10 dicembre16:24
2021 calendar confirmed
After a year that, despite the pandemic, has confirmed the success of the Italian F4, the calendar for 2021 is now ready
6 dicembre15:48
Vallelunga race 3: Edgar wins; Minì, Pizzi and Beganovic for the championship
In race 3 between rain and light that slowly goes away the English Jonny Edgar wins, while in the championship confirmed the podium: Minì, Pizzi and Beganovic.
6 dicembre09:56
Race 2 of F Regional and F4 suspended
The torrential rain of the night and the morning stops Race 2 of the Formula Regional and F4 from starting. The program is planned to be resumed at 11.
5 dicembre12:53
Vallelunga, race 1: Bearman wins in front of Pizzi
The Englishman of US Racing starts well and always keeps the lead with an excellent pace, while Minì with slicks is penalized by the many safety cars
5 dicembre10:20
Vallelunga, qualifying: Minì on wet, Bortoleto on dry
From Rain to Slick, the two qualifying sessions see the track conditions improve until passing, in the final minutes of the second session, from rain to conditions of slick tires
4 dicembre14:33
Vallelunga, free practice: Edgar the fastest
Among 33 drivers in the last 2020 round of the Italian F4 powered by Abarth, the English Jonny Edgar is the fastest ahead of the champion Minì, and Crawford
22 novembre15:26
Imola race 3: Minì is the 2020 champion
The Italian talent of Prema and part of the ACI Team Italia program, the predestined, wins the 2020 title of the most competitive and participated F4 championship in the world with 3 races to spare.
22 novembre10:02
Imola, race 2: Beganovic wins ahead of Minì and Crawford
In a very nervous race with 3 safety cars, the Prema driver wins in front of his teammate, both very careful not to make mistakes and followed under the checkered flag by Crawford, Duerksen and Fornaroli
21 novembre15:09
Imola, race 1: Minì keeps everyone behind from start to finish
Minì shows the strength of the champion once again and from pole position he leads for the whole race without any mistakes.
21 novembre11:20
Imola qualifying: Crawford, Beganovic and Minì for the three pole positions
The American is the fastest in the first session, while he is only fourth in QP2, where for 19 thousandths of a second Beganovic snatches the pole from Minì, who in any case wins two second places and the pole of race 3.
20 novembre15:24
Imola FP: Crawford and Minì
In wet track conditions in the morning free practice, the American sets the best time, with the Sicilian behind him, who sets the best time on a dry track in the afternoon. In the second session, among other things, the same ones in the general classification reappear in the top positions: Minì, Pizzi and Rosso
18 ottobre16:00
Monza race 3: Stratospheric Delli Guanti
The BVM Technorace driver wins his first race in F4 with a crazy tenacity and a smoking engine at the last corner and emotions throughout the race.
18 ottobre10:55
Monza race 2: Pizzi show, he wins again
The Italian of Van Amersfoort Racing at Monza is still the fastest and continues his recovery in the general classification against the leader Minì, second in race 2. Technical problems stop from the start the poleman Andrea Rosso
17 ottobre18:08
Monza, race 1: 5" to Minì, Pizzi wins
The sub-judicial ranking is not confirmed and Minì is penalized for the overtaking on Pizzi in the parabolic with crossing the line that delimits track limit.
17 ottobre16:08
Monza race 1, what a show! Minì photofinish on Pizzi
The first race of the F4 in Monza is an absolute spectacle, where the leading drivers constantly exchange positions, with a battle to the limit, but without impropriety. In the end, Minì wins over Pizzi, who had almost always been in command of the race.
17 ottobre12:12
Monza, qualifying: Pizzi, Rosso and Minì
The leading trio of the championship conquers the 3 poles at Monza
14 ottobre20:02
Test in Monza: Pizzi challenges everyone with an exceptional time
The Van Amersfoort Racing driver is 255 thousandths in front of everyone before the weekend on the F1 circuit
4 ottobre16:41
Minì wins and gains distance in the championship
The Sicilian driver snatches the lead from the Brazilian Bortoleto and holds it throughout the race, despite the entry of the Safety Car.
4 ottobre13:11
Bortoleto confirms his strength
Beautiful battle between the Brazilian, Minì and Rosso, who unfortunately is penalized by 10 seconds and loses a splendid second place.
3 ottobre16:34
"Mr Red" above all, and an amazing Bortoleto
The fast and attentive Italian makes no mistake, while Bortoleto's comeback from 12th to second final position is stratospheric. Then Ugran, while Minì is a bit in difficulty and ends up at the foot of the podium. Great Fornaroli fifth, while Beganovic conquers the sixth position.
