overall result of the day
Prema Racing's Austrian driver is second in the aggregate ranking of the two sessions
7 ottobre12:02
Rafael Camara is the fastest in free practice 1 at Monza
First the Brazilian, then Sztuka with a reduced gap
6 ottobre17:43
US Racing drivers are the fastest in the collective test
Leading the teammates is Irishman Dunne 
6 ottobre15:46
Monza, the Italian F.4 season record is topped again
There are 44 drivers ready for the round at the Cathedral of Speed
6 ottobre13:08
PREMA Racing is ready for the weekend
Monza preview
4 ottobre12:30
More than 40 drivers coming from all over the globe are ready for the Italian F.4 at the Cathedral of Speed
This weekend, the second-to-last round of the Championship
11 settembre20:12
Alex Dunne, US Racing, flies at Red Bull Ring
In the final race comes the second win of the weekend for the Irishman. On the podium Antonelli and Ugochukwu
11 settembre14:00
Kacper Sztuka is back, win in Race 3 at Red Bull Ring
On the podium Ugochukwu and Laursen, Barnard and Antonelli finish behind after a race accident
10 settembre18:43
Antonelli, triumph in the wet in race 2
Camara is second on the podium, Dunne third. Among Rookie Wurz completes Prema podium.
10 settembre12:13
Alex Dunne, US Racing, the Irishman took the second win of the season
Dunne takes victory in race 1, then Wharton and Ugochukwu
9 settembre17:34
Antonelli, Camara e Ugochukwu, 3 Prema Racing drivers on pole in the 3 groups
The Italian team obtains a great result in qualifying at Red Bull Ring

9 settembre13:18
Prema Racing at Red Bull Ring
Race preview
9 settembre13:13
AKM Motorsport at Red Bull Ring confirms Valerio Rinicella and Ismail Akhmed
The duo will represent the team also in the 5° round
8 settembre19:37
David Zachary, US Racing, fastest of the day at Red Bull Ring.
 The U.S. driver sets the time, with the 3 fastest on the hundredths mark
8 settembre16:40
40 drivers from 25 nations on the track at the Red Bull Ring
At the start of the first session of round 5, into the Austrian rain
7 settembre15:40
Italian F4 Championship: Nicola Lacorte debuts at the Red Bull Ring with Cetilar Racing
Debut in a single-seater for the 15 year-old driver, who will drive a car managed by Iron Lynx 
30 agosto09:01
Italian F.4 Championship ready to resume from Red Bull Ring
After the summer break, everything is ready to resume from the track that hosts the Austrian GP
3 luglio16:06
Andrea Kimi Antonelli did it again: 3 out of 3
In the last race of the weekend PREMA Racing does the en plein, P2 to Camara, P3 to Wurz, P4 to Wharton
3 luglio12:33
Great show in race 2: Antonelli wins again at Vallelunga, then Barnard and Wurz
Wonderful show on the track, great excitement at the start. Camara, stopped by a puncture, out of race 2. 
2 luglio17:27
Change at the top: Antonelli wins race 1 and gains the lead
P2 to Camara, but not enough to keep the leadership, third Wharton in an all Prema podium
2 luglio11:58
Antonelli, 3 pole positions at Vallelunga
Andrea Kimi Antonelli conquers 3 advanced starts, bringing the season tally to 8
1 luglio18:23
Kimi Antonelli, the driver from Bologna signs the best lap of the day
Next step: qualifying sessions 
1 luglio13:46
Rafa Camara, the speed is there. The Brazilian takes the lead in FP 1
The championship leader, racing for PREMA Racing, sets the time, Antonelli follows close behind
30 giugno18:28
Antonelli is the fastest in collective test, followed by Dunne
To Camara the best lap in the second session and third fastest time overall
30 giugno12:37
Vallelunga, weekend programme changes
Back to the usual 3-race programme
27 giugno15:46
Vallelunga, 40 drivers from 24 nations for the Italian F.4
Great success for the fourth round of the Championship at the Roman racetrack
21 giugno15:58
Italian F4 Championship: difficult weekend final in Spa but with positive results for AKM Motorsport
Valerio Rinicella's debut on the series, the Roman driver flanked the Uzbek Ismail Akhmed
21 giugno15:13
PREMA stays dominant at Spa-Francorchamps
The next round of the Italian Championship at Vallelunga on 2-3 July
19 giugno19:36
Andrea Kimi Antonelli, hat-trick at Spa-Francorchamps, great comeback by Camara who maintains the lead
Another Prema podium: Antonelli, Laursen and Camara, with Wurz in P4 completing the Rookie podium
19 giugno13:12
A great show in race 2 at Spa-Francorchamps: Antonelli again, then Dunne and Bedrin
The second race of the Italian F.4 at Spa is full of tussles and twists