3 ottobre11:06
Rosso and Bortoleto, but Minì is always there
In FP1, Rosso conquers the pole from the Brazilian in the very last stages. In FP2 Bortoleto manages to be the fastest in front of Minì and Beganovic. The championship leader among the top three also in FP1.
2 ottobre14:38
In FP Bortoleto and Minì
If the strong Italian Rookie driver and championship leader is always in the top positions, the Brazilian stands out in FP2, where with new tires he promises battle in tomorrow's qualifying.
30 settembre10:34
New drivers in the rich line-up of the Italian F4 at Mugello
At Mugello circuit, participation in the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth remains very high, with 5 new drivers
30 settembre10:03
Kyrill with PREMA Powerteam
PREMA Powerteam is delighted to announce that Kirill Smal will join the team in the fourth round of the 2020 Italian Formula 4 Championship. The 15-year-old from Russia, who made his competitive debut in single-seaters this season, will enter selected rounds of the to gain valuable experience.
13 settembre15:50
Red Bull RIng, race 3: extraordinary F4, Minì first with tenacity
The Italian driver from the first position resists attacks first by Crawford and then by a very fast Duerksen, who, however, fails to overtake Minì, who wins and extends in the championship.
13 settembre10:54
Red Bull Ring, race 2: Crawford finally first
After several races in the top positions, but without victories, the American driver of Van Amerrsfoort Racing and part of the Red Bull Junior Team wins. Bearman was also excellent second, while Minì was a swinging third
12 settembre13:22
Red Bull RIng, race 1: Duerksen is the fastest from pole and wins
The German Muecke Motorsport driver holds the first position from pole and is the fastest on the track. Victory is a must, in front of a Minì who takes the championship lead, and the Red Bull Junior Team driver, Jonny Edgar.
12 settembre09:20
Duerksen, Minì and Minì again
The German driver starts well and sets the best time in the first session, while the Italian dominates in the second with the two fastest times ever.
11 settembre15:07
Red Bull RIng, free practice 2: Duerksen sets the best time of the day's free practice
Red Bull Ring, free practice 2: Duerksen sets the best time of the day's free practice
11 settembre09:52
Red Bull Ring, free practice 1 to Bearman
L'inglese della US Racing davanti a Duerksen, Crawford e Minì
9 settembre18:14
At the Red Bull Ring F4 and F Regional with 42 drivers and lots of TV coverage
42 drivers will compete on yet another F1 circuit of the F4 and FRegional calendars, the Red Bull Ring.
30 agosto16:01
Imola, race 3: Extraordinary Rosso
Rosso is spectacular in attacking the pair of Red Bull Junior Team drivers, Edgar and Crawford, conquering the first position. Behind him an exceptional Pizzi and Edgar who obtain the podium.
30 agosto12:40
Imola, race 2: Edgar with wet track on Crawford and Rosso
Difficult race for everyone with the track getting wet just before the start, fitting of rain tires by everyone, rolling start and the safety car entry twice. In the end the podium sees Edgar, Crawford and Rosso, the Italian also first in the Rookie classification.
29 agosto16:40
Ugran resists the entire race
At the start Beganovic is attacked after a few corners and overtaken by Edgar, who then goes long and is overtaken by Ugran, who holds out until victory.
29 agosto08:53
Beganovic, Edgar and Crawford in pole
The Red Bull Junior Team and Ferrari Driver Academy drivers, with VAR and Prema, share the three pole positions.
28 agosto16:16
Imola - Free Practice: Edgar and then Pizzi
It is the Dutch team of Van Amersfoort Racing to dominate the free practice sessions on Friday at Imola
2 agosto19:52
Pizzi closes beautifully and wins the championship leadership
Pizzi overtakes Minì at the start and maintains the leadership ahead of the Sicilian and Beganovic
2 agosto12:01
Extraordinary race 2: Rosso, Ugran, Pizzi and Minì
The most spectacular motorsport is shown in race 2 by the talents of the Italian F4, with Andrea Rosso stretching in the lead and then having to redo everything because of the safety car, until he wins. Behind him battle and overtaking until the very last corners show an extraordinary race and still a lot of Italy and drivers from the ACI Sport Federal School.