18 giugno16:29
Spa-Francorchamps turns Prema red, race 1 to Antonelli
The three Prema Racing Rookies on the podium with Charlie Wurz completing the poker
18 giugno11:50
Double pole for Kimi Antonelli, Rafael Camara in race 3
Prema Racing dominates quali in Spa-Francorchamps
17 giugno18:57
Free Practice 2, Antonelli, Laursen and Dunne the fastest at Spa
The driver from Bologna improves his time, followed by his teammate and the Irishman from US Racing
17 giugno14:07
Spa-Francorchamps, the first contact with the Belgian track in Free Practice 1
The fastest lap goes Antonelli, followed by three teammates
14 giugno11:47
38 drivers from 23 nations at Spa-Francorchamps for the third round of the Italian F.4 Championship
After the leadership change at Misano, a spectacle to be enjoyed at the university of Formula 1 drivers
9 giugno11:41
Italian F.4 at Spa-Francorchamps, the European tour begins
Event programme available
8 giugno17:38
Valerio Rinicella makes his debut at Spa-Francorchamps with AKM Motorsport in the Italian F.4 Championship
Another driver joins the ranks of AKM Motorsport in the Italian F.4 Championship in the next round at Spa-Francorchamps
8 giugno09:18
PREMA Racing scores triple win at Misano
Extremely positive weekend, and now Spa-Francorchamps! (19/06)
5 giugno20:08
Race 3 to Camara, now is the new leader
Antonelli's weekend is almost perfect, Marcus Amand puts US Racing back on the podium
5 giugno11:38
Second win for Antonelli and poker by Prema
The lead of the race goes to Prema Racing with Antonelli, Wurz, Wharton and Camara
4 giugno20:00
Andrea Kimi Antonelli takes his first win at Misano
The Ferrari-Mercedes duel with Camara is back, this time the driver from Bologna wins. P3 to Dunne who ruins Prema's party
4 giugno11:50
Andrea Kimi Antonelli is unstoppable
Triple pole position at Misano World Circuit
3 giugno18:22
Free Practice 2, the Ferrari-Mercedes duel is back on stage
Best time for Rafael Camara, Prema Racing

3 giugno13:31
Andrea Kimi Antonelli is the fastest in Free Practice 1
At Misano World Circuit the driver from Bologna set the fastest time in the first session
2 giugno14:44
Kimi Antonelli is the fastest in the collective test at Misano
The Junior Mercedes driver from Bologna stands out among the 37 drivers on the track
1 giugno15:25
In 35 for the second round of the Championship at Misano World Circuit
Italian F4 Championship certified by fia resumes in Romagna
1 giugno14:21
Italian F4 Championship: AKM Motorsport, a 2 driver formation at Misano with Akhmed and Clerot
Ready to go with round 2 of the Championship
8 maggio21:11
Race 3, Kacper Sztuka brings US Racing on podium again
P2 and Rookie victory for Rafael Camara, third place for Alexander Dunne
8 maggio12:33
Race 2, Win and lead for Alexander Dunne
With him on the podium his US Racing teammate Kacper Sztuka and the Rookie driver James Wharton Prema Racing
7 maggio17:11
Race 1 to Rafael Camara, winning debut in Europe
P2 for Alex Dunne, followed by Nikita Bedrin
7 maggio12:12
Change in the pole of race 2, now the poleman is Frederik Lund
Stweards imposed a penalty on Alexander Dunne
7 maggio11:37
Antonelli, Dunne and Domingues in pole in the 3 races
The tyres are the great variable in qualifying
6 maggio20:08
Free Practice 2, it's Prema again with Antonelli
Followed by Wharton and Camara
6 maggio15:23
Free Practice 1, Antonelli is the fastest
Following him, once again, two Prema Racing teammates
6 maggio11:13
Wet start for the Italian F.4 Championship 2022
 The leading trio wears Prema Racing colors, Antonelli is the fastest
5 maggio17:52
Imola, in 33 for the first act of the Italian F.4 Championship 2022
13 teams will face each other on the track in a show not to be missed
4 maggio17:21
Jules Castro joins Van Amersfoort Racing in the Italian F.4 Championship
Castro, Stenshorne, Fittipaldi, Badoer, Deukmedjian. 5 driver formation for VAR in the Championship
3 maggio18:30
Van Amersfoort Racing signs Arias Deukmedjian
The team from Netherlands is now ready for the first appointment of the Italian F.4 Championsihp this upcoming weekend in Imola
30 aprile12:10
AKM with Uzbekistani Akhmedkhodjaev and Brazilian Clerot in the Italian F4 Championship 2022
Ismail Akhmadekhodjaev will be deployed full time, the Brazilian Rookie will participate in the first appointments
14 aprile11:03
Brando Badoer at the start with Van Amersfoort Racing
The Italian driver follows in his father's footsteps towards F1, starting with the Italian F.4!