1 agosto16:04
Minì wins over Pizzi
Three Italian drivers in the first four positions
31 luglio20:23
Qualifying: Minì above all, but there is a lot of Italy
The first 3 drivers of both qualifying sessions are Italian: Minì, Pizzi, Fornaroli and Rosso
31 luglio15:04
Misano Circuit: Pizzi 1st in free practice
Many drivers of the ACI Sport Federal School comfortable on the Romagna circuit
29 luglio17:22
ACI Sport and FIA certified formulas at the Misano start for the 2020 Championship
Finally, at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli the start of two championships that lead to F1 from karting, the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth and the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA
13 luglio12:29
Over 30 cars have already been confirmed at the Misano starting line
As many as 13 teams lined up to confirm a championship that once again represents the reference point worldwide
10 luglio14:18
F1: ACI, "The GP at Mugello is a reason for double satisfaction"
The President of the Automobile Club of Italy, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, underlines the great result of the Italian Motorsports Federation
9 luglio16:00
Streaming of the "Incontri" TV broadcast on F4
On ACI Sport TV youtube channel, and on the Facebook pages Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth and ACI Sport, the seventh episode of "Inconri" with the Italian F4
27 giugno17:13
Test Imola: Petecof and Ugran in FRegional and F4
The Brazilian and the Romanian first among the participants in the two respective championships
12 giugno12:51
The teams at Mugello warm up their engines in view of the start in Misano
In the two days of testing, albeit unofficial, 16 F4 cars were seen on the Tuscan circuit
11 giugno14:26
The Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth confirms the new 2020 calendar
While the activities are proceeding rapidly for the restart of the championship, 7 appointments are confirmed and the new 2020 calendar is approved
19 maggio19:49
On-track racing heading towards restart
Motorsport is about to restart with Formula Regional and the Italian Championships on track. The new calendar and the update of the protocol for testing and training is now ready
11 maggio15:16
Tatuus launches the F4 and Formula Regional virtual challenges project among professional drivers of yesterday and today
EWSK Formula Super Masters is the exciting virtual championship launched by Tatuus in collaboration with WSK Promotion and certified by ACI Sport and ACI Esport
30 aprile15:43
Andrea Rosso with CRAM Motorsport continues the preparation
Statements by the new CRAM Motorsport driver and the team waiting for restart
8 aprile10:01
The two ACI RAcing Weekends of Monza May 15/17 and Imola May 29/31 postponed td TBD date
ACI Sport also confirms that it has prepared alternative solutions that currently allow the program of Formula Regional European Championship, all the Italian championships, and single-brand trophies, included in the ACI Racing Weekends 2020, to be carried out in the number of races scheduled.
2 aprile15:56
Let us relive the emotions of the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth
The clip signed ACI Sport with the protagonists of the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth
2 aprile08:02
ACI Racing Weekend 2020
ACI Sport working on calendars to allow the program of all the Italian track speed championships and single-brand trophies to be included in the same racing weekends
12 marzo16:15
VAR signs fresh UAE F4 Champion Francesco Pizzi for European F4 campaign
Van Amersfoort Racing is excited to announce the joining of Francesco Pizzi. The young Italian will compete for the Dutch outfit in the 2020 Italian F4 Championship. Pizzi will be racing alongside VAR's Red Bull Juniors Jonny Edgar and Jak Crawford.
11 febbraio11:43
Dennis Hauger and Gianluca Petecof prized at Monza ENI Circuit
The Norwegian of Van Amersfoort from Norway and the Brazilian of Prema Powerteam received prizes from ACI for the excellent 2019 season in the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth
4 febbraio11:59
Sebastian Montoya in F4 with Prema
The 14 years-old Colombian son of the F1 and Indy 500 Champion will race in the entire Italian F4 Championship
3 febbraio14:38
Team AKM Motorsport by Antonelli is born
Double engagement in karts and single-seaters with the aim of creating a path for the youngest. The partnership with Kart Republic of Dino Chiesa has been made officialThe debut at Adria last weekend with Anrìdrea Kimi Antonelli protagonist in the WSK
31 gennaio11:01
Red Bull Junior Talent Jak Crawford joins Van Amersfoort Racing for an intense 2020 F4 Race Program in Italy
Van Amersfoort Racing is proud to announce the signing of a second Red Bull Junior talent; American Jak Crawford will compete for VAR in 2020 Italian F4 Championship
31 gennaio10:28
Gabriele Mini in the Italian F4 with Prema
In March 15 years old, the Italian driver is a well known talent in karting
27 gennaio15:37
Formula 4 Driver Announcement – Gabriel Bortoleto
The 15 year old Brazilian in the Italian F4
23 gennaio11:10
Van Amersfoort Racing signs Red Bull Junior Talent Jonny Edgar for 2020 F4 Race Program
Van Amersfoort Racing announces the signing of Jonny Edgar. The young Briton will, as a Red Bull Junior, compete for VAR in the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth
17 gennaio15:33
Prema signs Dino Beganovic for 2020 Formula 4 campaign
After the success of participants of the 2019 season, with an average of over 31 drivers per race, the Swede is the first official driver of the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth 2020
14 gennaio11:45
The presentation of the F4 Championship is online
Awards, resources deployed and results of the 2019 media coverage of the most participated F4 championship at an international level are presented online on website