12 aprile17:49
Alex Dunne with US Racing in the Italian Formula 4 Championship 2022
The Irish driver is at his second year with the team
11 aprile11:00
AS motorsport with Giovanni Maschio in the Italian F4 Championship 2022
The team will enter the Championship with 2 cars, the Italian driver is the first announcement
1 aprile16:04
Kim Hwarang, the first Korean driver in the Italian F4!
The 16-year-old, from karting to Italian F4, with the Italian team BVM Racing
31 marzo16:15
Iron Lynx announces Formula 4 program for 2022
Maya Weug and Ivan Domingues are on board, then Laura Camps Torras and Nicola Lacorte are taking up F4 tests, with the latter being deployed in the later rounds 
29 marzo16:14
Georgis Markogiannis has renewed his contract with Cram Motorsports for 2022 Italian F.4 Championship
The Greek driver is the first announcement of the team for the 2022 season
29 marzo15:47
Kacper Sztuka with US Racing in the Italian F.4 Championship 2022
The Polish driver signs for his second year in the series
28 marzo15:13
Charlie Wurz to contest 2022 Italian F4 Championship with PREMA
PREMA Racing announces Charlie Wurz to compete with the team for his first full Formula 4 season
27 marzo12:39
PHM Racing is ready to start!
The complete line-up has been announced over the weekend, an extraordinary effort in the Italian F.4 with a 4 cars program
22 marzo09:08
US Racing confirms Pedro Perino for his second season in the Italian F4
Perino competed in the last 3 rounds of 2021 with the German team, now he will be deployed from the beginning
14 marzo16:54
Nikhil Bohra will join US Racing's line-up in the Italian F4
The 17-year-old joins the team for the F4 season with a double commitment, in Italy and Germany
8 marzo12:50
Martinius Stenshorne with Van Amersfoort Racing
The Norwegian driver will compete in the Italian F4 Championship and selected rounds of the German F4
7 marzo18:30
On his birthday, Van Amersfoort Racing announces the signing of Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi Jr. into their 2022 F4 racing squad
15 years old today, Fittipaldi will join the Dutch team in the Italian F4 2022
3 marzo17:01
Marcus Amand will compete in the Italian Formula Championship 2022 with US Racing
The 16 years old driver chooses the Italian F4 for his second single-seater season
25 febbraio10:13
Andrea Kimi Antonelli will be ACI Team Italia flag-bearer in the Italian F4 Championship
Supercorso Federale 2021 winner, reconfirmed by PREMA Racing, now ACI Team Italia
23 febbraio16:12
The Italian F4 is close to 50 participants, 15 teams ready to start the 2022 season
A Championship that has the numbers to deliver great excitement
17 febbraio15:46
New drivers with Jenzer Motorsport in the Italian F4 Championship certified by FIA
Jenzer Motorsport officially announced Partyshev and Ischer with a Press Release
17 febbraio11:22
Fuel suppliers for the ACI Sport Series in the two-year period 2022-2023
Magigas will be the supplier company in the Italian F4 Championship
15 febbraio10:10
80.000€ at stake in the 2022 season
Prize money and Sporting Regulation of the Italian F4 published
7 febbraio09:46
Elia Sperandio: "I'm very excited to push with Maffi Racing this year"
The Swiss team announces its participation in the Italian F4 Championship with the Swiss driver Elia Sperandio
2 febbraio14:05
Marcos Flack with R-ace GP in the 2022 Italian F4
15 years old Australian driver will drive with the French team
26 gennaio14:02
PREMA Racing signs Laursen to 2022 Formula 4 program
Prema Racing announces the Danish driver Conrad Laursen will return for the full Italian F4 Championship 2022 season
26 gennaio12:59
DR Formula makes bet on Italian F4
Danilo Rossi's team supported by Lamborghini Squadra Corse is set for 2022 season with renewed staff
26 gennaio12:01
Frederik Lund with R-ace GP in the Italian F4 Championship
The Danish driver now aims high in the Italian F4
20 gennaio10:15
Italian F4 Championship 2022
Last year media results and upcoming season news